“Always Half Full”

WeWork’s always have clever lines of thinking all over their properties.

I get told lots that I’m an optimist and always very positive.

Whilst I don’t honestly always feel like it, I know it’s the vibe I put out. I naturally always look for the best in a situation and am the first one to look for a silver lining in a storm cloud.

It’s a great trait that has served me well in that if I wasn’t like this, I would be dead by now (and literally too).

One great thing that prompted this article, is the new wonderful steel cups at WeWork. They are removing disposable cups and replacing them with steel (great move) and on their cups they have “Always Half Full”.

It’s a great subliminal statement which I love, in that this trait is great for being a successful entrepreneur.

Why? Well you can get screwed, stuff up, ripped off, miss out and more. If you don’t look for the better, you will go insane.

Talking to the positive, if you always think in half full, you will keep moving forward and winning. My advice and thinking?

“Always Half Full”.

Great thinking and it rocks 😊