Glenn McGrath - Former Australian Test Cricketer doesn't look to upset here after the tragic & sad death of his wife.  The morale of the story is to own your mistakes.  One hundred percent!

Glenn McGrath – Former Australian Test Cricketer doesn’t look to upset here after the tragic & sad death of his wife. The morale of the story is to own your mistakes. One hundred percent!

I am very sure Former Australian Test Cricketer Glenn McGrath is feeling quite regretful right now.  As I write this article, he is rightfully dealing with the fallout of some previous decisions he made in 2008 as an “Outdoorsman”.

There are many photos of him circulating around round now in various “Victory Poses” over defenceless animals beneath him and I found some of his defence very interesting. As I am not really into Cricket and I did some light research to write this article, I found this very interesting statement he made:

‘It was a difficult time in my life… I deeply regret it’: Cricket legend Glenn McGrath forced to apologise after pictures emerge of him smiling with a dead elephant and wildebeest during African safari (Courtesy Daily Mail Australia).

As you do the research, it appears he is referencing this tragic loss of his his wife to breast cancer at that time.  For the record, that is really sad he did lose his wife. Many of us (myself included) have lost people very close to us.

In more of a relationship context I took a hit of a similar nature. I was with a very special woman and helping her look after her son for a short while there – and I got the “Dear John” news with her deciding to move on.  It was very unexpected, rattling and for me – even as I write this article I am still processing a lot of hurt, sadness and loneliness type of emotions. Even though I am known for being a tough leader and I get the job done – dealing with the fallout of what happened to me isn’t easy.

But I still don’t have an urge to go to Africa and Shoot Elephants!

I mean seriously? I haven’t put anytime into Glenn McGrath previously and fair enough – he went shooting rare animals and that wasn’t a good thing.  Where I am more going on this one, is that I think his handling of it hasn’t been the best.  Instead of getting up and saying “He was wrong” – you can tell he was trying to mitigate blame because of the tragic death of his wife.

I know many people that have had people close to them die (beyond me) and they don’t go off and do this type of thing.  They get more caring, more loving and try and help people as they mourn their loss.

I think using Glenn McGrath as an example – he tells of the “Warning” in life and “Not what to do”.  I accept I have made mistakes.  In having my old partner and her son move on from me – I get that at times I haven’t acted perfectly and it probably influenced her decision to give me the phone call.  BUT – they are my mistakes and there aren’t any excuses for them. I did it (whatever it was) and I own it.

My lesson and thinking? We all make mistakes.  Sometimes really big & stupid ones.  When we don’t own them 100% we not only lose respect for people around us, we also don’t learn the lessons we need.

Morale of the story? If you are upset – stay home. Don’t go to Africa with a Hunting Rifle.

Love your work and Happy Sunday / Whenever or Wherever you read this!



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