I’ve had great times in my business where for some reason, people just are out to get me.

Be it my Career Days or my Business Days, I know exactly why some people just put a mark on me. I am efficient and take no BS.

My direct, straight shooting style makes me lots of friends and gets me the odd enemy every now and then. What I find in these situations where people are a bit dark on me, is that they try to question what I do.

I had a recent case of this where I had to justify to someone that I’m a good person! When I started arguing this point (successfully with examples), they backed off quickly and said that wasn’t what they meant. Lol, sure they did.

My advice and thinking? When someone questions you, your integrity or intent, hit them right over the head with examples of how much greatness you contribute. Don’t take any BS at all, otherwise it can really impact your self-esteem.

Stay strong friends, remember you are a GOOD PERSON and stick to your guns whenever people want to strip that believe from you.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and stay awesome friends!



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