Business Networking is a great chance to meet awesome people - it's great to make sure you are in the right places to meet only the best!

Business Networking is a great chance to meet awesome people – it’s great to make sure you are in the right places to meet only the best!

There is something in the water lately with this becoming a common theme from many awesome small business owners in that:

“Where should I go Networking?”

This is an incredibly simple question with lots of many different answers. Many business owners start out in the ‘Business Networking Scene’ (as what I did) as a means of getting new clients, making connections, getting referrals and the like.

For me, I got in at the ground level with 4Networking Australia. This was really good and I enjoyed my time there as a 2IC. It was great and got me to a given point – and combined with Business Chambers (in my case Parramatta), this combination was outstanding in terms of putting me on the map in Sydney.

As I reflect back on these experiences, I have found the massive distinction between networking groups over time. You get the Small Business Communities (such as 4Networking, BNI, Success Women’s Network), Business Chambers (such as NSW Business Chamber and Parramatta) and you also have ‘Speciality Events’ come up. The speciality events can be anything from Industry Events, High End Social Events – basically places where your potential clients are hanging out.

When I get asked this question, my first move is to steer people in the direction where their potential clients are hanging out. A very non-politically correct statement is that:

– If you are hunting Elephants, hang-out where Elephants are!

Of course I am a Vegetarian who is 100% against hunting such precious creatures, but you get my drift. If you are targeting Small Business Owners, IT Experts, House Wives or whatever the case may be – search hard and long to find events where they are hanging out.

For me, I am working more on meeting Entrepreneurs to Enterprise with Business Chambers being just perfect for me.

My advice and thinking? Think hard about what you are after and get onto Google. Business Chambers and 4Networking for example may suit many – and make sure you jump on and check out what is on offer there too.

Love your work, hope that helps and happy searching!

Here to help too! (& Stay Awesome).



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  1. Great article Ed. For those of you thinking about networking Ed is a great person to talk to because he is one of the hardest working networkers i know and has used it well to grow his business. Many people want the results without doing the work, if you want results and are prepared to work hard for success then talk to Ed.

    • Many kind thanks Grant and it was great working with you in those days of early 4Networking. It was a pleasure to learn much of it from yourself and the UK guys too.

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