Leaving your BORING Comfort Zone BEHIND!

This is one time where I don't want to drain the swamp (lol).

This is one time where I don’t want to drain the swamp (lol).

I remember once going back that I was really scared of doing anything out of the box. It often surprises people when I say that in that they are truly surprised by me even once being like that.

Well it’s true! My life used to suck, it was boring as and I really didn’t advance my cause or make any decent money.

Part of the solution to this has been gradually challenging myself to leave my comfort zones for all and it has been great! At the start it was certainly scary, but over time it’s just been wonderful.

Interestingly as I write this blog, I am actually sitting overlooking a beautiful swamp (of all things) in the inner city of Sydney. Go figure, I just went for a random walk before my client meetings begin and I discover this hidden gem that no one has ever told me about. It’s a beautiful relaxing spot as well that is shielded from heavy sunlight and has this beautiful ‘peace’ around it.

This came as a result of doing something totally different and leaving my comfort zone behind. I am meeting a new awesome client to be this morning in a very affluent part of town and it has me just thrilled.

Instead of doing same old same old and just training in; I decided to drive and go for a walk whilst working my social media.

Oh boy it was worth it! A newly discovered site, something wonderful to think about and it’s got me thinking on new level as I rest here writing this blog talking to you wonderful people.

This has come as a result of leaving my BORING comfort zone.

Are you stuck in a comfort zone like I once was? Get out of it FAST. They suck, they don’t make you any money and there is so much out there when we explore and do great things.

Love your work, thanks for the read, hit that like and share and you wonderful people stay awesome!