Why? Why? Why do some people have to be shonky? Being honest, kind and respecting people is better, easier, honorable and way more profitable! Enjoy my rant LOL

Why? Why? Why do some people have to be shonky? Being honest, kind and respecting people is better, easier, honorable and way more profitable! Enjoy my rant LOL

Most people are awesome! I am very blessed to be surrounded by such a great community of people.

Over the years, I have had many great conversations with people over anything from shonky people bullying them, people trying to rip them off – or even people trying to act out of ‘ego’ and just want to dominate them.

My early days of starting my business was full of them – and as time passed, the streets of Sydney hardened my skin and thankfully softened my heart.

It’s a great big city and I always say you got to be careful and watch yourself too. Of the slim minority of shocking meetings I have had over the years, I had a recent absolute shocker that is totally worthy of my blogging effort.

I had this meeting once during the year (earlier on) where I met this fine person at a networking event. They were reasonable, I was reasonable (as always) and they invited me to come and meet with them.

You know me! I love people and meeting people, so I went ahead and did that. A two-way chat very quickly steered into a person trying to sell me their services and even using a few tactics on me.

Even though I sniffed the shonk factor coming, it had been a while and I started getting annoyed. I even went as far to express the fact I wasn’t happy with what they were offering.

Basically, they had an “Off-the-shelf” product they were trying to sell me with very little regard or understanding of my own needs. When I kind of expressed it wasn’t for me, they tried to play the old:

Well Edward, you just don’t understand me and you suck card!

This didn’t go well them at all and what was incredibly funny about this whole meeting – was that they figured that by pushing me around and inferring that I don’t understand, they would get a sale from me.

Quite the opposite actually! I left the meeting quite offended and as time passed, I found it a very funny experience that I often like to share with clients & networking events. It blows me away to this day that people try and sell by putting down their potential client.

My advice and thinking? Be nice to people and don’t let anyone put you down – even if they hint at it. Some people don’t directly put you down, they will take a snide indirect shot at you – basically with the thinking that if they lower your confidence, they will get a sale.

I think this is a very wrong way of approaching sales and it isn’t very nice nor is it intelligent. Sure, you may get some people – but overall you will lose out in the end. Smart people will see through it and it’s not sustainable.

As for you awesome people reading this article – thank you for being the great ones in my life. Have fun, smile, but just keep an eye out – Sydney is one beautiful city but you do get the odd snake in the grass.

Love your work, stay awesome and thanks for reading my rant LOL



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