Oppressors & Bullies exist in many forms.  Quite often in life they only 'Go Away' when we 'Make Them'

Oppressors & Bullies exist in many forms. Quite often in life they only ‘Go Away’ when we ‘Make Them’

I was very lucky to meet with a great client tonight who shall remain nameless (but they know who they are and the massive respect I hold for them). We worked away and then afterwards we decided to grab a drink at a nice bar in Sydney CBD and reflect on ideas, business and life in general.

As we spoke, she told a great story of sticking up for herself in her Corporate Life with an oppressive boss who just pushed her and her staff around.  As we shared the experiences, it made me reflect on times in my own life (recent and long ago) when I had people just pushing me around, taking advantage of me and everything else in between.

The story was quite interesting and she told it with such passion that led to her quote “Tearing her boss apart” in a big office domestic that I only wish I could sit there and watch with a Diet Coke and Large Popcorn.  The fallout of this was a submissive boss who apologized (which was probably quite a smart move in respect).

One thing I quite noticed about her great story was her build-up into her “Last Stand” and what was interesting about his – she didn’t care whether she kept her job or not.  She was sick and tired and being pushed around and that was it for her.

Her inspiration made me reflect on my some of my own experiences in life. I reflected on times where I regretfully was oppressed and walked over by someone and didn’t stand up for myself – and then of course was equally inspired by times where I had a big bully and I stood my ground to them and evened the score.

My key lesson & reminder from tonight is the reality that NO ONE WILL STICK UP FOR YOU.  The truth I have found in my own life is that if someone is pushing you around, you will most likely have to be the one that stands up for yourself by pushing back and winning against who is taking evil action against you.  This obviously sounds quite sad and you may even think it’s a bit of a “Cynical” view, which I think may be a fair point.

However, if I reflect on my own life experiences and what many of my colleagues have experienced this was the only solution to their oppression. Be it an evil boss, a mean brother or sister, a manipulative partner or whatever – the “Music Stopped” ultimately when they stood up and fought for their rights.

One great quote that quite inspired me is:

“The history of liberty is a history of resistance.” – Woodrow Wilson 

My advice and thinking? Oppression is everywhere. Just look around you and the reality is that if we are to live a life of freedom, it comes with us resisting whatever opposing force is upon us. My friend & client did that and in many times in my life so have I. Also, if you see a little guy getting pushed around – there is nothing like spreading the love and stepping in to protect the downtrodden and disadvantaged (I have done that many times and it’s great!)

Just like Marty McFly in the Back to the Future Series – we have to punch out our bullies every now and then x x

Love your work and thank you for the read! Go and beat up your oppressors tomorrow and let me know how you go!



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