A 5 Star Review for Gladysdale Bakehouse in Yarra Junction, Victoria

Loved the outstanding obvious quality at Gladysdale Bakehouse!

Even though my blog is more of a business & entrepreneur blog, I like to break rank every now and then and do food.

Be it I try something unique or I find a wonderful place; it’s a great opportunity to explore something new.

Just got back from 2 weeks working holidays with my family as we visited my wonderful parents in the Yarra Valley. It was great, and the food was outstanding across the whole valley. One place that really stood out to us was the Gladysdale Bakehouse.

Here are my 5 x reasons to give it 5 stars:

  • Great quality coffee. I’m an addict and I know it.
  • Pies are great. Wife loved them.
  • Staff are nice. Good to have.
  • Nice Country Bakehouse feel with a trendy city vibe.
  • Great products everywhere. The bread was great too and loved it.

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Love their work and top spot!