As I write this article, the count is going through for our NSW State Election on Saturday 23rd March 2019.

I’m slightly sunburnt from hours of election work in my local area of Parramatta and it’s been a great day. Labor people attacked me today like they normally do, but they hardly got under my skin as normal.

I get asked why I VOTE LIBERAL in Australia and I’d love to give my compelling reasons why:

It’s for Jobs, Lower Taxes and Business Growth: More jobs is great for society and civilisation. This makes everything happen.

Infrastructure: They build roads, transport and more.

Equality and Anti-Racism: Liberal are all about individual and stay out of all the racial identity politics.

My advice and thinking? It’s not the perfect party, but it’s a great party to vote for and why I love it.

Love your work and thanks for the read friends 😊

P.S. For my North American Friends, “Liberal” means “Right”. It’s closer related to the Republican Party than the Democrats.  



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