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You’ll never get it perfect. Get used to it 😊

You shall never get perfect. That’s cool. Go for excellence!

I love Sydney. It’s my home for life, full of incredible people and I thought long and hard when I made my decision to settle here.

There’s lots going on and it’s one competitive place. I’ve even had New Yorkers turn around and tell me it’s a tougher place than New York City.

That is what I love about it and what I have learned, is that you must get used to never being perfect. I love striving for excellence and regardless of what I do, there will always be a critic ready to pick at something.

Some of it’s valid, most of it is something you can’t do anything about.

My advice and thinking?

Don’t worry about it! Don’t try and be perfect. Just do your best every time. Even if you do better, there will always be someone to try and tear you down and pick at your play.

It’s awesome. Just know you rock and keep up the greatness friends.

Love your work 😊

When you feel like your BURNING OUT!

Know when it’s time to rest up friends! Critical to long term winning!

Oh, I’ve so been there. I have done the hours, had knocks in business and felt OMG this is hard!

We are humans at the end of the day, and we can only resist negativity for so long.

If you feel like your getting tired, your more negative than you usually are and you are focusing on what isn’t right, it means your burning out.

Burn out is bad, but the great news is that it can be avoided.

My advice for when you feel burnout coming?

I love going to bed early that night (if possible) and unplugging from work (once one can). Sometimes you may be busy and can’t avoid that, but once the critical stuff is done, I rest up. Then the next day, you’re usually fine.

Rest up and remember friends; business is a marathon not a sprint!

LinkedIn: Powerful, Slick and Love it!

LinkedIn is a very slick platform these days. LOVE IT!

For those that know me, if we go back about 4 years, I wasn’t a big fan of LinkedIn.

At the time I was right into Facebook and LinkedIn still had a very long way to go in making itself work.

Then as the rumours grew, I heard about Microsoft looking at buying LinkedIn. Like all of us, we knew that would be a great thing. As the years passed it finally happened and then over a very short space of time, LinkedIn really became powerful.

Videos, Content, Voice Messaging, Easy to Like and Share, Beautiful Graphics and more. I love it, and it’s helped me get lots of profitable high value clients and make myself a wonderful brand out there.

My advice and thinking? If you aren’t into LinkedIn yet, get into it. It’s very powerful and when you get your flow, it will help you get lots of clients and put yourself in the public arena.

Love your work and win big friends!

“Always Half Full”

WeWork’s always have clever lines of thinking all over their properties.

I get told lots that I’m an optimist and always very positive.

Whilst I don’t honestly always feel like it, I know it’s the vibe I put out. I naturally always look for the best in a situation and am the first one to look for a silver lining in a storm cloud.

It’s a great trait that has served me well in that if I wasn’t like this, I would be dead by now (and literally too).

One great thing that prompted this article, is the new wonderful steel cups at WeWork. They are removing disposable cups and replacing them with steel (great move) and on their cups they have “Always Half Full”.

It’s a great subliminal statement which I love, in that this trait is great for being a successful entrepreneur.

Why? Well you can get screwed, stuff up, ripped off, miss out and more. If you don’t look for the better, you will go insane.

Talking to the positive, if you always think in half full, you will keep moving forward and winning. My advice and thinking?

“Always Half Full”.

Great thinking and it rocks 😊

New Vault Content in Section 2: “PROFITABLE High Return Sales & Marketing Strategies!”

PROFITABLE High Return Sales & Marketing Strategies is in Section 2. Enjoy!

I love adding new content to the Awesome Marketing Vault, as well as going back and making updates to older content.

Tonight, was an update to “PROFITABLE High Return Sales & Marketing Strategies” which is in Section 2 of the Vault.

Section 2 is also available for Free Preview, so even if you are not a Vault Client (yet), you can watch it on the house.

>> Access the Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™ Here!

Of course, if you aren’t a client yet, you so must join. You will love it 😊

Having a Straight, Strong and Confident Posture!

Robbi Mack and Melinda Hird rock. Confident inspirations!

I was pumped to speak at the Professional Speakers Association the other night.

I had some people say I was the best ever (which fed my ego) and I loved it on many levels. As you’d expect, in that room were some incredible people and top speakers.

What I spent lots of time noticing was the great posture of top speakers in the room. That is, you can kind of say whatever you want; but unless you have the presence and strength, it doesn’t get through.

At the start of the evening, I spoke to Robbi Mack and Melinda Hird. Both those powerhouse ladies have a presence about them. There are many reasons to that, however the key one was their incredible posture.

They stand up straight, have great voices and really command a situation.

My advice and thinking? When you speak, stand up straight and project with confidence. When you do that, you engage the subconscious mind of others and they really listen to you.

Love your work, love their work and THANK YOU!

Take 1 Idea and Put It Into ACTION

That’s yours truly in the corner from tonight!

It’s 12:08AM as I write this blog after a day of profitable action.

I had a big win (that I can’t tell you about just yet), combined with speaking to a group of powerhouse speakers at the Professional Speakers Association (PSA).

One of my friends was taking photos and one slide / point of discussion that really hit a nerve was how I encouraged the audience to “Take 1 Idea and Put It Into ACTION”.

This is so important in that whenever I listen to anyone speak, I am looking to get 1 idea I can put into play now.

Why is this so important?

So you make money from the ideas. Learning stuff is dumb. Learning stuff, doing it and making money is smart. Take action friends. It’s the only way to be.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!

Upload Event Photos to Social Media FAST!

Love WeWork Pyrmont and Phil Townsend Rocks!

On a minor (yet critical note), I have recently realised the importance of uploading event photos to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more fast.

Let’s say you run a great event or meet some great people; you want to upload the photos quickly (if possible that same day / evening). The reason being is that people are more likely to interact with it, share it and react in a positive way being that they were still on the high of your event.

I have found that leaving it for a day or two is not a good idea. You lose the buzz and it just doesn’t work.

My advice and thinking? Upload event photos fast! We had a great event tonight and I had it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram before I left the venue (WeWork Pyrmont) to go home.

The best and easiest way to do it and there is plenty of great interaction on my posts already. Nice!

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and happy uploading friends!

Smart thinking from Jason Sotiris

Jason Sotiris is a smart, great guy. LOVE HIS WORK!!

I am connected to brilliant people, smart people and very savvy people.

One of them, is the powerhouse Entrepreneur Jason Sotiris. I love his content, ideas and what he’s about.

Today, I did a video today on the importance of being clear on what you give away for free in your business and what you charge for.

It’s a common problem for many in that we do need at times ‘Free Stuff’ to help sell our business and Premium Products / Services.

In response to one of my 60 second videos on this topic, Jason make the best comment on LinkedIn:

  • “Totally agree Edward, being upfront and straightforward establishes trust. Being vague and opaque as the relationship develops more automatically tells me not to trust you as you’re hiding something, keep things to yourself, and more interested in your own personal gain as the true cost is not revealed.”

My advice, thinking and response to Jason? So true. You want to be clear as with people from the first moment. This makes everything just work.

Love his work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Don’t tell people that they’re WRONG

Don’t tell people their wrong. Try and be nicer about it.

I had an interesting experience at one of our events that got me thinking.

I was running an event with a great mix of people, including lots of people I am meeting for the first time. It was a fine night, with great food and the like.

Towards the end of the evening when I was meeting people, I was swapping business cards and my cards are made from a nice heavy plastic. As I gave it to one lady, she made a retort saying that my “cards weren’t good for the environment”.

It added an awkward tone to the event, where it forced me to respond to the comment. I came back with my typical “I’m a vegetarian line” (which is great for the environment) and it created a hostile sense between us. She wasn’t a vegetarian, she backed off and it was all just weird.

The key point here is that she tried to tell me that I’m wrong in front of other people. It didn’t result in changing my behaviour, it’s resulted in me loving my cards more and wanting to now print more.

My advice and thinking? If you are trying to persuade someone, don’t call them names, say their wrong or try and embarrass them. It will probably backfire, and they will dig in and do more of what you were originally trying to discourage.

Be polite, have nice conversations, exchange ideas. That way, you’re more likely to persuade and make friends.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and stay awesome friends!

P.S. No offence or point to non-vegetarians, I more used that as a line to keep that lady off my back 😊 Thanks to whoever did the Trump meme too. You’re cool. 

New Content in Section 3 of the Vault: Creating Your Profitable Sales & Marketing Plan!

Creating Your Profitable Sales and Marketing Plan rocked! Enjoy the recording friends.


Tonight, was a stellar Live Webinar full of incredible people.

It was as record attendance and we had great questions that made it all just wonderful.

The recording has just been uploaded to Section 3 of the Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program along with the latest copy of my plan.

>> Login here to The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™

Love your work and enjoy friends!

A 5 Star Review for Gladysdale Bakehouse in Yarra Junction, Victoria

Loved the outstanding obvious quality at Gladysdale Bakehouse!

Even though my blog is more of a business & entrepreneur blog, I like to break rank every now and then and do food.

Be it I try something unique or I find a wonderful place; it’s a great opportunity to explore something new.

Just got back from 2 weeks working holidays with my family as we visited my wonderful parents in the Yarra Valley. It was great, and the food was outstanding across the whole valley. One place that really stood out to us was the Gladysdale Bakehouse.

Here are my 5 x reasons to give it 5 stars:

  • Great quality coffee. I’m an addict and I know it.
  • Pies are great. Wife loved them.
  • Staff are nice. Good to have.
  • Nice Country Bakehouse feel with a trendy city vibe.
  • Great products everywhere. The bread was great too and loved it.

>> Check out their Facebook Page here!

Love their work and top spot!