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7 x Tips for Reducing the “Risk” of Big Decisions to Get More High Value Clients!

Buying Property has been an experience of high, low, high low and more! It's reminded me as to the challenge of risky purchases and how we can make it easier for out potential clients!

Buying Property has been an experience of high, low, high low and more! It’s reminded me as to the challenge of risky purchases and how we can make it easier for out potential clients!

Today has been another action packed day for me walking the streets of Parramatta.  I wasn’t working for the Government, shaking down drug dealers or searching for contraband or anything like in a previous life – I have been proudly looking for a property to buy and live in.

It’s been a long time since I have been on my own purchasing property (since I got washed up and lost the farm some years ago) – and being back in the game has been a fantastic and liberating experience.

It’s also been a massively EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER of an experience in that I have gone from lows to highs to lows to highs right throughout the day and the experience.

After 8 properties I finally found one I have fallen in love with and the offer is out and my Awesome Buyers Advocate Anna Porter is on the job.  I love it!

Bringing this back to Business, Marketing, Selling and the like – it’s put me in the hot seat of having to make big complex & “Risky” decisions.  As a marketer we are always drummed into us the reality of “The Bigger the Decision, the Bigger the Risk and the Bigger the Consideration Required”.

When we say sell a given service, idea, product or whatever the case – our “Hopeful Clients” quite often weigh up the “Cost Vs. Return”.

To clarify too, I don’t mean this in a clinical accounting sense only.  It can be emotional and still the same equation, e.g. “If I buy that nice $100,000 Car, will it make me look super awesome & cool for me to justify spending $100,000?”.

In terms of what I have been personally going through, I plan to spend close to half a million on a place to live and as it’s a massive decision for me – I have got great Consultants and doing very heavy research to make the decision as “Low Risk for me” as possible.

In say your own business or selling – you want to make people buying as easy and “Risk-Free / Risk-Low” as possible.  These are some possible tips & ideas to support you:

1) Give lots of information and proof: Like me buying now, more information the better! I can do my research.

2) Give time & space: It’s not a high rush environment and I can take time to think it through.  People just need time when making big decisions!

3) Answer lots of questions: Be available to answer questions – people have big concerns and need to meet them.

4) Testimonials & Social Proof: Testimonials or even references people can call can help “Prove” how awesome you / your technology is.

5) Sell only if appropriate: The more you sell only if people “Need it” the more you sell! I have suggested clients don’t hire me based on what they tell me – and then they do.  Why? They know I care for them.

6) Guarantee / Cooling Off Periods: Like me buying my place, I have a good Cooling Off! Makes me feel better about buying so I know I won’t get into trouble.

7) Reputation: Before the person meets you, it’s great if you already have a strong reputation.  That way they will feel way more confident in your skills and abilities.

My advice and thinking? In your business, think of ways you can make it “Less-Risky” for your customers to buy.  The less risky you make it, the more you shall sell.  That simple!

Love your work and thank you for the read.

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Business Commentator, 4Networking Leader and Blogger.  He has helped thousands of Awesome Small Business Owners get more High Value Clients and he’d love to help you! A great place to start is his Online Premium Home Study Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” >> Access it here!

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Live Sydney Workshop! “90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing with Martha & Ed”

90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing Workshop! Saturday, 28th March 2015 at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park.  Join us!

90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing Workshop! Saturday, 28th March 2015 at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park. Join us!

With extreme pride and no prejudice Martha Arifin and I have joined forces yet again for our Live Sydney Premium Workshop:

90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing >> Download PDF Flyer Here!

This is our Premium Workshop Event capped at a limited size audience to teach the “Sales & Marketing Strategy Buffet” with the latest Strategies & Ideas perfect for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

It’s held at the Beautiful Novotel Sydney Olympic Park, Full day from 9AM to 6PM on Saturday 28th March 2015.

Martha & I have ran this workshop many times with the latest thinking & content in the very fast moving Space of “Small Business Sales & Marketing”.  We cover many topics including Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Blogging, Business Networking, Pitching, Face to Face Selling etc – and help delegates pick the areas that are perfectly relevant to them.

Then everyone leaves with their own customized Business & Marketing Plan including a Consult from us afterwards! All to help our fine friends GET MORE AWESOME PROFITABLE & HIGH VALUE CLIENTS!

We have about 7 x Spots left, so love you to check out the flyer – let us know if any questions or if you would like to book in.

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Love your work Awesome People and thanks from Martha Arifin (Trusted Web Expert) and Edward Zia (Marketer & Me).

Being Oppressed, Your Boundaries & Sticking Up For Yourself…

Oppressors & Bullies exist in many forms.  Quite often in life they only 'Go Away' when we 'Make Them'

Oppressors & Bullies exist in many forms. Quite often in life they only ‘Go Away’ when we ‘Make Them’

I was very lucky to meet with a great client tonight who shall remain nameless (but they know who they are and the massive respect I hold for them). We worked away and then afterwards we decided to grab a drink at a nice bar in Sydney CBD and reflect on ideas, business and life in general.

As we spoke, she told a great story of sticking up for herself in her Corporate Life with an oppressive boss who just pushed her and her staff around.  As we shared the experiences, it made me reflect on times in my own life (recent and long ago) when I had people just pushing me around, taking advantage of me and everything else in between.

The story was quite interesting and she told it with such passion that led to her quote “Tearing her boss apart” in a big office domestic that I only wish I could sit there and watch with a Diet Coke and Large Popcorn.  The fallout of this was a submissive boss who apologized (which was probably quite a smart move in respect).

One thing I quite noticed about her great story was her build-up into her “Last Stand” and what was interesting about his – she didn’t care whether she kept her job or not.  She was sick and tired and being pushed around and that was it for her.

Her inspiration made me reflect on my some of my own experiences in life. I reflected on times where I regretfully was oppressed and walked over by someone and didn’t stand up for myself – and then of course was equally inspired by times where I had a big bully and I stood my ground to them and evened the score.

My key lesson & reminder from tonight is the reality that NO ONE WILL STICK UP FOR YOU.  The truth I have found in my own life is that if someone is pushing you around, you will most likely have to be the one that stands up for yourself by pushing back and winning against who is taking evil action against you.  This obviously sounds quite sad and you may even think it’s a bit of a “Cynical” view, which I think may be a fair point.

However, if I reflect on my own life experiences and what many of my colleagues have experienced this was the only solution to their oppression. Be it an evil boss, a mean brother or sister, a manipulative partner or whatever – the “Music Stopped” ultimately when they stood up and fought for their rights.

One great quote that quite inspired me is:

“The history of liberty is a history of resistance.” – Woodrow Wilson 

My advice and thinking? Oppression is everywhere. Just look around you and the reality is that if we are to live a life of freedom, it comes with us resisting whatever opposing force is upon us. My friend & client did that and in many times in my life so have I. Also, if you see a little guy getting pushed around – there is nothing like spreading the love and stepping in to protect the downtrodden and disadvantaged (I have done that many times and it’s great!)

Just like Marty McFly in the Back to the Future Series – we have to punch out our bullies every now and then x x

Love your work and thank you for the read! Go and beat up your oppressors tomorrow and let me know how you go!

When we Say Goodbye to Special People…

Be it love, friends, family or whatever the case may be - as grief stricken as we are, it can pay to always remember the good times...

Be it love, friends, family or whatever the case may be – as grief stricken as we are, it can pay to always remember the good times…

There is certainly something in the water / air right now where many of us have had to say Goodbye to special people in our lives. I have had a close friend lose a family member, a friend had a long-term pet that died, another friend had their “Grown up Children” move out on them, couples have split up and talking personally – I have had an amazing & special woman in my life (who I greatly miss & always shall) move on.

For me and others at some point in life, it can be a sad time of grieving for many. Personally, many consider me to be “One Tough Cookie” which is very fair. I am known to be very reliable and tough in extreme situations (which I suppose I am proud of).

One thing I would never get used too is losing good people in our lives.  If you are reading this article, I bet you have lost people close to you and forgetting Right, Wrong, Intentional, Accidental, For the Better / Worse – when we lose someone close to us it can really rock the fabric of our world and make moving on a challenge even at the best of times.

If you are like me, it can be an emotional rollercoaster in dealing with the emotions and pain of loss in these situations. A very long time ago, I once had my partner (in a work and personal sense) die on me and even though I was quite young at the time – you never forget amazing people in your life.

I am obviously not a psychologist, but what I can say is that when you feel the loss of someone close to you it’s very challenging. Especially if you are say the head of your family, in business by yourself with a massive workload and a lot of projects on your plate.  There are plenty of different models out there for grief and after a bit of “Pop Psychology” and “Light Google Research” on my part, I quite like this model worded in many different ways:

1) Denial, Ignorance & Isolation

2) Anger

3) Bargaining

4) Depression & Sadness

5) Acceptance

Obviously if you lose a close partner, compared to a partner, compared to a friend you know relatively well – I am sure this process can be quite shorter / different.

One thing I really have realized in this process is that “Ignoring” or “Resisting” the emotions it the worst thing you can do. For myself and some of my friends, we are all going through this process right now in one form or another.  For me, “Depression & Sadness” are not my thing – and being here right now is obviously something I want to move through as quickly as possible.

My advice & thinking in the heat of the moment? “Acceptance” or getting over a key loss I think will come from ultimately changing the way we think and process information.  We are social spiritual beings and no Right / Wrong – losing someone close to us will mess with our heads and hurt us in key ways.  Still – I think it’s great to remember the good times…

It’s a process that no one likes to go through and what has helped me is working my way through the process as quickly as possible. I realize / accept (with pain) that I have lost a great person very close to me and my life is continue on without them. The challenge for me is seeing something new out of this and gaining a new sense of satisfaction from exploring the world around me.

If you are feeling the burn like I am now, whether I know you or not, whether I shall meet you or not, I just wanted to say I hope you’re grieving goes as quickly as possible and your new thinking / realizations from the process help you create a new life even better than before your loss.

Love your work, God Bless you and thank you for reading this (means a lot to me x x).

How to Get Public Speaking Opportunities & Make it a Great Win / Win For All!

It was a pleasure doing a Workshop & Live Speaking slot to some Awesome Business Owners tonight in the beautiful suburb of Kirribilli, Sydney.  LinkedIn was the topic of the moment and it got me thinking as to how one gets public speaking slots...

It was a pleasure doing a Workshop & Live Speaking slot to some Awesome Business Owners tonight in the beautiful suburb of Kirribilli, Sydney. LinkedIn was the topic of the moment and it got me thinking as to how one gets public speaking slots…

With thanks to Fred Walker, I was very lucky to speak to a great group of 25+ Ex-CEO’s, Managers and Current Business Owners in terms of helping them get more clients through using LinkedIn.

Fred who I have worked with previously – contacted me to find a good “LinkedIn Trainer” to help give his Networking / Mastermind Group some insights on the house to help everyone get more high value clients.  It was quite successful, I have got some great feedback and phew! I am glad everyone is happy and I could support them in this situation.

This was a great “Public Speaking” slot of mine and I was lucky to be invited.

Quite often, I get asked “Edward, I want public speaking slots – how do I get them?”

A very simple question, with a very complex answer in this regard.  Here is one key problem with so called “Getting” public speaking slots.  Unless you have a real rare skill or operate in a niche – it’s very hard just to approach organizations saying “I can speak on this” and getting anywhere with them.

The reality is that if you speak at any organization to a group of people – there is someone there who has their head on the “Chopping Block”.  That is – if you do terrible job, they will get blamed – if you do an outstanding job, they will get the fame.

I quite often say to people looking for public speaking slots “Put yourself in their position. Would you honestly get someone of your skill level to speak at one of your events if you are with them?”

After a sullen pause I get the bashful “Yes Edward you are right”.  I am not saying this of course to kill anyones dreams.  Far from it – I am saying it to help people approach the situation in the right way for maximum effect.

To get public speaking slots effectively, it’s honestly not something everyone may be able to do when starting out in say their Consulting Businesses.  It takes time to get the reputation to pick them all up.  I trust these tips help you with some insights here:

1) Have a Great Topic + Know it: LinkedIn is hot and I am great at it.  Easy! I got the gig.  What are you really good at?

2) Be Well Known: I was invited to speak to this group of great people, so great! Fred Walker brought me in.  For speaking slots, you quite often need an intro.

3) Do it for Free: 2 hours? Never charge.  On the house and meet them.

4) Flex to the audience: Do what the audience wants and answer their questions.

5) Do a great job! Prepare and wow them.

6) Follow up on Questions & Support: After it’s over, great to give them materials / follow up on any more questions.

7) Make it Win / Win: Deliver, solve their problems, make them happy and yourself look wonderful in the process!

If you are reading this and thinking “Edward, you suck – nobody knows me and what do I do?” – My short answer is get known. Network, connect, meet people, get introductions and build your reputation.

My advice? If you know your “Rep” isn’t there yet – build that first.  The speaking slots come as a consequence.

Love your work and thank you for the read! Trust this one helps.

Good Bosses, Evil Bosses, Mean Targets & Starting Awesome Businesses in Style!

It was an absolute pleasure meeting Veronica Crosa from Travel Counsellors today.  We exchanged Corporate War stories - and no wonder we are awesome entrepreneurs today!

It was an absolute pleasure meeting Veronica Crosa from Travel Counsellors today. We exchanged Corporate War stories – and no wonder we are awesome entrepreneurs today!

I was very lucky to have a powerhouse Monday to start my week.  I dealt with some things that were bothering me, picked up a new Workshop Client, passed 4000+ likes on Facebook and met with an Awesome Travel Counsellor by the name of Veronica Crosa.

Veronica and I were lucky to meet up today for Chocolate & Business where we spoke about Business Networking and our own days in the Corporation.

We strangely had some very similar stories in terms of us really being “Screwed Over” in many situations throughout our careers.

Sure, we had some great times – however, we also had some really bad times that inspired us to really start our own businesses.  We compared stories of “Great Bosses” & “Not Great Bosses” and the negative impact that some of these people have had on our lives.

In my case, I have had evil colleagues, spinless bosses and stupid reward & measurement systems that punished my hard work and honourable commitment.  Our conversation got even funnier when we shared examples of what happened to us.

What I think was tragic was the good times we had and how much Veronica and I dedicated our lives to the Corporate Workplace. We both were massive high achievers and I guess some people just don’t like that (thank god we both had some good bosses at the time!).

One of my key bad experiences was when I was promised basically – “Achieve X and we shall give you Y”.  I remember in my case, I was a Marketing Manager (in a very early job) and I had these aggressive Sales & Project Deadlines to meet.  The deal was that if I did – I would get an increase to my funding and a new staff member.

Quite the opposite happened in my case.  My only staff member was taken for “Other Projects”, stressed out and then quit on leave.  Then the evil bosses I had decided that I could do “My job on my own” and totally backed out on the deal they had with me.

It was very hurtful and I recall going from star employee – to someone who didn’t care anymore. I used up my sick leave, worked as little hours as possible and did nothing social with the team.  It felt great and it was my chance to take back a bit of freedom after all the years they oppressed and took advantage of me.

What I find incredibly interesting about stories like I had, some of the bad things people have done to Veronica and many of my business friends – are the endless stories of “Corporate Machines” taking advantage of everyones good nature.  People would dedicate their lives to a company, to get really shafted at the end of the day.

My advice? Don’t get angry like I did for years. Just leave! Find a great business, start it, move on and forget about what the Corporation had done to you.  This was some of the best thinking of my life which changed it for the better.

The truth was that I have had some great bosses – pity they were in a minority in my old working days! Love your work and thank you for the read!

Why you shouldn’t Blow Elephants Away & the Importance of Owning Your Mistakes!

Glenn McGrath - Former Australian Test Cricketer doesn't look to upset here after the tragic & sad death of his wife.  The morale of the story is to own your mistakes.  One hundred percent!

Glenn McGrath – Former Australian Test Cricketer doesn’t look to upset here after the tragic & sad death of his wife. The morale of the story is to own your mistakes. One hundred percent!

I am very sure Former Australian Test Cricketer Glenn McGrath is feeling quite regretful right now.  As I write this article, he is rightfully dealing with the fallout of some previous decisions he made in 2008 as an “Outdoorsman”.

There are many photos of him circulating around round now in various “Victory Poses” over defenceless animals beneath him and I found some of his defence very interesting. As I am not really into Cricket and I did some light research to write this article, I found this very interesting statement he made:

‘It was a difficult time in my life… I deeply regret it’: Cricket legend Glenn McGrath forced to apologise after pictures emerge of him smiling with a dead elephant and wildebeest during African safari (Courtesy Daily Mail Australia).

As you do the research, it appears he is referencing this tragic loss of his his wife to breast cancer at that time.  For the record, that is really sad he did lose his wife. Many of us (myself included) have lost people very close to us.

In more of a relationship context I took a hit of a similar nature. I was with a very special woman and helping her look after her son for a short while there – and I got the “Dear John” news with her deciding to move on.  It was very unexpected, rattling and for me – even as I write this article I am still processing a lot of hurt, sadness and loneliness type of emotions. Even though I am known for being a tough leader and I get the job done – dealing with the fallout of what happened to me isn’t easy.

But I still don’t have an urge to go to Africa and Shoot Elephants!

I mean seriously? I haven’t put anytime into Glenn McGrath previously and fair enough – he went shooting rare animals and that wasn’t a good thing.  Where I am more going on this one, is that I think his handling of it hasn’t been the best.  Instead of getting up and saying “He was wrong” – you can tell he was trying to mitigate blame because of the tragic death of his wife.

I know many people that have had people close to them die (beyond me) and they don’t go off and do this type of thing.  They get more caring, more loving and try and help people as they mourn their loss.

I think using Glenn McGrath as an example – he tells of the “Warning” in life and “Not what to do”.  I accept I have made mistakes.  In having my old partner and her son move on from me – I get that at times I haven’t acted perfectly and it probably influenced her decision to give me the phone call.  BUT – they are my mistakes and there aren’t any excuses for them. I did it (whatever it was) and I own it.

My lesson and thinking? We all make mistakes.  Sometimes really big & stupid ones.  When we don’t own them 100% we not only lose respect for people around us, we also don’t learn the lessons we need.

Morale of the story? If you are upset – stay home. Don’t go to Africa with a Hunting Rifle.

Love your work and Happy Sunday / Whenever or Wherever you read this!

My Need for Therapy, Spiritual Support & the Stress of Buying a Property to Live in!

I had to take a seat and relax today.  Property hunting was a massive steep learning curve for me and I shall be ready & on the ball for next Saturday. Yay!

I had to take a seat and relax today. Property hunting was a massive steep learning curve for me and I shall be ready & on the ball for next Saturday. Yay!

My feet are tired.  My brain is tired. It’s 6:15PM Saturday night and I am ready to hit the bed and pass out for a few hours.  I had to capture my mood with this blog article after spending a good day walking the Streets of Parramatta to look at Properties all day.

With thanks to Heath Thompson (from Buy Invest Growth) I have Pre-Loan Approval and I am ready to go.

My first workshop client ever Anna Porter (from Suburbanite) has been my cool Property Mentor guiding me through the process and ready to help me when it comes to the actual purchasing of it.

Even though I have purchased properties in my previous life, I was newly made single and I am out by myself looking for my own place to live. It was hard work and very stressful! I spent my whole Saturday going to various inspections, running around Parramatta (in Western Sydney) going through the ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ for each property thinking “OMG, I think this is it!”.

I checked out all the properties and none of them are right.  I learned very quickly that I was being far “Too General”.  The properties I looked at just didn’t suit me and I learned some very profound lessons through the only way of looking & figuring out what I like and don’t like.

During my experiences today and learning just the game of buying a house, I saw all sorts of tricks played.  From a Marketers perspective, I really got a lot out of it and saw interesting things like:

1) “Creative” Photography Angles: I can tell you what, some of the places like a “Big Mac” just look nothing like their photos. The apartments themselves may be okay, however the stairwell, lifts and can be gross.

2) The Guy from the Bank at the Door: At one, on the way out – there was a guy from Commonwealth Bank Inviting people to get pre-loan approval.  Very clever!

3) Auctions.  F$&KING Auctions: I really hate auctions and everything to do with them.  They don’t often give a price and makes it harder.

4) Poky Odd Shaped Rooms: One apartment I checked out had really poky rooms.  The master bedroom had a very strange shape which just was weird on a range of levels.

5) Blocks off Busy Roads: Some blocks were off busy roads and not the most fun of everything.  You got to know the road, they won’t obviously point it out.

6) Some really nice buildings: Sometimes the apartment may be average, but the block is beautiful and sometimes the photos don’t capture that.

7) Real Estate Agents are quite helpful: They were really good to me, answered my questions and were great fun.  I loved it!

Overall, I am dead tired – but it was a challenging and rewarding experience.  My learnings? Property hunting can take a while and you have to approach it with a great level of patience.  I was hoping I would strike “It Lucky” today and I was wrong on that one.  Here is to a detailed and thorough search!

So there you go, love your work and thank you for the read.  Touch wood some good news soon!

7 x Awesome Outcomes of Coffee Chats: Why they Rock and are Profitable!!!

Lauren Watts - Networking Leader & Virtual Assistant CEO.  I am very lucky to have worked with her over the years and watch her in action.

Lauren Watts – Networking Leader & Virtual Assistant CEO. I am very lucky to have worked with her over the years and watch her in action.

In having started and running many networking events over the years – I originally used “Business Networking” as first my major Marketing Strategy to build my Marketing Business.  The 4Networking Community has given me many of those rich opportunities and Lauren Watts (who runs a VA Agency and runs the 4Networking Cronulla Group) did a compelling speech on the “Importance of Coffee Chats”.

Using my Samsung S5 Galaxy – I videod some of it and put up a clip of this onto Facebook.  The Awesome Alfred Bellanti came in to ask me “Edward can you elaborate on Coffee Chats?”.

On the surface they sound obvious in that “You meet someone for coffee”. Sure that sounds self explanatory, however in practice people rarely do them with understanding what they are all about.  Small Business Owners that get this concept do really well in that a “Coffee Chat” is really in a way a “Business Date”.

That is, if you just say go to Networking Events, sell your stuff, buy stuff or whatever – it’s hardly a chance for people to get to know you.  Even if you say see the same people for an hour each fortnight – there isn’t enough of a connection for really “Like, Knowing & Trust” to be formed.

Looking at it this way, let’s say you want to buy someones product or service.  Wouldn’t you want to get to know them inside out first so you know they won’t screw you? Just meeting them here and there is not enough – you want to know them inside out.

The “Coffee Chat” or “Business Date” allows both people to really get to connect and get to know each other and become trusted friends.  It’s always friendship before business in the Small Business Game. As the “Coffee Date” proceeds and both people get to know and like each other – it gives rise to a range of great opportunities.  One or many of these things can happen:

1) You Become Friends: You realize this person is just like you and become actual friends.  We need more of them!

2) They Fall in Love with your Technology: Your Product / Service and Skills is exactly what they are after.

3) You Realize they have Products that will help you: You then buy their technology and make your business more awesome.

4) You Realize you can refer them some clients: As you hear about their problems, it dawns on you that by referring your clients to them it will solve their problems and make you look cooler.

5) They Realize they can refer you some of their clients for your services: And they do an intro afterwards and you immediately get a new client after you meet them.

6) You realize you can do Shared Events, Workshops, Newsletter Listings: Lots of shared opportunities come to mind.

7) Nothing happens in that moment BUT: 1 week later they meet someone who is looking for your services / products and YOU GET THE CALL!

This is a real summation as to what a Coffee Chat is and what it can do.  I personally built my business on doing 3 x Per Week and this was just great for me.

My advice and thinking? If you want to build your Business and your own power community – start doing at least 2 x Coffee Chats per week.  It’s powerful and over time you get better and better.

Thank you Lauren Watts for the inspiration – thank you Alfred Bellanti for the question and love your work Awesome People!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Blogger, Commentator and 4Networking Leader.  He loves helping Small Business Owners get more clients and his Premium Home Study Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” has sections dedicated to Business Networking, Personal Selling and Pitching.  To learn more and Get Instant Access >> Visit Edward’s Marketing Vault Right Here!

The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia (450 x)



People that Eat Your Chips & Leave: “Networking Seagulls” and their Selfish Antics!

The Awesome Hayley Mackintosh and I have seen enough 'Networking Seagulls' to last many life times.  Avoid these chip stealing predators at all costs!

The Awesome Hayley Mackintosh and I have seen enough ‘Networking Seagulls’ to last many life times. Avoid these chip stealing predators at all costs!

I was very lucky yet again to be spending some quality working time with the Awesome Hayley Mackintosh.  She is the Manager in charge of Servcorp North Ryde and we have been lucky to work together on more and more shared projects & initiatives.

Today we had a Sales & Marketing Workshop for an intimate group of business people and spoke about a lot of different concepts that really resonated with the audience.

As the event was over and we were packing up – we had a great “Peer to Peer” conversation about networking events.  I have been very lucky to be a Partner of Parramatta Chamber and a 4Networking Leader – and run more events that I can literally remember.

Hayley have done the same too.  She is a very smart operator and runs Networking Events all the time and helps her own clients and gives Servcorp great exposure.

As we spoke, we started sharing “Horror / War Stories” with each other about events.  We started talking about the odd awful person you get at networking events.  Networking events are all full of great normal people like you, me & Hayley – however you get the exceptions to the rules.  We have seen things like:

– “People” that come late & leave early – disrupting everyone with little regard.

– “People” that come and eat all the food & leave.

– “People” that just go there to sell their wares to everyone in the room.

During the conversation, someone muttered the term “Networking Seagulls” and it was a massive laugh! Hayley instantly got it and in this context it’s exactly what it means:

– A networking Seagull comes in, eats your food, squawks at you, poops on your desk and then flies out leaving you worse off for the experience.

As seasoned networkers we felt this is a riot and it’s so true! You just get people that don’t care and have little regard for the world around them. The truth is that there are some of these people around and there are several things to be wary of. Never have then as clients (as they won’t pay), don’t talk to them for more than 30 seconds as they will sell you some of their shitty technology / over priced products and finally – never accidentally invite them to your events.

My advice? If you are networking away and doing the right thing and a “Networking Seagull” flies in? Run, hide, throw an iPad / Surface 3 Pro at them or release a cat to go and chase them.

They suck, drain the world of valuable resources and we need more awesome people like you, me & Hayley at networking events.

Trust you enjoyed my rant this time and love your work!

Gleefully Torturing Animals to give Hounds “Blood Lust” & The Greyhound Racing Industry

Evil, Disturbing and Driven by Dollars - The Live Baiting Greyhound Scandal and some horrible footage of a man pulling a hound off a still live animal to give it 'Blood Lust' to win races (Courtesy ABC & 4 Corners)

Evil, Disturbing and Driven by Dollars – The Live Baiting Greyhound Scandal and some horrible footage of a man pulling a hound off a still live animal to give it ‘Blood Lust’ to win races (Courtesy ABC & 4Corners)

If you have seen the latest reports in the news, you would have probably heard about the sickening “Greyhound Racing Scandal” that will rightfully tarnish this industry for a long time.

A recent 4 Corners Investigation titled “Making a Killing” showed a very chilling reality as to what is happening in the Greyhound Industry today. 

A term very new to me is “Live Baiting”. This is basically the practice of using live animals as lures to help train Greyhounds to become elite racers.  This can involve piglets, rabbits, possums being tied up (“Live”) for the dog to run faster, get the live kill and develop a “Blood-Lust”.

Basically the “Blood-Lust” type of training gives hounds a superior advantage over hounds without the Live Baiting and when you are talking millions of dollars at stake – you can understand how evil people get caught up into this. What happens is that as part of the training of the hounds, they end up catching the live animals and ripping them to shreds as part of their “Training”.

Taking off my ethical hat for the moment (and once studying Biochemistry) this makes perfect sense.  By getting the hounds to leave part of their domestication alone and become “Violent Hounds” I could only imagine gives them a massive advantage on the race course.

This has been quite cruel actually and a shock to many people, staff and of course sponsors.  The Industry Bodies with their PR machines have really done a snow job on us for years.  They have done their best to convince us the racing is all about “Animal Welfare” and when you consider the billions of dollars being bet every year here – I can only imagine the amount of cover up and under-table bribes that have been going on.

What is really good news? With full Credit to ABC 4Corners – they worked with Animal Liberation Groups to get undercover footage which is disturbing.  Live animals getting ripped up, trainers encouraging the killing the baby possums in front of their mothers to stress them for the Live Baiting – and even the gleeful killing of hounds that have haven’t made the cut.

There were even cases of animals being ripped up and still alive after being continually mauled.

This is sick & very disturbing and the good news?

It’s all out in the open and people are withdrawing from the horrific sport and sponsors are pulling funding! This is really good news and even the top of the sports have been caught up in this scam.

My questions are how did the Government let this go on for so long? Did they know about it? If they did – who was getting paid to turn a blind eye?

It’s over for now – but sad to say, I am sure this is the tip of the iceberg.  I am sure more horrors are going to come to the surface on this one.

Sad, sickening and disturbing – but it’s out in the open!

An Inspiring Story of Breaking into a New Market & Robert Catto’s Story!

Robert Catto is a very inspiring and successful man.  It was fascinating hearing his story of coming to Sydney and not knowing anyone - to cracking the market as a Performing Arts Photographer.  He rocks!

Robert Catto is a very inspiring and successful man. It was fascinating hearing his story of coming to Sydney and not knowing anyone – to cracking the market as a Performing Arts Photographer. He rocks!

I was very lucky to recently speak to the Australian Commercial + Media Photographers Association (ACMP) on “Sales & Marketing just for photographers”.   They were an amazing group of kind people and I have already had some great follow up meetings and I have found them very inspiring.

Today, I was lucky to meet with Robert Catto who is a photographer that specializes in the Performing Arts space.  He is a Canadian, that lived in New Zealand for a long time and if I remember correctly – he came to Sydney about 5 – 6 years ago.  Robert is one of the Board Members of ACMP helping out other photographers succeed.  ** Correction Note: Robert has been in Australia for only 2 years.  Makes this story even more powerful!

What I found very impressive about Robert Catto is the space he has carved out a speciality in. I know the “Performing Arts” space and it’s a particular type of area that getting any form of traction in is hard!

Having once arrived in Sydney myself once and not knowing anyone at all, I was very lucky to have the 4Networking Australia Community help me carve out a place for myself in this awesome Town.

For Robert, I was very amazed how he broke into the Sydney market in this area.  I can relate too, when I first arrived in this town (like anyone in a new city) – breaking into the market can be one of the purely hardest things that we can do. As I sat down, I asked him straight up:

– Robert, how on earth did you break into the market being an outsider?

Robert is a very cool & expressive type of man with a heart of gold.  You can tell him pull back when I asked the question.  He was obviously looking within (as I don’t think he has been asked that before) and he gave a very potent and intelligent answer.

– I was able to work my Partners Contacts in that area!

He got some introductions, made contact with lots of people, didn’t go in cold or anything like that and he also told me of a “Marketing Consultant” in that space he met years ago.  He once met that person for a coffee and it was his big break. That awesome Marketer (whoever they were I have utmost respect for them) gave him a stack of contacts.

Robert then leveraged those contacts and got into the industry and made tons of great connections and the rest is history.

I quite like this story as a glance at Robert will tell you he is a successful man.  It’s also so simple.  No websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing – done the real way, “The Old Fashioned Way!” ** Post Addition: He did have a website and all things helped.  But Personal Relationships trumped it.

My advice and thinking? Look at Robert’s story and realize that any fancy Social Media Platform can’t replace business relationships.  Anyone can do it, with a bit of gusto & drive!

** Post Addition from Robert: To learn more about Awesome Robert & ACMP, visit >> His Awesome Website Here and the >> ACMP Wesbite Right Here!

Love your work, thank you to Robert and have a great one awesome people!

About the Inspired Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Commentator who is greatly inspired by Entrepreneurs like Robert Catto.  He loves helping Small Business Owners master their Sales & Marketing – and to learn more, check out his website and also his Premium Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” >> Here!

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