LEADING by sharing your KNOWLEDGE

The glorious Silvia Kmetova - LOVE HER WORK!

The glorious Silvia Kmetova – LOVE HER WORK!

It was some months ago when I was busy exploring different parts of Sydney. For a few months there over the break I shook things up and started visiting all these different Meetup groups. It was a chance to prime my thinking, meet some new people and it paved the way to help me getting my events just spot on.

During this whole storyline arc I went on some impressive side quests, made some new great friends making great new business connections.

One time I went for a visit to a start hub by the name of ‘Fishburners’ and watched a few speakers (I was actually trying to blend in with people recognising me from Facebook lol). In this time I heard the awesome Silvia Kmetova (from Bright Cherry) talk to Customer Experience Management.

I found her to be matter of fact and in the zone. She rocked actually. We connected and then I moved on into my own events and the Chambers and kind of lost contact.

Just recently I spoke at a Business Chamber event and guess who appeared? Yes, I bumped into her again. We reconnected and she invited me to do a Podcast / Webinar for her online community and it rocked.

Where I am a massive fan of her is that we share many similar ideals and thinking when it comes to business and knowledge. All of my own logic and results has led me to the fact that the more generous I am with sharing my knowledge for FREE is the more MONEY I make.

Basically it works like this. I share knowledge. People like it. They hire me. Some people have some really weird beliefs in this area in that they ‘hold back’ knowledge saying people must pay for it. They won’t even answer the odd question in that they have taken this thinking to the extreme.

This almost always works against them in that people just don’t like them and because they haven’t experienced any knowledge of the person, there is no trust.

My advice and thinking? Like the wonderful Silvia Kmetova thinks as do I; share as much as your knowledge as you commercially can. Of course you have premium ideas, courses, mentoring and the like (which people have to pay for), but make sure you have a great ‘free layer’ of free ideas. This paves the way for many great things to come.

I so can’t wait till this Podcast / Live Webinar comes out!

Love your work, thank you for the read, please hit that like and share and of course Silvia Kmetova – LOVE YOUR WORK!