Never pick on your customers

I love my customers! I think they’re awesome. Their stunning, attractive, brilliant, brave and just wonderful.

As I write this article, we’re getting ready for one top State Election in NSW. It’s going to be the battle that paves the way for our Federal Election and I’m totally pumped.

Honestly, I was a bit nervous about things (until the NSW Opposition Leader ATTACKED ASIANS, to try and win the hearts of some “White” voters he incorrectly assumed were fist pumping racists).

I would be surprised if he won this election, and it comes down too the importance of respecting your customers.

Attacking one group of customers to win the favour of another is a risky / dangerous strategy and that is exactly what has happened here. I don’t see too many Asians here voting for this guy (which is just wonderful).

My advice and thinking? Never insult your customers to be. Politicians do this all the time with dangerous slips of intelligence. Gillette had a turn at this insulting “White Men” and it’s just not smart. Never pick on your customers. In fact, be nice to them! They may buy more stuff 😊

Love your work and thanks for the read friends!