I got into WeWork 100 Harris St Pyrmont nice and early today.

I like to get in there before 8:30AM so I have time to settle in, get started and get into the kitchen before peak hour.

What prepares me for a massively winning day is lots of CARBS for breakfast. I have tried the whole, no carb, full protein thing for breakfast; only to have really depleted days and not win.

I love things like my Cocoa Loaded Cereal, Toast, Coffee. Basically, anything with CARBS or CAFFEINE just works for me.

It sets me up for a massive day and then as darkness falls, I cut back my eating.

My advice and thinking? Don’t fear carbs for breakfast. They are great and it will set you up to win big.

Love your work friends, and love that Cocoa Loaded Cereal. It rocks.



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