Robbi Mack and Melinda Hird rock. Confident inspirations!

I was pumped to speak at the Professional Speakers Association the other night.

I had some people say I was the best ever (which fed my ego) and I loved it on many levels. As you’d expect, in that room were some incredible people and top speakers.

What I spent lots of time noticing was the great posture of top speakers in the room. That is, you can kind of say whatever you want; but unless you have the presence and strength, it doesn’t get through.

At the start of the evening, I spoke to Robbi Mack and Melinda Hird. Both those powerhouse ladies have a presence about them. There are many reasons to that, however the key one was their incredible posture.

They stand up straight, have great voices and really command a situation.

My advice and thinking? When you speak, stand up straight and project with confidence. When you do that, you engage the subconscious mind of others and they really listen to you.

Love your work, love their work and THANK YOU!



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