Growing Together

Commander Kristy Smith. Love her work!

Commander Kristy Smith. Love her work!

I am extremely grateful to catch up with an old friend and colleague today. Even though we stay quite connected on Social Media it’s been some time that we have actually seen each other in the real world.

We finally caught up and had a wonderful Thai Lunch and when we saw each other our first reflective remarks was “OMG! You have changed”.

It was a pleasure seeing the awesome Kristy Smith from Virtual Elves once again.

We have changed for the better we have in that we are both leaner, darker, smarter and succeeding more in our lives and business that say when we met 2 years ago. You can say it’s a wonderful thing in that it’s great to catch up with an old friend and observe that everyone is just ‘winning’ and winning big.

I am sure you have heard the cliché being “If you aren’t growing you’re dying” and that is totally true in every sense of the fashion. I have reconnected with lots of early game characters (including awesome Kristy) and you only see these two possible outcomes.

It’s great when you see old friends and you have both clearly grown together and you reconnect with more similarities than differences. When I don’t it makes me very sad (which tragically does happen).

My advice and thinking? Push yourself to grow and evolve whilst helping and spending time with those around you. The more you can create that ‘growth’ expectation in your circle of friends & areas of influence is the more you can help push everyone on the upwards journey of winning together.

After all, winning with friends just rocks.

Make sure you win too 🙂

Love your work, thank you Kristy Smith (from Virtual Elves) and stay awesome friends!