It was awesome learning more of Public Speaking tonight from Mark Kyte - and the '3 levels'. Great to know where one is at!

It was awesome learning more of Public Speaking tonight from Mark Kyte – and the ‘3 levels’. Great to know where one is at!

It’s 10:08PM as I write this blog, I am dead tired but full of live and totally inspired by the day’s events that played out.

Tonight we had our Free Squeeze Business Networking Event (held in Parramatta / Western Sydney) with Public Speaking Expert Mark Kyte speaking tonight.

We had a great crowd of people and Mark Kyte told some great stories about how to effectively public speak and connect with people. I quite liked his message and during his presentation I learnt something totally impressive about speaking. Mark made reference to the ‘3 Levels of Public Speaking’ and spoke about the fact that each of us had to work through the various levels.

I certainly did – and hearing about his story got me thinking and I had to share these with you:

– Level 1: Someone who is obsessed with their own feelings while up on stage (Rookie).

– Level 2: Someone who is obsessed with getting their message right (Technician).

– Level 3: Someone who is obsessed with how their audience feels! (Elite). 

I really resonated with Mark’s message and found it very impressive and can think of how I clearly used to be a ‘Level 1’ character and over time made my way to an elite.

When we start out in public speaking it’s incredibly easy to feel ‘funny’ about the whole process. I certainly was nervous and hell and as time passed, I got slowly better and better.

Hearing this from Mark made me think about the journey and I am like that these days – I actually care nothing for how I feel, my message and am 100% focused on how people feel. Surprise, surprise – I am not perfect, but many appreciate my skill and focus in terms of public speaking.

This is great thinking and my advice and thinking from all this? It’s great to question and think through where you are honestly at. If you are a Level 1 / Rookie – then great! It’s somewhere to start and keep at it. Level 2, focus more on the people. Level 3 – do more of it!

Love your work, thank you to Mark Kyte for the insights and of course – stay awesome!



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