You have to try all sorts of ideas. No matter how Crazy!

You have to try all sorts of ideas. No matter how Crazy!

Yes, I have confessed finally. I always run around saying Marketing is ‘Awesome’. Well, it totally drives me insane. You got me and Bill Clinton style and I have to confess something to you all. At times:

Marketing Drives Me Totally Insane!

This only occurs at times fortunately and what I find crazy about Marketing is the ‘Art-Like’ nature of it. It’s true that great marketers use metrics such as Return on Investment and ‘Total Sales – Marketing Spend = Profit’ – however when it comes as to what to do next, this can at times be a challenge to the mind.

Where Marketing can temporarily destroy my sanity is when you are busy setting up campaigns, testing ideas, trying new strategies and you try something *you know* will work.

You find very quickly that it doesn’t, only to try what you think is a completely banal idea and guess what? It becomes one of your most Profitable Marketing Strategies ever. To cure this temporary insanity, I have found over the years it’s really important to keep an open mind and always be fluid.

That is, if you don’t do any Marketing – you can expect your business to get very stale and even go into decline if you aren’t careful. If you are always marketing (assuming all is right), one can expect the business to be growing and succeeding.

The key thing I have learned over the years is the importance of always ‘Testing & Measuring’. You got to come up with new ideas, new business improvements and some will work and some shall not.

My thinking from all this? Cut your losers and ride your winners!

I will test say 5 x different ideas and only say 2 / 5 will actually work. Well those 2 x ideas become part of my core strategy moving forward.

Love your work, hope my thoughts help with your mental welfare LOL and Stay Awesome!



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