LinkedIn: Powerful, Slick and Love it!

LinkedIn is a very slick platform these days. LOVE IT!

For those that know me, if we go back about 4 years, I wasn’t a big fan of LinkedIn.

At the time I was right into Facebook and LinkedIn still had a very long way to go in making itself work.

Then as the rumours grew, I heard about Microsoft looking at buying LinkedIn. Like all of us, we knew that would be a great thing. As the years passed it finally happened and then over a very short space of time, LinkedIn really became powerful.

Videos, Content, Voice Messaging, Easy to Like and Share, Beautiful Graphics and more. I love it, and it’s helped me get lots of profitable high value clients and make myself a wonderful brand out there.

My advice and thinking? If you aren’t into LinkedIn yet, get into it. It’s very powerful and when you get your flow, it will help you get lots of clients and put yourself in the public arena.

Love your work and win big friends!