People you just GET ALONG with! (Thank you Bronwyn Clarke)

The awesome Bronwyn Clarke. Love her work!

The awesome Bronwyn Clarke. Love her work!

When I first start working with lots of my early entrepreneur clients they are usually winning big, yet going through times of massive challenge and personal transformation in their lives.

Depending on where you came from and your experience; if you came from a ‘Working Class’ background like myself, succeeding as an entrepreneur requires a massive psychological transformation.

As I work with people earlier on in their journey, one common problem is them having too many of ‘wrong’ and not enough of the ‘right’ people in their lives. This can be not the best clients who just don’t pay or even people in their personal lives who aren’t right for them.

Talking to the positive; a business turnaround can occur by even just finding new friends and people to work with. This is hence why we get into networking, meeting lots of people, expanding what we do and as I have said many times before; focusing on the right people.

As you go through your city and meet people (in my case Sydney); you meet people that you just really click with. They are often similar in nature, you most likely have some very similar outlooks and you would most certainly agree on more things than you disagree with.

One of those incredible people who I met with recently is entrepreneur Bronwyn Clarke. Interestingly I have known about her for a short while now through some shared connections and we finally were introduced. We met for a lunch that went for 2 hours, we just got along and it felt like we knew each other for a long time.

In a way we kind of have through the community and I can see us doing lots together in the future.

My advice and learnings? When you work with people you just want to get along with them. Rightly or wrongly; if you don’t get along with someone that is great. If you have to work with them, bite your tongue and be professional. If you don’t, then don’t work with them.

The world is a big place and if you think about it this way – the people that are going to be your clients and become some of your best friends you haven’t met them yet. Hence we must be out there continually exploring and taking things to the next level.

Get out there, keep exploring and focus on those people where you just get along.

Love your work, thank you for the read, Bronwyn Clarke you rock and stay awesome!