Playing the Numbers. Always Winning.

More. More. More. That is how you win in sales!

More. More. More. That is how you win in sales!

I was reminded of a very sage lesson today in Sales where you hear “It’s all about numbers”. Whilst I don’t agree with that statement to its extreme (in that there is lots more to a business than that), from a Sales point of view it’s completely true.

With my Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program, the next generation of it has been out for about 7 weeks now and it’s going really well! People are loving next generation, I am getting great feedback from the Members and it would be something I would gladly buy myself.

In order to get subscribers I have spoken to lots of people about in. Probably at least 150 already hence which is why it’s working.

For me it’s about speaking to as many people as possible. The more people I can speak to is the more I can increase the Vault Subscriber base and grow things.

Where this all gets interesting is that it’s very possible to spend a week or two without any new subscribers. Whilst this can create an emotional play, if I stick to my guns and what matters eventually the numbers play in my favour.

Basically I am winning because I am doing the numbers. Pure and simple! If I wasn’t I would be in deep trouble.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to Sales it is all numbers. The more people you reach and speak to about our productive the better.

Be it face to face, online, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever the case may be; speak to more and more and win big.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!