Being Alone Together

Being alone rocks. The perfect time to meet new people!

Being alone rocks. The perfect time to meet new people!

Tonight was a very special night for me in that I had a great opportunity to go back to the roots of where my business began in the ‘Salt of the Earth’ of Western Sydney.

Western Sydney has been so kind to me over the years in helping me get my business of the ground, getting my original clients and helping me develop a sense of independence and pride.

As things played out, my business has pulled more and more into Sydney CBD where I easily crack $200 / month on just tolls! (No exaggeration too lol).

My awesome friend Carl invited me to visit the wonderful team at the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber tonight and I like to get there where I can. It’s full of great people and it was interesting in working through there.

I knew a few people there and it was a very tight group full of top conversations going on. As I don’t normally visit, I was the outsider doing my thing and interestingly spending a bit of time on my own there.

As I did that, I would do my usual of working the room and going around looking for other people on their own and making new friends. Interestingly in Networking you get lots of awesome people who wind up on their own and it can be hard experience for the new.

It happens everywhere and the years of networking has taught me of the importance of leaving popular people alone and focusing on the kind people who are on their own. I did exactly that! Even though I was on my own in many scenes, that wouldn’t last for long in that I would go and speak to someone else on their own. Then all of a sudden we are being ‘along together’ and it is just how Networking works. I think it can be human nature to go to an event and hang out with people you know. I am the first to say that this isn’t a great move and the WHOLE POINT of networking is to forge new relationships for mutual commercial benefit.

My advice and thinking? Don’t be with the popular kids. Go out on your own and meet new people. You can get amazing clients, make new friends and just kick butt doing your own thing.

Being ‘alone together’ just rocks. Do it.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!