Getting your wording right is everything (especially in Facebook advertising) and this is one of my favourite ads with key wording!

Getting your wording right is everything!

I was very lucky to have one Awesome Turnout on tonight’s Live Webinar titled “Powerful Words that Sell LOTS!” (check out the recording in ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’).

We spoke on the Webinar about a variety of topics about wording and how getting that right is just critical to get across our points and impress potential clients.

One section of the webinar that was quite popular was that of ‘the edge’ and also ‘keywords that engage the mind’.

There are much more of these of course, however I wanted to share with you words that I have found that often strength advertising copy (be it your website, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever the case maybe).

I generally write up a website a month these days, blog everyday and as time passes – the more and more of my time is dedicated to writing content.

Enjoy the list and if you can embed some of these into your copy it can help create some awesome results:

Final Call
Last Time
Smiley Face
Don’t Miss Out
Secure Your Spot
The Edge
Last Chance

These words have been really effective in my marketing and a common example I use is with my Webinars, e.g. “FINAL CALL: Live Facebook Marketing Webinar 7PM Sydney Time”.

Basically as you write, try and use key emotive words like these to enhance your wording and make it even more powerful.

Love your work, hope these thoughts help & Stay Awesome!



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