Buying Property has been an experience of high, low, high low and more! It's reminded me as to the challenge of risky purchases and how we can make it easier for out potential clients!

Buying Property has been an experience of high, low, high low and more! It’s reminded me as to the challenge of risky purchases and how we can make it easier for out potential clients!

Today has been another action packed day for me walking the streets of Parramatta.  I wasn’t working for the Government, shaking down drug dealers or searching for contraband or anything like in a previous life – I have been proudly looking for a property to buy and live in.

It’s been a long time since I have been on my own purchasing property (since I got washed up and lost the farm some years ago) – and being back in the game has been a fantastic and liberating experience.

It’s also been a massively EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER of an experience in that I have gone from lows to highs to lows to highs right throughout the day and the experience.

After 8 properties I finally found one I have fallen in love with and the offer is out and my Awesome Buyers Advocate Anna Porter is on the job.  I love it!

Bringing this back to Business, Marketing, Selling and the like – it’s put me in the hot seat of having to make big complex & “Risky” decisions.  As a marketer we are always drummed into us the reality of “The Bigger the Decision, the Bigger the Risk and the Bigger the Consideration Required”.

When we say sell a given service, idea, product or whatever the case – our “Hopeful Clients” quite often weigh up the “Cost Vs. Return”.

To clarify too, I don’t mean this in a clinical accounting sense only.  It can be emotional and still the same equation, e.g. “If I buy that nice $100,000 Car, will it make me look super awesome & cool for me to justify spending $100,000?”.

In terms of what I have been personally going through, I plan to spend close to half a million on a place to live and as it’s a massive decision for me – I have got great Consultants and doing very heavy research to make the decision as “Low Risk for me” as possible.

In say your own business or selling – you want to make people buying as easy and “Risk-Free / Risk-Low” as possible.  These are some possible tips & ideas to support you:

1) Give lots of information and proof: Like me buying now, more information the better! I can do my research.

2) Give time & space: It’s not a high rush environment and I can take time to think it through.  People just need time when making big decisions!

3) Answer lots of questions: Be available to answer questions – people have big concerns and need to meet them.

4) Testimonials & Social Proof: Testimonials or even references people can call can help “Prove” how awesome you / your technology is.

5) Sell only if appropriate: The more you sell only if people “Need it” the more you sell! I have suggested clients don’t hire me based on what they tell me – and then they do.  Why? They know I care for them.

6) Guarantee / Cooling Off Periods: Like me buying my place, I have a good Cooling Off! Makes me feel better about buying so I know I won’t get into trouble.

7) Reputation: Before the person meets you, it’s great if you already have a strong reputation.  That way they will feel way more confident in your skills and abilities.

My advice and thinking? In your business, think of ways you can make it “Less-Risky” for your customers to buy.  The less risky you make it, the more you shall sell.  That simple!

Love your work and thank you for the read.

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Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Business Commentator, 4Networking Leader and Blogger.  He has helped thousands of Awesome Small Business Owners get more High Value Clients and he’d love to help you! A great place to start is his Online Premium Home Study Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” >> Access it here!

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