To WIN you must be SEEN

Do whatever you can to get SEEN MORE!

Do whatever you can to get SEEN MORE!

As the business has grown beautifully I am actually do a short review right now as to how everything is playing out. Wins, losses, mistakes and great successes are all in my thinking right now and I have been thinking about how to pave the way to make the rest of 2017.

In all of the sea of good and bad (with more good thanks to JC) my thinking has come around too one key thing that I have done well in my business. Especially since the start of 2017 I have nailed this key point:

  • I get seen by lots of people!

I mean this in many ways in terms of lots of great Chamber Events, I run great Meetups every fortnight (on average), my newsletter now reaches 2700+ and I hit at least 2000 people per day on Facebook.

For me to get the right high value clients, it’s actually not that many people when you consider the numbers. Even though there are hundreds in my community, it’s a very small percentage of the actual people that see me.

Basically to succeed, make money and get clients I need to get seen by A LOT of people all the time. As I have been pretty good at doing this, my business has just worked out.

To me the ultimate lesson is exactly that, to WIN I must be SEEN and lots. In order to achieve this outcome it’s required a great deal of leveraged Marketing. That is the Workshops with say 20 people, email newsletters hitting 2700+ and the like has all just contributed to a great business outcome over time.

My advice and thinking? Get seen as much as you can and use the ‘leveraged’ Marketing Strategies to achieve that. The more people that see you, the more that end up joining your powerhouse community and style, strength and success.

Do it. Go for it and win.

Thank you for the read, appreciate any shares and love your work!

Edward Zia

Author: Edward Zia

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