Pounce on that OPPORTUNITY NOW (thank you John Howard)

John Howard. John Howard.

John Howard. John Howard.

Today was another epic win / bucket list item off the list for me. I finally got a photo with the awesome John Howard.

I was actually meant to do this about 13 years ago. I was at a function, he was there, I didn’t pounce and I just missed that chance to get a photo.

It has been a life of regret I can tell you in that it was my own lack of entrepreneurial drive that cost me getting the epic photo.

However today that opportunity came up again and I didn’t look the gift horse in the mouth. I saw him at the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal and just asked him for the photo and I got it!

My advice and thinking friends?

Don’t live with mistakes I have made. When you see that opportunity YOU TAKE IT NOW. It can only seconds or the roll of a dice where a life changing opportunity is lost. But today, I proved I learned from my mistake 13 years ago.

Love your work, thank you John Howard (and thank you Manu!)