Working Hard or Not - It's critical to always be Marketing, Smiling and Getting our Sweet Message Out There...(Thanks Lou Jones for Photo Credit LOL)

Working Hard or Not – It’s critical to always be Marketing, Smiling and Getting our Sweet Message Out There…(Thanks Lou Jones for Photo Credit LOL)

I was very lucky to speak with an awesome client today who I have utmost respect of. They are a very successful entrepreneur who I think is totally awesome and know their stuff inside out. They have multiple centres, staff and is someone who I have been proud to hire too for support and help.

Whilst I hide their identity in this fine article – we had a great conversation today and as much as I love them, I had to play ‘Marketing Mentor’ and give them a lecture for their own good (I bet they loved that LOL).

Like me at times eating too much junk food or missing the gym – they too were doing the same thing in a ‘Marketing Respect’. They hadn’t posted on Facebook for a while, had missed their recent Email Newsletters and just got busy and took their eye off the ball when it came to their marketing.

I totally get that we all get busy at times, however if we miss doing our marketing – it only leads to the damage and hurt to our business. What I am getting at is quite simply this reference:

Marketing is like Oxygen to our Business – the more we give it, the more it grows!

I remember hearing this reference very early in my Marketing Career and it’s something that has stuck with me over the years. I once heard it in a seminar in Tasmania in my early 20’s and lately in my business, it’s become one of those key things on my mind.

What happens is that if we miss out doing our marketing (be it Facebook Posts, Networking Events or whatever the case may be) – our Business Growth ultimately slows down. Once a day passes, you can’t go back in time and ‘Post Then’ – you have lost that day and opportunity for ever.

When you send out email newsletters say on a fortnightly basis. If you miss a month or two, you have missed the previous months and you can’t get that back.

Sure it happens, I miss the gym at times (very naughty!) – and the trick is doing our best with processes, reminders, automation and delegation to keep up to date and ensure we don’t miss a darn thing!

My advice and thinking? Keep Marketing on the top of your mind and stick at it. Have a consistent plan of action and don’t miss a beat.  I have learned this lesson myself the hard way for sure!

Love your work, thank you for the read and of course – Stay Awesome! LOL



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