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The awesome game 'Tales from the Borderlands' has you in it with your frenemy Handsome Jack. Lots of fun on your mobile!

The awesome game ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ has you in it with your frenemy Handsome Jack. Lots of fun on your mobile!

If I look back on my life in Business and Corporate it’s been a crazy ride with so many ups and downs. Wins and losses. Smiles and frowns. You get the drift.

I totally love it and the more I push myself, the more I get into it the happier I become in what I do. Interestingly over the years I have had lots trouble with BAD people (as I am sure we all have). This can occur in many ways from direct aggression to someone more manipulating you in subtle (yet damaging ways).

Interestingly in the Entrepreneur space you rarely get actual ‘enemies’ so to speak. I do my best to treat everyone nicely and do the right thing so I don’t have enemies (that I know of lol) however you tend to get more what I like to call ‘Frenemies’.

They are people who actually don’t hate you, but they are somehow playing you in their agenda and they can operate in several ways. They can be being ‘nice’ to you in the short-term while using you (e.g. they have no plan to pay your bills), they can be manipulating you for your knowledge / contacts by being ‘nice’ with no intent of hiring you (sadly common) or they could be playing good old ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ and speaking ill of you around the corner.

Enemies are actually very easy to spot, but Frenemies are much harder in that they are usually trying to manipulate you in some way or another. A very good example is with one of my clients and friends. They run incredible events for thousands of dollars. People come and be nice to them and say ‘their awesome’. Then they leave and still refer work to their opposition.

Spotting Frenemies is very hard but it’s great to keep an eye out for them and there are lots of hints. Are they being nice to you for an outcome? Do they just ask you for stuff then leave? Are they the type that just never hire you but love using you? Have you had reports of them talking you down? Do they treat you badly then act like your pal the next week? (Very common too).

There are lots of things to spot but here is the point of Frenemies. Once you spot them, manage them well! You may be in a position where you can move on, but let’s say you have to work with them. Just keep it mind. Regardless of how they make you feel good, remember that they are the proverbial snake in the grass and hang onto your wallet / handbag with all your might.

My advice and thinking? Look carefully before you cross the road.

Love your work friends, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you to the great game ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ on Android. Loved how you explored this concept and thanks for the screenshot.

Leaving your BORING Comfort Zone BEHIND!

This is one time where I don't want to drain the swamp (lol).

This is one time where I don’t want to drain the swamp (lol).

I remember once going back that I was really scared of doing anything out of the box. It often surprises people when I say that in that they are truly surprised by me even once being like that.

Well it’s true! My life used to suck, it was boring as and I really didn’t advance my cause or make any decent money.

Part of the solution to this has been gradually challenging myself to leave my comfort zones for all and it has been great! At the start it was certainly scary, but over time it’s just been wonderful.

Interestingly as I write this blog, I am actually sitting overlooking a beautiful swamp (of all things) in the inner city of Sydney. Go figure, I just went for a random walk before my client meetings begin and I discover this hidden gem that no one has ever told me about. It’s a beautiful relaxing spot as well that is shielded from heavy sunlight and has this beautiful ‘peace’ around it.

This came as a result of doing something totally different and leaving my comfort zone behind. I am meeting a new awesome client to be this morning in a very affluent part of town and it has me just thrilled.

Instead of doing same old same old and just training in; I decided to drive and go for a walk whilst working my social media.

Oh boy it was worth it! A newly discovered site, something wonderful to think about and it’s got me thinking on new level as I rest here writing this blog talking to you wonderful people.

This has come as a result of leaving my BORING comfort zone.

Are you stuck in a comfort zone like I once was? Get out of it FAST. They suck, they don’t make you any money and there is so much out there when we explore and do great things.

Love your work, thanks for the read, hit that like and share and you wonderful people stay awesome!

Pushing Your Limits. DAILY.

Every little bit ads up to your EPIC WIN.I came to an interestingly realisation this morning actually as to how motivation tends to work in many I know and especially myself.

It can be very easy to go on say a ‘burst’ of motivation when one feels like it, but when we don’t this is when we can easily have a ‘slump’ so to speak and this is where you really need ‘motivation’ to get out things.

Also let’s say we don’t have those bursts and we are pushing ourselves for a given period of time and then for whatever reason we lightly slow down. Then a few weeks or months could pass of us really doing same old same old and not so much advancing.

I find that obviously as we push ourselves our capability increases on a daily basis. This is great in that what we found hard say one month ago is now becoming easier and we are totally in the zone and smiling. However if we don’t keep ‘pushing’ ourselves we can hit a wall or a slump very quickly.

Talking Marketing; it’s critical that we don’t just keep doing the same thing over and over again. I have done this exactly myself in that say I do something really cool a few months ago (say a daily FB video) and today it starts to become really boring. As I am not so much ‘pushing’ my limits, things can get dull, boring with stagnant growth.

My advice and thinking? Don’t be dull and stagnant! Make it a game with yourself to push yourself every day for more. It can be more creativity that extra bit of work, not letting people get to you, saying what you need to or that bit of extra sales work.

This all then adds up in an amazing way which manifests itself as very awesome results. For me I am getting that now, but rest assured – I won’t be backing off any time soon!

Even so slightly; push yourself that bit harder every day. Everything just gets easier and more fun.

Love your work, enjoy your growth and of course stay awesome.

Bringing your VISION to LIFE

The awesome Nathalie Simmonds and Jamie Winning Finalist for an 'idea' some years back. Love their work!

The awesome Nathalie Simmonds and Jamie Winning Finalist for an ‘idea’ some years back. Love their work!

I remember when I was an employee and I was at work thinking about the future. My career certainly wasn’t what it was in terms of my 20’s and I was thinking lots about the rest of my life and wanting to do something really ‘Awesome’.

The issue I had for a few years was really defining what ‘Awesome’ means in some tangible sense. As time passed I started to develop a vision of being some type of ‘Mentor’ helping people. As this thinking developed, I ended up being quite inspired by my old Marketing Mentor Greg Hudson (LinkedIn him) and that led to many of the events that you see today.

I see this happen in the successful people I know too. Quite often I see people start out at the start of their business with an idea and the ones that truly believe in it do what it takes and turn the ‘idea’ gradually into a ‘tangible’ reality.

I have been grateful to see the awesome people at ‘Ranger Jamie Tours’ do exactly that. Some years back, Jamie himself had a ‘vision’ to create a tour company and everyday he worked at it. As time passed many happy clients joined him, his friend & start-up helper Nathalie has partnered with him and they made Finalists in the 2017 NSW Business Awards (which is really hard to get – it means you are in the Top 10%).

I remember seeing Ranger Jamie Tours as an ‘idea’ discussed and now it’s a hot and a rising star in the Sydney Entrepreneur Scape. It started as something in Jamie’s mind and today it’s a growing real asset with staff, hundreds of happy clients, they get recognised around town and they are ‘business disruptors’ in the sense that they are that good it’s been changing the shape of the industry for everyone. If you meet them too you can see why.

They both are the type of people who are the 1 out of 100 in a room. The top. The best. The awesome.

My advice and thinking? Our businesses all start as visions in someone’s mind. They come to life by continual effort, steps, taking risks, proving how wrong naysayers are and of course proving our right the supportive people are in your life.

Like awesome Jamie & Nathalie, their own vision is real and it keeps getting ‘Realer’ and ‘Bigger’ by the day. Very inspirational.

If you don’t have a business yet, work on your vision and bring it to life. If you do have a business that isn’t where you want it, work on your vision and bring it to life. Ultimately it’s the unseen that guides us.

Thank you for the read, love your work Nathalie & Jamie and you stay awesome.

To WIN you must be SEEN

Do whatever you can to get SEEN MORE!

Do whatever you can to get SEEN MORE!

As the business has grown beautifully I am actually do a short review right now as to how everything is playing out. Wins, losses, mistakes and great successes are all in my thinking right now and I have been thinking about how to pave the way to make the rest of 2017.

In all of the sea of good and bad (with more good thanks to JC) my thinking has come around too one key thing that I have done well in my business. Especially since the start of 2017 I have nailed this key point:

  • I get seen by lots of people!

I mean this in many ways in terms of lots of great Chamber Events, I run great Meetups every fortnight (on average), my newsletter now reaches 2700+ and I hit at least 2000 people per day on Facebook.

For me to get the right high value clients, it’s actually not that many people when you consider the numbers. Even though there are hundreds in my community, it’s a very small percentage of the actual people that see me.

Basically to succeed, make money and get clients I need to get seen by A LOT of people all the time. As I have been pretty good at doing this, my business has just worked out.

To me the ultimate lesson is exactly that, to WIN I must be SEEN and lots. In order to achieve this outcome it’s required a great deal of leveraged Marketing. That is the Workshops with say 20 people, email newsletters hitting 2700+ and the like has all just contributed to a great business outcome over time.

My advice and thinking? Get seen as much as you can and use the ‘leveraged’ Marketing Strategies to achieve that. The more people that see you, the more that end up joining your powerhouse community and style, strength and success.

Do it. Go for it and win.

Thank you for the read, appreciate any shares and love your work!

LEADING by sharing your KNOWLEDGE

The glorious Silvia Kmetova - LOVE HER WORK!

The glorious Silvia Kmetova – LOVE HER WORK!

It was some months ago when I was busy exploring different parts of Sydney. For a few months there over the break I shook things up and started visiting all these different Meetup groups. It was a chance to prime my thinking, meet some new people and it paved the way to help me getting my events just spot on.

During this whole storyline arc I went on some impressive side quests, made some new great friends making great new business connections.

One time I went for a visit to a start hub by the name of ‘Fishburners’ and watched a few speakers (I was actually trying to blend in with people recognising me from Facebook lol). In this time I heard the awesome Silvia Kmetova (from Bright Cherry) talk to Customer Experience Management.

I found her to be matter of fact and in the zone. She rocked actually. We connected and then I moved on into my own events and the Chambers and kind of lost contact.

Just recently I spoke at a Business Chamber event and guess who appeared? Yes, I bumped into her again. We reconnected and she invited me to do a Podcast / Webinar for her online community and it rocked.

Where I am a massive fan of her is that we share many similar ideals and thinking when it comes to business and knowledge. All of my own logic and results has led me to the fact that the more generous I am with sharing my knowledge for FREE is the more MONEY I make.

Basically it works like this. I share knowledge. People like it. They hire me. Some people have some really weird beliefs in this area in that they ‘hold back’ knowledge saying people must pay for it. They won’t even answer the odd question in that they have taken this thinking to the extreme.

This almost always works against them in that people just don’t like them and because they haven’t experienced any knowledge of the person, there is no trust.

My advice and thinking? Like the wonderful Silvia Kmetova thinks as do I; share as much as your knowledge as you commercially can. Of course you have premium ideas, courses, mentoring and the like (which people have to pay for), but make sure you have a great ‘free layer’ of free ideas. This paves the way for many great things to come.

I so can’t wait till this Podcast / Live Webinar comes out!

Love your work, thank you for the read, please hit that like and share and of course Silvia Kmetova – LOVE YOUR WORK!

Sensing & Knowing Powerful People (Thank you NSW BC & Kerri-Anne Kennerley)

Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Yes!I was very grateful last night for being part of the 2017 South Eastern Sydney Business Awards (with NSW Business Chamber). It was incredible being there, seeing an amazing crowd and watching people win.

The fact is that if you are a finalist, you are already pretty powerful and have taken out lots of opposition to make it far (in many cases you are in the top 10% of applicants).

What was interesting about this event is how powerful people were in the room. I don’t mean that in terms of their physical size or sound; you just can sense their presence in the room. Interestingly, I was the judge on the ‘Young Business Executive’ category and I knew who was going to win.

In fact I was sitting just meters away from them on an adjacent table and you can tell that she was the ‘Alpha / Commander’ of the group she was with. That is she was incredible, powerful, extremely intelligent and you can just easily sense their presence.

I also finally got my long awaited selfie with the awesome Australian Entertainer and MC Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Even though she is physically small in stature, she exudes strength and power and again you can sense them in the room.

To me there are many lessons to be gained from my experience last night. Firstly, there is a whole discussion around what makes people so ‘powerful’. As that is a book in itself, my main comment here is that they are ‘Independent Alpha’s’ (much like myself). In a group, they are the natural leaders who are subconsciously elected by others. They also do lots of work and are the ones taking initiative.

Secondly these people are all ‘different’. Kerri-Anne, the awesome winner and the other winners; aren’t the usual people you would sit next to in a bus-stop. They are most likely the ones at a gym next to you, or are running past at the beach. They are the kind of people that I would say are #busywinning all the time.

Thirdly and finally; they are the ones that contribute. They weren’t ‘powerful’ because they were bosses. They were powerful because of their work, resolve and how they helped everyone.

My advice? It’s great to keep out an eye for powerful people. Many of them become my clients (lol). Also too if you want to build more of those traits in your own self; spend time with them. Just watching them in action teaches many lessons that reading 10 books shall never teach.

Love your work, thank you for the read, love your work NSW BC and stay awesome!

The KEY to running a great event: It’s all about THEM!

I love these people!

I love these people!

I am smilingly tired after running a great event last night on LinkedIn Marketing. Even though I do have a sensitive / thin ‘Trumpish’ ego, I know it was great based on what people told me and how they reacted (including 5 star reviews).

Even though I run 5 star events all the time with great reviews; what stood out to me on this one was an interesting comment I received from one of the visitors about how he said it was “One of the better Meetup groups out there”.

He was quite a serious fellow that I knew would not share false praise and when I asked him why he answered along the lines of it was high energy, attendees were looked after and people had a great time.

One concept that I take very seriously when running events is:

  • It’s all about the attendee’s experience!

This thinking is very similar to Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame in that “if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.”

To me that is very important and when you run an event that is even more critical. Last night I had about 18 people there and it was important to ensure all of them was looked after, I said hello to them, answered their questions and whilst speaking I directed as much energy to them as I could.

The better I did this, the more fun I have, they have, the success I get (i.e. new clients) and of course reviews on Meetup.

Here’s the point:

  • It’s NOT about you. It’s about THEM.

The more you direct your energy and focus onto them is the more you stand out and the more you win big.

Love your work, thank you for the read and full appreciation to those who joined us at our event.

Enjoying Life! In Moderation…

The awesome Elvis from "Harum Scarum" - one of my top films as a child!

The awesome Elvis from “Harum Scarum” – one of my top films as a child!

It was only last week that I attempted something that I understand Elvis one tried; eating ridiculous amounts of junk food.

I have no excuses and I offer one pathetic explanation of my sins; I had function after function and I just went for it.

Chocolate, Wine, Desserts, Pasta, Prawns – you name it. I indulged on the modern luxuries. As this all played out, it was by about Friday then to Saturday that I felt really bad. In just a week my jeans barely fit me, I felt like I was 110kg and I have gone all healthy and now back to normal.

I actually feel great again right now and I made that typical mistake that many of us (especially me) make in terms of just having too much junk food.

I did some research on this topic and I have been exploring the urban myth of what Elvis ate before he died. According to the legend (which I think is true), he ate on a Daily Basis enough to sustain that of a multi-tonne Asian Elephant.

Apparently he had a penchant for 30cm long bread rolls stuffed with bacon, peanut butter and strawberry jam. Also I heard he liked to snack on deep fried white bread. Elvis is only a true professional. Either do it or don’t right?

Thinking about the awesome Elvis to this extreme has been not only laughing, but looking into the dark mirror questioning my own behaviour from last week. Here is the problem, I lacked moderation!

Instead of just enjoying some junk food and having some wine; I just had to take it to the extreme to create a situation where it all catches up with you a few days later. It’s very easy to say “NO WINE” or “NO CHOCOLATE” but having just that “ONE POTATO CHIP” is really hard.

However, I am doing it now and it’s great! Right now I am feeling great and my goal is to keep it that way. Health is critical and I must stop being silly in that I only appreciate it when I am feeling down.

Here is to moderation and stay tuned; the past does not equal the future and I am going to deliver on this one.

Love your work, god bless the awesome Elvis and stay awesome.

P.S. I had to include a shot from one of my favourite Elvis films “Harum Scarum”.

Go to the Money

And it's handy to get used to trains...

And it’s handy to get used to trains…

I have a lot of conversations with incredible people all the time. My friends are all successful people and if they aren’t ‘successful’ in the moment, it’s merely a temporary situation.

When I speak to successful people and not so successful people you really hear massive differences in the way they think. This can manifest in big statements right from too how they see their clients, to those little details which are quite profound.

I actually met with a new client to be today who (in protecting their identity) are living in the fringes of Greater Sydney. For their own success they are not surrounded by ideal clients which are in fact are mostly in Sydney CBD (and closer in).

I have spoken to many people in this position and I can summarise the successful vs unsuccessful mindset:

  • ‘Unsuccessful Mindset’ – I don’t like travelling and want to keep it local.
  • ‘Successful Mindset’ – I love travelling to high value clients.

I got the latter successful answer from the great meeting I had today and it got me thinking as to my own success. If I kept my business out in the Western Suburbs it would be about ½ the size it is today and my love for travelling, meeting great people and the CBD has allowed it to grow in many powerful incredible ways.

My advice and thinking? Go to the money! Go to the money!

As my business has grown it’s naturally pulled me ‘inwards’ to the CBD and that is great. I am letting it happen and driving it.

Love your work, GO TO THE MONEY and you stay awesome!

When only the best shall do

Blink and you miss it - that awesome everyday humour.

Blink and you miss it – that awesome everyday humour.

It was just yesterday I was with my wonderful family visiting a nearby country fete that was on the edges of Sydney metro. There were sheep, fluffy bunnies, cute stuff, artwork and it was all pretty much what you’d expect for a great family focused event.

There were a few rides and ‘Try Your Luck’ stalls and the one that got a massive laugh was this one that in its message said “No Losers”.

They obviously meant the opposite being “Everyone’s a Winner”, but when I started laughing (and also posted on Social Media) it created the direct and opposite response. That is in almost a fraternity house type of sense “No Losers Allowed”.

Besides being part of that everyday humour that we can easily miss, it got me thinking on a deeper level about some of the key points that we stand for in business. If you have gone through or seen some of my previous articles, I have taken lots of damage due to basically having “Losers” in my life.

I don’t mean that they have no money or anything like that to be clear. They can have lots of money, but in effect have negative consequences on ones live. This can be as measurable as someone using your company and services and not paying. It can be as powerful yet more subtle as that person that cuts you down and stops you taking the next step.

Here’s the point; make sure you run a “No Losers” allowed policy in your own life. This means two different things in that firstly you can’t be a loser. Provided you are not a loser, this then allows you to go to phase two in that “No Losers” allowed.

We can define “Losers” however we want and I like that Toxic Vs Nurturing description. If someone is toxic, no deal – I want nothing to do them.

My advice and thinking? No Losers man! Don’t be one and stay away from them.

That allows you to live your life and win big.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

People you just GET ALONG with! (Thank you Bronwyn Clarke)

The awesome Bronwyn Clarke. Love her work!

The awesome Bronwyn Clarke. Love her work!

When I first start working with lots of my early entrepreneur clients they are usually winning big, yet going through times of massive challenge and personal transformation in their lives.

Depending on where you came from and your experience; if you came from a ‘Working Class’ background like myself, succeeding as an entrepreneur requires a massive psychological transformation.

As I work with people earlier on in their journey, one common problem is them having too many of ‘wrong’ and not enough of the ‘right’ people in their lives. This can be not the best clients who just don’t pay or even people in their personal lives who aren’t right for them.

Talking to the positive; a business turnaround can occur by even just finding new friends and people to work with. This is hence why we get into networking, meeting lots of people, expanding what we do and as I have said many times before; focusing on the right people.

As you go through your city and meet people (in my case Sydney); you meet people that you just really click with. They are often similar in nature, you most likely have some very similar outlooks and you would most certainly agree on more things than you disagree with.

One of those incredible people who I met with recently is entrepreneur Bronwyn Clarke. Interestingly I have known about her for a short while now through some shared connections and we finally were introduced. We met for a lunch that went for 2 hours, we just got along and it felt like we knew each other for a long time.

In a way we kind of have through the community and I can see us doing lots together in the future.

My advice and learnings? When you work with people you just want to get along with them. Rightly or wrongly; if you don’t get along with someone that is great. If you have to work with them, bite your tongue and be professional. If you don’t, then don’t work with them.

The world is a big place and if you think about it this way – the people that are going to be your clients and become some of your best friends you haven’t met them yet. Hence we must be out there continually exploring and taking things to the next level.

Get out there, keep exploring and focus on those people where you just get along.

Love your work, thank you for the read, Bronwyn Clarke you rock and stay awesome!