Smart thinking from Jason Sotiris

Jason Sotiris is a smart, great guy. LOVE HIS WORK!!

I am connected to brilliant people, smart people and very savvy people.

One of them, is the powerhouse Entrepreneur Jason Sotiris. I love his content, ideas and what he’s about.

Today, I did a video today on the importance of being clear on what you give away for free in your business and what you charge for.

It’s a common problem for many in that we do need at times ‘Free Stuff’ to help sell our business and Premium Products / Services.

In response to one of my 60 second videos on this topic, Jason make the best comment on LinkedIn:

  • “Totally agree Edward, being upfront and straightforward establishes trust. Being vague and opaque as the relationship develops more automatically tells me not to trust you as you’re hiding something, keep things to yourself, and more interested in your own personal gain as the true cost is not revealed.”

My advice, thinking and response to Jason? So true. You want to be clear as with people from the first moment. This makes everything just work.

Love his work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!