Pushing Your Limits. DAILY.

Every little bit ads up to your EPIC WIN.I came to an interestingly realisation this morning actually as to how motivation tends to work in many I know and especially myself.

It can be very easy to go on say a ‘burst’ of motivation when one feels like it, but when we don’t this is when we can easily have a ‘slump’ so to speak and this is where you really need ‘motivation’ to get out things.

Also let’s say we don’t have those bursts and we are pushing ourselves for a given period of time and then for whatever reason we lightly slow down. Then a few weeks or months could pass of us really doing same old same old and not so much advancing.

I find that obviously as we push ourselves our capability increases on a daily basis. This is great in that what we found hard say one month ago is now becoming easier and we are totally in the zone and smiling. However if we don’t keep ‘pushing’ ourselves we can hit a wall or a slump very quickly.

Talking Marketing; it’s critical that we don’t just keep doing the same thing over and over again. I have done this exactly myself in that say I do something really cool a few months ago (say a daily FB video) and today it starts to become really boring. As I am not so much ‘pushing’ my limits, things can get dull, boring with stagnant growth.

My advice and thinking? Don’t be dull and stagnant! Make it a game with yourself to push yourself every day for more. It can be more creativity that extra bit of work, not letting people get to you, saying what you need to or that bit of extra sales work.

This all then adds up in an amazing way which manifests itself as very awesome results. For me I am getting that now, but rest assured – I won’t be backing off any time soon!

Even so slightly; push yourself that bit harder every day. Everything just gets easier and more fun.

Love your work, enjoy your growth and of course stay awesome.