The awesome game 'Tales from the Borderlands' has you in it with your frenemy Handsome Jack. Lots of fun on your mobile!

The awesome game ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ has you in it with your frenemy Handsome Jack. Lots of fun on your mobile!

If I look back on my life in Business and Corporate it’s been a crazy ride with so many ups and downs. Wins and losses. Smiles and frowns. You get the drift.

I totally love it and the more I push myself, the more I get into it the happier I become in what I do. Interestingly over the years I have had lots trouble with BAD people (as I am sure we all have). This can occur in many ways from direct aggression to someone more manipulating you in subtle (yet damaging ways).

Interestingly in the Entrepreneur space you rarely get actual ‘enemies’ so to speak. I do my best to treat everyone nicely and do the right thing so I don’t have enemies (that I know of lol) however you tend to get more what I like to call ‘Frenemies’.

They are people who actually don’t hate you, but they are somehow playing you in their agenda and they can operate in several ways. They can be being ‘nice’ to you in the short-term while using you (e.g. they have no plan to pay your bills), they can be manipulating you for your knowledge / contacts by being ‘nice’ with no intent of hiring you (sadly common) or they could be playing good old ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ and speaking ill of you around the corner.

Enemies are actually very easy to spot, but Frenemies are much harder in that they are usually trying to manipulate you in some way or another. A very good example is with one of my clients and friends. They run incredible events for thousands of dollars. People come and be nice to them and say ‘their awesome’. Then they leave and still refer work to their opposition.

Spotting Frenemies is very hard but it’s great to keep an eye out for them and there are lots of hints. Are they being nice to you for an outcome? Do they just ask you for stuff then leave? Are they the type that just never hire you but love using you? Have you had reports of them talking you down? Do they treat you badly then act like your pal the next week? (Very common too).

There are lots of things to spot but here is the point of Frenemies. Once you spot them, manage them well! You may be in a position where you can move on, but let’s say you have to work with them. Just keep it mind. Regardless of how they make you feel good, remember that they are the proverbial snake in the grass and hang onto your wallet / handbag with all your might.

My advice and thinking? Look carefully before you cross the road.

Love your work friends, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you to the great game ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ on Android. Loved how you explored this concept and thanks for the screenshot.