I had to take a seat and relax today.  Property hunting was a massive steep learning curve for me and I shall be ready & on the ball for next Saturday. Yay!

I had to take a seat and relax today. Property hunting was a massive steep learning curve for me and I shall be ready & on the ball for next Saturday. Yay!

My feet are tired.  My brain is tired. It’s 6:15PM Saturday night and I am ready to hit the bed and pass out for a few hours.  I had to capture my mood with this blog article after spending a good day walking the Streets of Parramatta to look at Properties all day.

With thanks to Heath Thompson (from Buy Invest Growth) I have Pre-Loan Approval and I am ready to go.

My first workshop client ever Anna Porter (from Suburbanite) has been my cool Property Mentor guiding me through the process and ready to help me when it comes to the actual purchasing of it.

Even though I have purchased properties in my previous life, I was newly made single and I am out by myself looking for my own place to live. It was hard work and very stressful! I spent my whole Saturday going to various inspections, running around Parramatta (in Western Sydney) going through the ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ for each property thinking “OMG, I think this is it!”.

I checked out all the properties and none of them are right.  I learned very quickly that I was being far “Too General”.  The properties I looked at just didn’t suit me and I learned some very profound lessons through the only way of looking & figuring out what I like and don’t like.

During my experiences today and learning just the game of buying a house, I saw all sorts of tricks played.  From a Marketers perspective, I really got a lot out of it and saw interesting things like:

1) “Creative” Photography Angles: I can tell you what, some of the places like a “Big Mac” just look nothing like their photos. The apartments themselves may be okay, however the stairwell, lifts and can be gross.

2) The Guy from the Bank at the Door: At one, on the way out – there was a guy from Commonwealth Bank Inviting people to get pre-loan approval.  Very clever!

3) Auctions.  F$&KING Auctions: I really hate auctions and everything to do with them.  They don’t often give a price and makes it harder.

4) Poky Odd Shaped Rooms: One apartment I checked out had really poky rooms.  The master bedroom had a very strange shape which just was weird on a range of levels.

5) Blocks off Busy Roads: Some blocks were off busy roads and not the most fun of everything.  You got to know the road, they won’t obviously point it out.

6) Some really nice buildings: Sometimes the apartment may be average, but the block is beautiful and sometimes the photos don’t capture that.

7) Real Estate Agents are quite helpful: They were really good to me, answered my questions and were great fun.  I loved it!

Overall, I am dead tired – but it was a challenging and rewarding experience.  My learnings? Property hunting can take a while and you have to approach it with a great level of patience.  I was hoping I would strike “It Lucky” today and I was wrong on that one.  Here is to a detailed and thorough search!

So there you go, love your work and thank you for the read.  Touch wood some good news soon!



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