Evil, Disturbing and Driven by Dollars - The Live Baiting Greyhound Scandal and some horrible footage of a man pulling a hound off a still live animal to give it 'Blood Lust' to win races (Courtesy ABC & 4 Corners)

Evil, Disturbing and Driven by Dollars – The Live Baiting Greyhound Scandal and some horrible footage of a man pulling a hound off a still live animal to give it ‘Blood Lust’ to win races (Courtesy ABC & 4Corners)

If you have seen the latest reports in the news, you would have probably heard about the sickening “Greyhound Racing Scandal” that will rightfully tarnish this industry for a long time.

A recent 4 Corners Investigation titled “Making a Killing” showed a very chilling reality as to what is happening in the Greyhound Industry today. 

A term very new to me is “Live Baiting”. This is basically the practice of using live animals as lures to help train Greyhounds to become elite racers.  This can involve piglets, rabbits, possums being tied up (“Live”) for the dog to run faster, get the live kill and develop a “Blood-Lust”.

Basically the “Blood-Lust” type of training gives hounds a superior advantage over hounds without the Live Baiting and when you are talking millions of dollars at stake – you can understand how evil people get caught up into this. What happens is that as part of the training of the hounds, they end up catching the live animals and ripping them to shreds as part of their “Training”.

Taking off my ethical hat for the moment (and once studying Biochemistry) this makes perfect sense.  By getting the hounds to leave part of their domestication alone and become “Violent Hounds” I could only imagine gives them a massive advantage on the race course.

This has been quite cruel actually and a shock to many people, staff and of course sponsors.  The Industry Bodies with their PR machines have really done a snow job on us for years.  They have done their best to convince us the racing is all about “Animal Welfare” and when you consider the billions of dollars being bet every year here – I can only imagine the amount of cover up and under-table bribes that have been going on.

What is really good news? With full Credit to ABC 4Corners – they worked with Animal Liberation Groups to get undercover footage which is disturbing.  Live animals getting ripped up, trainers encouraging the killing the baby possums in front of their mothers to stress them for the Live Baiting – and even the gleeful killing of hounds that have haven’t made the cut.

There were even cases of animals being ripped up and still alive after being continually mauled.

This is sick & very disturbing and the good news?

It’s all out in the open and people are withdrawing from the horrific sport and sponsors are pulling funding! This is really good news and even the top of the sports have been caught up in this scam.

My questions are how did the Government let this go on for so long? Did they know about it? If they did – who was getting paid to turn a blind eye?

It’s over for now – but sad to say, I am sure this is the tip of the iceberg.  I am sure more horrors are going to come to the surface on this one.

Sad, sickening and disturbing – but it’s out in the open!



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