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Trading Newsletter Slots & It’s Profitable Awesomeness!

Sharing email blasts is awesome such as I have done with Dave Cowling lately. A great strategy at increasing reach!

Sharing email blasts is awesome such as I have done with Dave Cowling lately. A great strategy at increasing reach!

If you are subscribed to my database or heard me speak on Marketing, you will know that I am a massive fan of having an Email Marketing / Newsletter Program setup in a business.

Be it a simple linear newsletter that goes to everyone, a more complex customized one that goes to people at different stages of the buying cycle – all are important and a way of staying in constant contact.

Especially as as small business owner, our ‘database’ is one of our key marketing assets. For me, I am working my way up to 1400+ and sending out weekly emails has been a great part of my marketing startegy.

One thing I have started lately (and highly recommend to my clients) is putting in partner tiles each week. Say someone has an upcoming workshop, a great event, a cool blog or has done really cool – it’s a great thing to put in a tile advertising them in my newsletter.

It’s good for my database in that it gives more value to my subscribes and good for the person I am obviously promoting to now almost 1400 people.

Likewise too, as I have blasted them in my database they may return the love and blast me in their database. This has worked incredibly well for me in terms of other people promoting my webinars, free live events (such as The Profitable Marketing Forum) or whatever great stuff is coming up.

My thinking and lessons on this one?

Be out there, work with your great partners and share email blasts. Put them in your newsletter, go in their newsletter and help extend your reach and success 100% cash-free.

Love your work, thank you for the ready, enjoy the tip & Stay Awesome!

Signage that just grabs you, by the you know what…

It was such a 'safe' place to park my car today. The stand out signage got me thinking about visual marketing and how we can make our own stuff stand out more!

It was such a ‘safe’ place to park my car today. The stand out signage got me thinking about visual marketing and how we can make our own stuff stand out more!

When it comes to ‘Visual Marketing’ as I put it, it comes down to really grabbing attention and focus.

Be it you are creating your own business cards, creating sales material, putting together compelling websites and the like – it’s critical to have something that cuts through the clutter out there and steals focus.

I have asked this question before in workshops which is basically:

“How many different marketing messages do we see a day?”

In short, it’s at least 20,000 many studies show (some say 60,000). This is a lot of messages and remembering this makes me always think “Whaoooww! How on Earth do I compete with that?”

The answer is that we must cut through clutter and one great example of that I really like is where I parked my car today. I was very lucky to meet with Martha and the awesome Roula Tannous.

I was a few minutes late (which sucked and I hate being late) and as I parked I noticed the two key warning signs of “Sulphuric Acid” & “Sodium Hypochlorite”. You couldn’t miss them and in pure humour, I had to post to Facebook the ‘Great Safe Place I parked’.

As the humor subsided and my day continued, I couldn’t help thinking that even though this was a warning sign, it was awesome marketing!

It was the morning, so I probably saw say 1,000 marketing messages already – and this just stood out. It got me thinking about how we can have Marketing Visuals that just stand out as awesomely as this?

My advice and thinking? Like the Chemical Warning Signs that stand out, it’s great to come up with Visual Marketing, Signage, Logo’s, Colours and the like that totally stand out.

I personally like the contrast of colours, using extreme words, cartoon graphics (as you can see on my site) and anything that positively grabs attention.

Think about your own business, even hire a great Graphic Designer to help!

Love your work, thank you for the read, good luck with your branding – of course, Stay Awesome!

Investing in Automation & Getting More Time!

The more systems the better - you deliver more, earn more, save time and can play with your cat more!

The more systems the better – you deliver more, earn more, save time and can play with your cat more!

My business has had some insane growth lately which I am proud of and right now, *believe it or not* I have a bit of downtime and am catching up on Administration and Improving Process.

From visiting the dentist, servicing the car, updating Domain Details, getting the detail right on the website, speaking to the accountant – I am using the calm before the storm to get as much done as I possibly can.

One thing I think I am realizing now and finally reaping the rewards is process and automation. I have spent quite a great deal of my time building different processes in my business that work 24 hours a day.

This has included anything from my Marketing Mentoring in the Awesome Marketing Vault, setting up email marketing, nailing the advanced usage of Facebook and even so – going to lots of business networking events and becoming part of the furniture there.

In short, it’s been a busy a time for me and I have found that it does take lots of work to setup Automated Processes.

BUT the upside is, once you have a process setup (even say Xero in a simple case), it makes your business stronger, helps you get your job done in less time – and talking Marketing Processes, it helps bring you more work.

This for me has created a situation where I am delivering more, not as busy and actually able to think! Being ‘able to think’ is awesome and I think the more time we have – the better we are to come up with creative new ideas to get more done.

My advice & learnings? In all businesses we get busy where we don’t get things done – but we all get some downtime. When you do, invest in process, systems, improving the business and this will pay dividends.

When you get busy again, your processes will be working hard for you in the background!

I only have a few days of downtime and I shall be back to it – so I am enjoying it while I can!

Love your work, thanks for the read and of course – Stay Awesome!

Marketing: The Truth is Out!

You have to try all sorts of ideas. No matter how Crazy!

You have to try all sorts of ideas. No matter how Crazy!

Yes, I have confessed finally. I always run around saying Marketing is ‘Awesome’. Well, it totally drives me insane. You got me and Bill Clinton style and I have to confess something to you all. At times:

Marketing Drives Me Totally Insane!

This only occurs at times fortunately and what I find crazy about Marketing is the ‘Art-Like’ nature of it. It’s true that great marketers use metrics such as Return on Investment and ‘Total Sales – Marketing Spend = Profit’ – however when it comes as to what to do next, this can at times be a challenge to the mind.

Where Marketing can temporarily destroy my sanity is when you are busy setting up campaigns, testing ideas, trying new strategies and you try something *you know* will work.

You find very quickly that it doesn’t, only to try what you think is a completely banal idea and guess what? It becomes one of your most Profitable Marketing Strategies ever. To cure this temporary insanity, I have found over the years it’s really important to keep an open mind and always be fluid.

That is, if you don’t do any Marketing – you can expect your business to get very stale and even go into decline if you aren’t careful. If you are always marketing (assuming all is right), one can expect the business to be growing and succeeding.

The key thing I have learned over the years is the importance of always ‘Testing & Measuring’. You got to come up with new ideas, new business improvements and some will work and some shall not.

My thinking from all this? Cut your losers and ride your winners!

I will test say 5 x different ideas and only say 2 / 5 will actually work. Well those 2 x ideas become part of my core strategy moving forward.

Love your work, hope my thoughts help with your mental welfare LOL and Stay Awesome!

The Profitable Importance of Always Marketing…And not missing Posts!

Working Hard or Not - It's critical to always be Marketing, Smiling and Getting our Sweet Message Out There...(Thanks Lou Jones for Photo Credit LOL)

Working Hard or Not – It’s critical to always be Marketing, Smiling and Getting our Sweet Message Out There…(Thanks Lou Jones for Photo Credit LOL)

I was very lucky to speak with an awesome client today who I have utmost respect of. They are a very successful entrepreneur who I think is totally awesome and know their stuff inside out. They have multiple centres, staff and is someone who I have been proud to hire too for support and help.

Whilst I hide their identity in this fine article – we had a great conversation today and as much as I love them, I had to play ‘Marketing Mentor’ and give them a lecture for their own good (I bet they loved that LOL).

Like me at times eating too much junk food or missing the gym – they too were doing the same thing in a ‘Marketing Respect’. They hadn’t posted on Facebook for a while, had missed their recent Email Newsletters and just got busy and took their eye off the ball when it came to their marketing.

I totally get that we all get busy at times, however if we miss doing our marketing – it only leads to the damage and hurt to our business. What I am getting at is quite simply this reference:

Marketing is like Oxygen to our Business – the more we give it, the more it grows!

I remember hearing this reference very early in my Marketing Career and it’s something that has stuck with me over the years. I once heard it in a seminar in Tasmania in my early 20’s and lately in my business, it’s become one of those key things on my mind.

What happens is that if we miss out doing our marketing (be it Facebook Posts, Networking Events or whatever the case may be) – our Business Growth ultimately slows down. Once a day passes, you can’t go back in time and ‘Post Then’ – you have lost that day and opportunity for ever.

When you send out email newsletters say on a fortnightly basis. If you miss a month or two, you have missed the previous months and you can’t get that back.

Sure it happens, I miss the gym at times (very naughty!) – and the trick is doing our best with processes, reminders, automation and delegation to keep up to date and ensure we don’t miss a darn thing!

My advice and thinking? Keep Marketing on the top of your mind and stick at it. Have a consistent plan of action and don’t miss a beat.  I have learned this lesson myself the hard way for sure!

Love your work, thank you for the read and of course – Stay Awesome! LOL

Finding Your Voice & Making Your Stand!

Holding my Order of Saint John ('Templar') Pin always gets me thinking about finding my own voice - it's not easy, but a small price to pay for leadership!

Holding my Order of Saint John (‘Templar’) Pin always gets me thinking about finding my own voice – it’s not easy, but a small price to pay for leadership!

One thing I have (and no doubt many successful people) have struggled with is making their own independent stand.

Basically I am getting at really the base of being an individual expressed in one’s business by being unique and being who you are 100%

On the surface, what I am saying sounds really good and I can imagine if you are thinking “Well, Derp Edward – of course you should be an individual”. What I am saying is hardly an earth shattering idea – however in the Small Business & Entrepreneur Space this thinking I have to say is rarely applied.

For me too, it’s taken me a while to really ‘find my voice’ and probably over the past 6 months, it’s really started to come to me in terms of my own authentic identity and the like. After going through this process, I have dealt with lots of rejection as part of it.

Probably during 2013 & 2014 – I started to get really unique and as I got more outspoken about my own thoughts on business, politics and life – I had ‘the wrong people’ totally judge me. I had people move on from me, pick on me and make fun of me because I was quite simply a Christian who is a proud support of Capitalism, Being 100% Honest, not giving into Political Correctness and saying what everyone is thinking – but afraid to say.

What happened to me I found really hurtful in terms of people I considered friends unfriending me on Facebook, disowning me, dissing me to others and the like.

The Good News? Great new people are in my life and it’s awesome for everyone.

This has been my own voice and each of us have our own unique voice in our own personal lives that transcends into our business life.  I find the more we can express who we are on a personal level, the better and greater we can really understand what we stand for in business and express that exact idea.

My own thinking, lessons and learnings from all this? It’s hard, but if you want to lead, be really successful and the like – you must be ready to be judged and stand on a ledge with your views. Be it strengths in your business or your own personal uniqueness – you will repel people (even your once friends disowning you), but attract the next generation of awesome people who are well – just as awesome as you are.

It’s been a tough journey at times, but make no mistake. I am not playing violins, I am playing an air-guitar of profitable joy and satisfaction.

Love your work, thank you so much for the read and Stay Awesome!

7 x Key Facebook Lessons from Staring at my PC Screen!

A crop of my latest Facebook Advertisement created tonight. Wish me luck now and enjoy my insights!

A crop of my latest Facebook Advertisement created tonight. Wish me luck now and enjoy my insights!

OH MY CAWD! It’s been a massively busy last 2 weeks for me. Besides working with some totally awesome people, I have been on Facebook to the crazy extreme!

In my own business, I am busy growing and upscaling. For me, it’s been figuring out how to help more people, charge as little as possible, deliver more and do it with as much Automation and Leverage I can muster.

Facebook over the past 2 – 3 years has been wonderful for my business. It’s helped me get massive exposure, meet lots of great people that have turned into clients and it’s also been a gradually unfolding mystery to me.

From experimenting with Boosted Posts, Videos, Graphics, Wording, Target Markets, Reading Data – I have been all over it and over time with haze is lifting and I have been getting extra clear or what works, what doesn’t and how to build a compelling campaign.

If I summarize some of my key Facebook Learnings so far – the boil down into this:

1) Tight Messaging: You have to really put out content that speaks to the motive of what people are after. Simple words, solve the problem and offer a great product.

2) Time for Awareness: You usually don’t get results right away, it takes a good 1 – 2 months of heavy advertising to build up awareness and get people interested.

3) Market to the Right Audience: Really focus your message to the right people!

4) Video for Awareness: I have found that Video is great! Not so much for sign ups – but for awareness. It’s great at getting people aware of a point.

5) Direct Links for Call to Action: Nothing beats setting up an advertisement and sending it to a Website or the like.

6) Repetition: People don’t usually visit an ad once and take action. They have to see it multiple times.

7) Read the Data! It comes down to response and sales.

Overall, Facebook Marketing for me has been awesome, but OH BOY it’s kept me busy. Slowly I am getting there! LOL

Stay Tuned Awesome Friends, Check Out my Awesome Marketing Vault & love your work!

The 3 Levels of Public Speakers from Expert Mark Kyte!

It was awesome learning more of Public Speaking tonight from Mark Kyte - and the '3 levels'. Great to know where one is at!

It was awesome learning more of Public Speaking tonight from Mark Kyte – and the ‘3 levels’. Great to know where one is at!

It’s 10:08PM as I write this blog, I am dead tired but full of live and totally inspired by the day’s events that played out.

Tonight we had our Free Squeeze Business Networking Event (held in Parramatta / Western Sydney) with Public Speaking Expert Mark Kyte speaking tonight.

We had a great crowd of people and Mark Kyte told some great stories about how to effectively public speak and connect with people. I quite liked his message and during his presentation I learnt something totally impressive about speaking. Mark made reference to the ‘3 Levels of Public Speaking’ and spoke about the fact that each of us had to work through the various levels.

I certainly did – and hearing about his story got me thinking and I had to share these with you:

– Level 1: Someone who is obsessed with their own feelings while up on stage (Rookie).

– Level 2: Someone who is obsessed with getting their message right (Technician).

– Level 3: Someone who is obsessed with how their audience feels! (Elite). 

I really resonated with Mark’s message and found it very impressive and can think of how I clearly used to be a ‘Level 1’ character and over time made my way to an elite.

When we start out in public speaking it’s incredibly easy to feel ‘funny’ about the whole process. I certainly was nervous and hell and as time passed, I got slowly better and better.

Hearing this from Mark made me think about the journey and I am like that these days – I actually care nothing for how I feel, my message and am 100% focused on how people feel. Surprise, surprise – I am not perfect, but many appreciate my skill and focus in terms of public speaking.

This is great thinking and my advice and thinking from all this? It’s great to question and think through where you are honestly at. If you are a Level 1 / Rookie – then great! It’s somewhere to start and keep at it. Level 2, focus more on the people. Level 3 – do more of it!

Love your work, thank you to Mark Kyte for the insights and of course – stay awesome!

The Joy of Giving & My Story with the Order of Saint John!

Beyond wearing cool outfits - The Order of Saint John has been a great source of happiness and enjoy in my life!

Beyond wearing cool outfits – The Order of Saint John has been a great source of happiness and enjoy in my life!

By a long shot 2015 has been a massive year of change for me in my life. I was ‘born again’ as a Christian in my mid-20’s, once taught Sunday school and when my life changed and I came to Sydney – I kinda moved on from the Church.

I would proudly identify myself as a Christian, however I found that attending Church for me challenged my own views of what a ‘Christian’ actually is and I questioned how productive my time was in helping people (don’t get me wrong, I am pro-Church and all – however, I found it wasn’t for me).

As time passed I did more and more charity work on my own. Be it helping out people here and there, building in charitable giving to my business and that – however, I certainly felt like I could have done more.

My journey into being Knighted in the Order of Saint John started originally with growing interest in the Knights Templar (who are massive in the UK today) and I was very lucky to meet Schon Condon & Richard Abela. If you know these two fellows, they are from Condon Associates  and professionally we were lucky to connect.

They both saw my own independent charity acts and one time they invited me to visit an ‘Investiture’ session. This is basically where people join the order. I really liked it in that Women and Men have full equal rights (as it should! Dames & Knights are the ranks), they are into their tradition but focused on the future – and more importantly, I really liked their focus on just helping people.

That is – it’s not about “Oh here is a ceremony and praise the lord”, it’s about “How do we impact lives and help people?”

Lots of the Order of Saint John (as per its origins) are focused on Hospitals and Medical Research – often raising funds and lobbying to support their growth and focus. Since my time in the order, much of my time has been to helping Market them, create their new website and more donating my ‘Marketing Skills’ in that regard.

It’s been a massive time of joy in my life! Without doing research (I could be wrong here), I recall Mother Theresa making multiple references to the true joy in life being that of helping others.

It’s true! I couldn’t agree more and even before I became a Knight with the Order of Saint John, I remember that some of the happiest times of my life was when I was helping other people. Working with Schon, Richard & the other members of the NSW Priory of Saint John has been a pleasure and there are many more things to come.

My advice and lessons from all this? Depending on where you are in life – some type of charity work is very important. Spiritually helping everyone is a great thing, sure – however talking personally, the Joy & Happiness of helping others cannot be provided by any other means.

Love your work, many things are coming from the Order of Saint John (so stay tuned) and Stay Awesome!lar) 

When People (Sadly for them) try and Manipulate You!

Why? Why? Why do some people have to be shonky? Being honest, kind and respecting people is better, easier, honorable and way more profitable! Enjoy my rant LOL

Why? Why? Why do some people have to be shonky? Being honest, kind and respecting people is better, easier, honorable and way more profitable! Enjoy my rant LOL

Most people are awesome! I am very blessed to be surrounded by such a great community of people.

Over the years, I have had many great conversations with people over anything from shonky people bullying them, people trying to rip them off – or even people trying to act out of ‘ego’ and just want to dominate them.

My early days of starting my business was full of them – and as time passed, the streets of Sydney hardened my skin and thankfully softened my heart.

It’s a great big city and I always say you got to be careful and watch yourself too. Of the slim minority of shocking meetings I have had over the years, I had a recent absolute shocker that is totally worthy of my blogging effort.

I had this meeting once during the year (earlier on) where I met this fine person at a networking event. They were reasonable, I was reasonable (as always) and they invited me to come and meet with them.

You know me! I love people and meeting people, so I went ahead and did that. A two-way chat very quickly steered into a person trying to sell me their services and even using a few tactics on me.

Even though I sniffed the shonk factor coming, it had been a while and I started getting annoyed. I even went as far to express the fact I wasn’t happy with what they were offering.

Basically, they had an “Off-the-shelf” product they were trying to sell me with very little regard or understanding of my own needs. When I kind of expressed it wasn’t for me, they tried to play the old:

Well Edward, you just don’t understand me and you suck card!

This didn’t go well them at all and what was incredibly funny about this whole meeting – was that they figured that by pushing me around and inferring that I don’t understand, they would get a sale from me.

Quite the opposite actually! I left the meeting quite offended and as time passed, I found it a very funny experience that I often like to share with clients & networking events. It blows me away to this day that people try and sell by putting down their potential client.

My advice and thinking? Be nice to people and don’t let anyone put you down – even if they hint at it. Some people don’t directly put you down, they will take a snide indirect shot at you – basically with the thinking that if they lower your confidence, they will get a sale.

I think this is a very wrong way of approaching sales and it isn’t very nice nor is it intelligent. Sure, you may get some people – but overall you will lose out in the end. Smart people will see through it and it’s not sustainable.

As for you awesome people reading this article – thank you for being the great ones in my life. Have fun, smile, but just keep an eye out – Sydney is one beautiful city but you do get the odd snake in the grass.

Love your work, stay awesome and thanks for reading my rant LOL

Some Distinct Words that Engage The Mind!

Getting your wording right is everything (especially in Facebook advertising) and this is one of my favourite ads with key wording!

Getting your wording right is everything!

I was very lucky to have one Awesome Turnout on tonight’s Live Webinar titled “Powerful Words that Sell LOTS!” (check out the recording in ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’).

We spoke on the Webinar about a variety of topics about wording and how getting that right is just critical to get across our points and impress potential clients.

One section of the webinar that was quite popular was that of ‘the edge’ and also ‘keywords that engage the mind’.

There are much more of these of course, however I wanted to share with you words that I have found that often strength advertising copy (be it your website, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever the case maybe).

I generally write up a website a month these days, blog everyday and as time passes – the more and more of my time is dedicated to writing content.

Enjoy the list and if you can embed some of these into your copy it can help create some awesome results:

Final Call
Last Time
Smiley Face
Don’t Miss Out
Secure Your Spot
The Edge
Last Chance

These words have been really effective in my marketing and a common example I use is with my Webinars, e.g. “FINAL CALL: Live Facebook Marketing Webinar 7PM Sydney Time”.

Basically as you write, try and use key emotive words like these to enhance your wording and make it even more powerful.

Love your work, hope these thoughts help & Stay Awesome!

Automated Marketing Strategies for an Endless Stream of High Value Clients!

Automated Marketing Strategies Webinar - Enjoy the Content!

Automated Marketing Strategies Webinar – Enjoy the Content!

If you are reading this – then I think you are awesome. That is because you are obviously a person of action who have an inner drive to Grow, Succeed & Prosper!

When it comes to ‘Automated Marketing’ and it’s application in terms of it attracting us a Stream of High Value Profitable Clients there are two key sides to this:

1. Getting Your Business & Marketing Strategy Right

2. Then Successfully Automating That

This Webinar Recording addresses both components and has been created personally by Edward Zia to help Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs identify what needs improving in their business and then how to get the Growth & Expansion to support that.

>> Automated Marketing Strategies for an Endless Stream of Clients – PDF Download HERE

>> Access our Marketing Mentoring Program ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’ HERE

Enjoy the recording and if you have any questions, please email me directly at

Stay Awesome Friends & Enjoy the Video: