The Awesome Brad Burton! A top motivational speaker from the UK that has spoken to me amazing truths, 'Haters will be Haters!'

The Awesome Brad Burton! A top motivational speaker from the UK that has spoken to me amazing truths, ‘Haters will be Haters!’

‘Haters will be Haters’ has been some great words that were uttered to me by the Motivational Speaker & 4Networking UK Leader Brad Burton.

He is an amazing man who I was very lucky to work with directly last year and he is a man who has had people do some incredibly bad things to him. He is this selfless and awesome man who I have learned so much from and he has made this point many times – ‘Haters will be Haters’.

I really liked this thinking from several points view and lately it’s been a common theme of many of the great people I have worked with. Basically as you become more successful, (like awesome Brad who I look up too), you get more fans and more haters. 

For me too, for every 10 x Fans I get, I get 1 x Hater. I was speaking to an awesome business woman just this evening who I have lots of respect for (but I shall protect her details of course) how has had the same thing. She spends her life helping people and even she gets people hating her.

Earlier this year and last year, I had my fair share of haters come forward and try and take me down. Sure, they caused me some emotional pain, but I have some great news for my own haters, many of Brad Burton’s haters and those of my friend today I spoke too:

– The Haters Lose in the End

Isn’t that wonderful? Us Awesome people would always prevail over the haters and I think there are several viewpoints on that. Firstly, haters usually aren’t very likable people – so they don’t have many friends and have trouble picking up clients.

Secondly, haters usually are stupid people who lack intelligence (hence they don’t succeed).

Thirdly, haters usually aren’t the most responsible for motivated people I find. They are the types of people who don’t usually do lots of work and when something goes wrong – instead of looking within to improve things, they just ‘blame’ someone.

My advice and learnings? Just be awesome. Haters will hurt you at times and get over it. Defend yourself, push them back and watch them fail as you succeed. It’s awesome watching haters fail in life, while the awesome succeed.

Awesome people like you and me!

Thanks for the read, thank you to Brad Burton for the inspiration (as I think he’s awesome) – and you of course Stay Awesome!



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