Upload Event Photos to Social Media FAST!

Love WeWork Pyrmont and Phil Townsend Rocks!

On a minor (yet critical note), I have recently realised the importance of uploading event photos to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more fast.

Let’s say you run a great event or meet some great people; you want to upload the photos quickly (if possible that same day / evening). The reason being is that people are more likely to interact with it, share it and react in a positive way being that they were still on the high of your event.

I have found that leaving it for a day or two is not a good idea. You lose the buzz and it just doesn’t work.

My advice and thinking? Upload event photos fast! We had a great event tonight and I had it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram before I left the venue (WeWork Pyrmont) to go home.

The best and easiest way to do it and there is plenty of great interaction on my posts already. Nice!

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and happy uploading friends!