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My recent updates to my Marketing Strategy!

I have had lots of people compliment me in several ways lately.

These compliments I would never have heard even 12 months ago. They have said and I quote:

  • “You’re a machine.”
  • “You’re not human.”
  • “You’re Superman.”

This warms my heart greatly in that it’s been what I have done as I have lifted my own health and standards.

It feels really good what has helped get this across has been two core updates to my Marketing Strategy. I spoke to my Mentors, studied the pro’s and this is what I am doing now:

  • Posting 5 to 6 times a day
  • Personally messaging and reaching out to everyone who likes and comments

Now this is lots of work, but you want to know something? It’s kicking butt.

The key thing about business is that it’s up to you. It all comes down to how ambitious you are.

These days I’m quite ambitious so I’m going for it and love it.

Love your work, and I’d love to hear your thoughts 😊

Cutting back the MASSIVE MEALS

When I was 20kg heavier, there were a lot of reasons behind this.

It wasn’t my genes, genetics, family factors or anything like that. It was bad choices on my part.

One of the continual bad choices I would make are MASSIVE MEALS. This was especially the case where I would go to Buffet Breakfasts, and try and commit some form of Caloric Suicide. Omelettes, Baked Beans, Eggs, 4 x Pieces of Toast, 2 x Coffees and more; I would really go for it!

As I saw the error of my ways, I cut everything back. To these days where for breakfast, I have a simple cup of coffee and yoghurt. It’s great. It’s simple, cheap to buy, easy to prepare and I love it. It’s a small meal.

My advice and thinking? Cut back the general size of your meals. I used to go crazy and by cutting back size over time, I just feel better.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!

It’s great to get Professional Help

If you have been following more for a while, you may have noticed that I have lost tons of fat and got healthy.

It’s been the healthiest and my life, and I love it on many levels.

To achieve this result, it hasn’t all been myself. I’ve had great people to help me win big. One of those great people is Patrick, who is one great Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness North Parramatta (Sydney).

He’s given me the help, encouragement and what I’ve needed to get healthy and love it.

My advice and thinking? If you’re struggling in an area (like I was), get someone to help you. It’s the only way to go.

Love your work and thanks for the read friends!

>> P.S. Follow and support wonderful Patrick on Instagram Here!

Why it’s great to VOTE LIBERAL

As I write this article, the count is going through for our NSW State Election on Saturday 23rd March 2019.

I’m slightly sunburnt from hours of election work in my local area of Parramatta and it’s been a great day. Labor people attacked me today like they normally do, but they hardly got under my skin as normal.

I get asked why I VOTE LIBERAL in Australia and I’d love to give my compelling reasons why:

It’s for Jobs, Lower Taxes and Business Growth: More jobs is great for society and civilisation. This makes everything happen.

Infrastructure: They build roads, transport and more.

Equality and Anti-Racism: Liberal are all about individual and stay out of all the racial identity politics.

My advice and thinking? It’s not the perfect party, but it’s a great party to vote for and why I love it.

Love your work and thanks for the read friends 😊

P.S. For my North American Friends, “Liberal” means “Right”. It’s closer related to the Republican Party than the Democrats.  

Never pick on your customers

I love my customers! I think they’re awesome. Their stunning, attractive, brilliant, brave and just wonderful.

As I write this article, we’re getting ready for one top State Election in NSW. It’s going to be the battle that paves the way for our Federal Election and I’m totally pumped.

Honestly, I was a bit nervous about things (until the NSW Opposition Leader ATTACKED ASIANS, to try and win the hearts of some “White” voters he incorrectly assumed were fist pumping racists).

I would be surprised if he won this election, and it comes down too the importance of respecting your customers.

Attacking one group of customers to win the favour of another is a risky / dangerous strategy and that is exactly what has happened here. I don’t see too many Asians here voting for this guy (which is just wonderful).

My advice and thinking? Never insult your customers to be. Politicians do this all the time with dangerous slips of intelligence. Gillette had a turn at this insulting “White Men” and it’s just not smart. Never pick on your customers. In fact, be nice to them! They may buy more stuff 😊

Love your work and thanks for the read friends!

Henry the Barber at WeWork Sydney

Across WeWork Sydney Properties, I started noticing people getting their haircut.

There was this nice, dark, handsome guy doing the haircuts; and I noticed the outstanding quality. He would take his time, do a wonderful job and really cared about the best results individually.

I eventually started using him for haircuts and loved them. I get the Army Crew Cut and even though it sounds easy on the surface, to do them properly takes some skill.

My advice and thinking? If you are around Sydney WeWork Properties keep an eye out for “Henry the Barber”. He’s great.

>> Visit his Instagram Page Here, “Collective Hair Sydney”

Love his work!


There are times in business, where it’s just IMPOSSIBLE to book face to face meetings.

It’s happened to me and I was very lucky to connect with Linh Podetti. She’s powerful Outsourcing Expert and we’re both very busy and very successful.

As a result, we just couldn’t get an overlapping Face to Face time to meet up and it was hard! It was Linh’s idea to do a Vimeo Video call and it rocked.

Simple, fun, it helped us really get to know each other and it just worked.

My advice and thinking? Video Calls friends! Sometimes they just are the best thing to do. Of course, face to face is better, but sometimes this is the best and only way.

Love your work, thanks for the read and enjoy friends!

Lots of CARBS for Breakfast

I got into WeWork 100 Harris St Pyrmont nice and early today.

I like to get in there before 8:30AM so I have time to settle in, get started and get into the kitchen before peak hour.

What prepares me for a massively winning day is lots of CARBS for breakfast. I have tried the whole, no carb, full protein thing for breakfast; only to have really depleted days and not win.

I love things like my Cocoa Loaded Cereal, Toast, Coffee. Basically, anything with CARBS or CAFFEINE just works for me.

It sets me up for a massive day and then as darkness falls, I cut back my eating.

My advice and thinking? Don’t fear carbs for breakfast. They are great and it will set you up to win big.

Love your work friends, and love that Cocoa Loaded Cereal. It rocks.

I’m a GOOD person okay!

I’ve had great times in my business where for some reason, people just are out to get me.

Be it my Career Days or my Business Days, I know exactly why some people just put a mark on me. I am efficient and take no BS.

My direct, straight shooting style makes me lots of friends and gets me the odd enemy every now and then. What I find in these situations where people are a bit dark on me, is that they try to question what I do.

I had a recent case of this where I had to justify to someone that I’m a good person! When I started arguing this point (successfully with examples), they backed off quickly and said that wasn’t what they meant. Lol, sure they did.

My advice and thinking? When someone questions you, your integrity or intent, hit them right over the head with examples of how much greatness you contribute. Don’t take any BS at all, otherwise it can really impact your self-esteem.

Stay strong friends, remember you are a GOOD PERSON and stick to your guns whenever people want to strip that believe from you.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and stay awesome friends!

Keeping Your Mouth Shut

I know lots of secrets. Big secrets about people, the workings of our world and more.

These secrets will go to the grave with me and this is something that is a critical point I always say to people.

Keep your mouth shut! If someone tells you something in confidence, don’t tell a soul. I’ve known people that do the opposite. They can’t hold secrets and they blurt out even the most personal stuff about others all over the place.

Don’t be one of them.

My advice and thinking? If you learn secret stuff, keep it that way. Don’t tell anyone.

Believe me. You do that well, and you shall make lots of friends 😊

Listing your Multiple Roles on LinkedIn

I get asked extremely frequently about what roles people should put on their LinkedIn profiles.

Be it a day job and a side hustle, two seemingly incompatible business or more, it all works.

I know plenty of extremely successful people (myself included) who put multiple roles on their LinkedIn profiles and it just works. I have found that it tends to give one even more depth and in my and many cases, it makes us more persuasive.

My advice and thinking? Be proud of the various roles that you do. I’m a Marketing Mentor, Coach, WeWork Ambassador, Army Veteran and even a Christian preacher; and it all works.

Trust me, list the lot and you shall win big and so much.

Enjoy friends!