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Being Reputable, Telling the Truth and Being Trusted – Go Anna Porter!

The awesome Anna Porter, Property Mentor and Investor.  Very lucky to have connected with dynamic and trustworthy characters like her!

The awesome Anna Porter, Property Mentor and Investor. Very lucky to have connected with dynamic and trustworthy characters like her!

This article is dedicated to the amazing Property Mentor / Investor Anna Porter (from Surburbanite).

I had a very long extended “Business Lunch” yesterday, I was reflecting on some amazing discussion and realizations I had with Anna.  I am very lucky to have worked with her and she was my first sign up ever to one of my workshops which we now run all the time!

We spoke about many business topics and caught up on old times and one of the big themes that came up in our conversation again and again was all about being a “Reputable Player” not only in our markets, but within our own respective industries.

I was subject to a stack of heavy personal attacks by people over the past few weeks and poor Anna has had her fair share too.  We both realized that as one succeeds and contributes, the right people reward you – but the wrong people pull out daggers and come and get you out of destructive envy and insecurity.

The big reflection of this is that as you succeed in business, you tell the truth and stand your position – at the start of the game no one cares about you, but as you go up – people come out of the wood work trying to take a chunk out of you.

I had this person have a shot at me late last week and I know what to be completely true – when I started out, this person ignored me, but now I am actually making a different they are coming after me and trying to bring me down.  In the case of Anna Porter too, if you ever meet this dynamic business woman she is nothing short of amazing with a truly giving heart, but as she is successful she has her critics trying to stop her doing great work.

As we spoke, we joked about Sydney at times being one “Large Shark Tank” and I think that’s it – accept people are going to come and get you, but don’t deviate from your path – think long term and live the life of being Reputable, Trusted and telling it as it is!

And of course, watch out for those sharks too! One tried to chomp me last week, but I got ’em with the Harpoon Gun!

Doing it the Right Honourable Way like Amanda Says!

Amanda Levy - One Nice Sales Mentor who believes in doing it the right way.  Nice! Need more people like her around!

Amanda Levy – One Nice Sales Mentor who believes in doing it the right way. Nice! Need more people like her around!

This post I would like to dedicate to the fine Sales & Customer Service Mentor Amanda Levy who I have been very lucky to work with today. She is one dynamic woman who has her head “Screwed on Right”.

We had a great meeting of the minds in Manly today (which is a fine Suburb of the Northern Beaches of Sydney) in which we spoke Marketing and in particular talked about all the charlatans and dodgy people that unfortunately dominate our industry.

I have heard non-stop about people promising “Millions of Dollars” and dodgy Mentors out there which you know have no money, are usually overweight (some don’t even shave the day they go out) and to make it even better – the just promise unrealistic results that they can’t even achieve themselves. And I am not just talking some nut job, I am talking many upon many operating at this level of shonk.

To me, if someone is flogging some pathetic service and not getting their own results, it leads to two possibilities:

– They are complete idiots and don’t see the hypocrisy.
– They are manipulative liars who full know well their deception.

If anything, 2 of these people come to mind and I think they are a bit of both. They are dishonest idiots who are old to bend and destroy honest hard working people.

Bringing it back to Amanda Levy from today and why I think she is awesome is that we were talking about not “Hype” and “Millions of Dollars” and rubbish like that but proper services, using proper techniques, doing things with quality – the right way! This seems to be almost rare these days with loser after loser trying to abuse and manipulate.

Amanda was quite astute in putting her view forward and I just loved it, my big thing for today is:

– Do it properly, or don’t!

Simple, Germans make wonderful cars or they don’t. That is because they do things properly or don’t.  From Edward Zia, thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day out there!

Looking Ahead beyond Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Edward Zia (myself) and the fine Business Woman Rochelle Prater - with our "Selfie" taken :)

Edward Zia (myself) and the fine Business Woman Rochelle Prater – with our “Selfie” taken

I would like to dedicate this article to one intelligent and progressive business woman by the name of Rochelle Prater.

I also want to thank a top friend of mine Jenny Kuo for helping me out yesterday from my old conditions of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  I had a very long day yesterday and a few events occurred in a row that triggered an a proper attack that lasted for about 45 minutes and impacted me for the rest of the day.

Today I caught up with Rochelle and we were working on a few projects and what pricked up my ears and really took my respect / admiration of her is how she has handled adversity in her life.  We all have had challenges of some way or another and one thing I really was touched by was her view on challenges and stuff that has happened to her.  Compartively, she has survived much more hostile conditions than myself but what amazed me was her top attitude and understanding of it, trying to remember word for word she said:

– “I wouldn’t take back even one experience.  It’s all part of life and made me what I am today”.

This got me thinking on a range of levels including the way I look at things.  I still carry the weight on my shoulders of really stuffing up my life some years ago (I really did) and even though I have had some recent massive victories and retaken what I am lost and more – I still can’t help feeling the burden of previous failures.

I think combined with some of the violence I have witnesses and being in a series of life threatening situations (including being choked and almost dying as a child) it has left an interesting mark on me.  Combined with early 20’s in the Army, having one awesome mother a Police Inspector – even though I am a Marketing Guy, I often get mistakes for a cop when I go into places.

Jenny Kuo and Rochelle are two women that have made a great case for me to really forget my past and move on and accept what has happened in not so much of a stupid / life coach “Spirituality / Abundance” lame manner, but in a pragmatic and logical manner.

So this article is a big thank you to Jenny Kuo for helping me through some times and of course Rochelle Prater from today.  Wish I met both you ladies a long time ago and learned from your amazing strengths.

Thank you from Edward Zia for taking the time to read this and hope you are winning out there in the big wide world!

The Perpetual Student and Seminar Junkie that Stays a Junkie!

The Sharp Business Consultant Brenda Stephens - Our Dedication for this article!

The Sharp Business Consultant Brenda Stephens – Our Dedication for this article!

This article I write late at night is dedicated to Brenda Stephens.  Brenda is one fine Business Process Consultant from Sydney that I work with and she has “Eyes Like a Hawk” and has that amazing and rare Process type of skill out there.

One funny topic we were discussing today was as she coined in, the “Perpetual Student”. I must say, that for a brief period I succumbed to this type of high spending / low return behavior in that you go from one Seminar / Course to another.  You are having a “Good Time” (like being drunk, may be fun but when you lose all your money, your life sucks) but you are not advancing nor applying anything that one learns.

This makes me think of this one experience.  In doing the “Seminar Circuit” myself and doing an easy $30K here, when I started my business I met this nasty woman who tried to suck me right back in.  No body knows her and I doubt she will ever read my blog and when I started my business (like anyone else), I was very insecure and vulnerable!

And you guessed it boys and girls, she played on that to try and manipulate me into signing up to her stupid Multi-Level-Marketing “Get Rick Quick” Scheme.  In those days, I wasn’t very direct and she kept inviting me to some stupid “Wealth Program” that she thought was wonderful.  I told her “No it’s too General” and I was stupid enough to access it.

It was a bunch of wishy washy retards telling me our “Abundance and Spirituality” and stuff and they had no idea as to how business really works.  It was pure “SCAMway” in action and this evil woman was trying to take what little money I had.

I wasn’t too impressed and told her very directly over email that she wasted my time and was misleading.  She then made out she is all as sweet as Apple Pie and I never heard from her again.

The big thing I have learnt over time and in reflecting on Brenda’s Very intelligent insight today is that:

– Some people just keep learning and never implement.
– AND some people profit from them and keep the evil cycle going.

Yes you heard me! Like that nasty lady trying to take all my money, you get SCUMBAGS who make their living from keeping people in the “Learning Trap”.  Am I bagging Seminars? Of course not! Some are fantastic, but if you are just going for ideas and not doing anything – then yes I do bag them! Only go if you implement what you learn! So the big insight, by all means pay for knowledge, but do something about it and convert it to $$$ in YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

Thank you for your time to enjoy my rant and have a great one out there.  Be careful it’s a jungle at times!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Cautious Man!

My Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Friends Abandoning Me?

I had some massive trouble with Alcoholism in my 20's!  Quite normal for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (like me).  Best stay on the wagon :)

I had some massive trouble with Alcoholism in my 20’s! Quite normal for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (like me). Best stay on the wagon!

When I was growing up from say my mid-teens to very early 20’s, I remember hanging out with this group of “Friends”.  Even though I say the term “Friends” with a level of sarcasm, I think at the start they were actually my friends, but then over time they became clearly my “Friends”.

I was telling this story to a few people lately, Jenny Kuo, Luke Goodman and also to Matt Craig and reflecting on how things change and what happens.  When I was younger, I used to have a group of friends, a “Circle” as you will.  It was Tim, Jodi, Troy, Ben and a few other characters which for the life of me I can’t remember!

We had some good times for sure and in those days, I was always the “Under Confident” one of the lot.  That is, I would be the “Supporter” of the team, always doing what they want  and bending to their will.  I actually had some big “Mental” problems so to speak while I was younger.

I had a few life threatening situations (another story for another time) and got stalked by a drug dealer, shot at, threatened with knives and badly assaulted on several occasions.  I one time got strangled to the point of having very dark marks on my neck for days which I covered up with a scarf so my parents wouldn’t see it (It was winter fortunately!).

Without realizing, as a Teenager I developed a moderate case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (with a heavy bout of Alcoholism  I had to deal with in my late 20’s! (But Again another story for another time).  I then spent thousands later on for a Psychologist who Specializes in Child Abuse and War Veterans.  I remember hearing that I had the emotional scarring of many Vietnam Veterans he saw (because even though I never saw an actual “Battlefield” the extensive beating and threats as a “Teenager” has a greater impact on one’s brain, say compared to being an adult).

Anyway – where was I? Yes, I suffered from heavy emotional problems and as I got better and healthier mentally, my confidence naturally rose.  You probably know where this story is going!  As I got better, I started speaking my own voice and preferences and guess what happened – this disrupted the precedent and order of things and the group started getting irritated with me.  I remember two of the ring leaders, Ben & Tim were putting a lot of pressure on me to “Conform” with the expectations and we started fighting.  Then, while I was busy working away – they turned most of the group against me and I was vilified!

Even though it sounds laughable in hindsight compared to what I am sure you are (and me too) dealing with our lives right now, it was actually quite a painful experience that created a range of Social Problems for me later.  As I was working through Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dealing with my Alcoholism (which is quite normal for people with PTSD).  I also destroyed many great relationships which was completely my fault in fear of getting close to anyone again.

Ben, Tim and the Group really did hurt me in a quite a few ways and in moving on in life – the irony was that a few of them tried adding me on Facebook a few years ago.  It was like “Everything” is just great and nothing happened and they wanted to be buddies.  I even spoke to Ben for a short time, then decided to move on from them. Although I don’t wish any harm to them – certainly didn’t want to connect with them based on what they did to me.

The big thing I have been learning and reflecting on has been “Learning to Trust” again. I have been working with a few clients who have had people abandon them. Be it to relationships breaking down, friends moving on and then feeling paranoid and not being able to get close to anyone again.  In fact, even I have a bit of a guard up when it comes to getting “Too Close” to people.  A certain good friend (you know how I am talking about) has cracked my facade a bit and certainly started helping me in learning to trust again and that sort of thing (this is not a clue “Kenny Juo”).

One thing this has got me reflecting on is that I have some fantastic friends these days.  I do certainly take them for granted sometimes and I am well aware of that weakness of mine and doing my best to really acknowledge and look after them.  I am starting to realize later in life that Real Friends put up with your upsides and downsides!  Yes, you may have fights with people – but you all kiss and make up and move on which is what it’s all about.

So thanks for reading this Post / Diary Entry! I am very happy with the friends I have made these days and lucky to have them around.  Those mean people from my Teen Years – Peehhh! I look forward to ignoring their Facebook Requests in future!

If you are going through a breakup, or a bunch of friends have dumped you – I feel for you! If you are “Alone in the Dark”, like I used to be, please don’t be too lonely.  Have a good giving heart and you will find some great people who return the love & respect you give.

Thanks again for the read and appreciated! I will have to write more articles about the pain of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – it hurts!

Making Sure we Survive in Business and don’t go Back to Work!

The dedication goes to Phillip Raish (Left).  A good friend who started the same time I did!

The dedication goes to Phillip Raish (Left). A good friend who started the same time I did!

I don’t know about you, but one of my big fears in business is say losing it all and having to go back to bloody work in the Corporate Life. In a way (to a point), I think it’s a very good fear to have in that it keeps us honest and really focused on the ball.

For this article, I would like to dedicate it to my Client / Supplier turned friend over time Phillip Raish from Wild FX. He used to be a guy with a Small Printshop and now he is a guy with a bigger Promotional, Signage and Printing Company! He is hiring more staff and is a great example of what is possible.

When I was working with him today, I was reflecting back to our older times. We started business roughly about the same time ago (3 – 4 years) and now our hard work has paid off and we are enjoying our lives and out of “Survival Stage”. We are both dealing with the positive challenges of up-scaling (which is another discussion for another time) and reflecting on the past.

One thing I remember seeing well expressed in one of the 4Networking Manuals (4Networking is this business community we are all part of) is the 4 phases of business growth. I am running off my rusty memory of 8+ months and my own interpretation of each so here goes:

– Survival: Making it month to month in one piece.
– Acceptance: Knowing you don’t have to go back to work and getting used to the new life.
– Growing & Contributing: Achieving your business goals and helping others.
– Actualization: Making it and satisfaction from your achievements!

I think I am in between Acceptance and Growing stage right now as per my friend Phillip. In our reflection on past times in having no money, not being able to afford what we want, upset family members and stress all around – I thought back on the Survival stage and how horrible it was for me, Phillip and many people I work with.

In particular the emotions suck and for me involved:

– Feeling completely worthless.
– Being fearful at the Supermarket before swiping my card for food.
– Having a partner (understandably) upset with me all the time.
– Waking up in the middle of the night in near terror.
– Addictions (in my case food), running rampant!

I don’t want to ever do this again and the thing that I gain from this experience on Survival and what I would say to people doing it like I did includes:

– Work hard but go easy on yourself.
– Watch your addictions, and
– Accept that it’s extremely hard but each day it get’s slightly easier!

To me that’s it, start-up sucks but each day it gets a bit easier! And of course, the challenge although is hard, it is so damn rewarding and fulfilling!

So if survival is your challenge, you aren’t alone! Whether we have met or not, I just wanted to say I feel for you and hang in there! Work hard, but don’t be hard on yourself!  Thanks for reading this and very appreciated!

I Will Feel Good after My First Win?

Luke Goodman speaking to a fine room of business owners! Our dedication!

Luke Goodman speaking to a fine room of business owners! Our dedication!

I have had an amazing day today and can’t believe the satisfaction I get from my life these days. I have spent time at 4Networking Penrith today (an amazing Network for Small Business Owners) and quality consulting time with Luke Goodman (LOL Home Loans) and Jenny Kuo (Sociable Space).

In dedicating this article to the both of these fine start-ups, it got me reflecting on my own success (or perhaps lack of it at the start). Including my own reflection on my own poor start-up and working with people who are going through what I went through, it got me reflecting on this big “Chicken & Egg” issue we all contend with in one way or another:

– I will feel good when I get results!
– BUT because I don’t feel good, I am not motivated to get results!

This is one sick cycle that I got caught up in and there is no easy way around it. Despite all the motivational courses (I spent about $20,000+ on Tony Robbins), training, positive thinking, “Magic Cures” and all those “Spiritual / Hippie” things you can do out there – for us telling the truth in the real world, this process sucks for most!

I think it sucks even more if you are like me let’s say, I come from a Military / Police / Agent family ancestry which is all about “Not Making Mistakes”, following clear rules and getting it perfect every time.

And that I did! High Distinction at University in a fairly challenging course and always did “The Right” thing for my employers (another story – my dedication to my employers almost was the death of me). But here is the thing, when you start your business you have NO money, your partner probably hates you (because you are bringing in no money) and your life is one mistake after another.

So for that reason, we can feel very bad and this feeling to a “Point” can be good and motivating, but we all tend to go too far where it leads to pure destruction! The big thing I have learnt to get through this process (in what I did and what I suggest to my awesome clients):

– Accept that the process is hard.
– Approach things with realism.
– Make sure you have enough money to cover you and your family doesn’t starve.
– Go Hard!
– Weather the Storm!
– Get your First Result.
– Then Feel Good!

This was my own personal process and if you are in that hard feeling start-up phase, I feel for you! Please hang in there and feel free to drop me a line if you want to say hello!  Thank you again Luke & Jenny – you are fine avatars to the hundreds of thousands of Start-Ups across the world and the ones to come!

With Gratitude and Love from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who spent some time on the bottom!

The Reasons the world’s needs more Awesome Business Women!

The dedication to some top business women! (From Left to Right), Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin.

The dedication to some top business women! (From Left to Right), Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin.

After an amazing day working with some amazing Business Women I would like to dedicate this article to three Savvy Operators in particular, Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin.

One big trend in society which I am a massive fan of these days are the fact that the ruling majority of new businesses are started by women! After working for years in the Corporate Environment and watching women first hand get harassed, overlooked for promotions (even when they were more competent than their “Male” co-workers), are treated as “Objects of Desire” and just not present at the Senior Management levels – it got me thinking about the general nature of many workplaces.  I even knew of one situation where an Assistant was expected to provide various “Services” to retain her position by one evil boss.

And in speaking to many fantastic successful business women, I hear this one all the time:

– Men just got promoted over me regardless of the money I made or how hard I worked.

Being raised by a strong mother who was a Police Inspector looking after the household, watching her almost die from “Terminal Cancer” (she is still around thank god) and seeing the hardships she put up with because “She was a chick” has got me really reflecting on the problems in our modern workplace.

Don’t get me wrong, some workplaces are great and some women do great ahead – but I am referring to the general treatment they get.  What really brings a smile to my dial is that you get women like Jenny, Drina and Martha who rebel – go off and do their own thing and BEAT HEAPS OF MEN they once worked with!

Even if they have rocky starts like I did and go through tough times, the process of becoming and succeeding as a business owner is nothing short of rewarding and liberating – once we are free of the Corrupt and Soul Eating corporate machine for good!

I can completely understand the reasoning why women are going out into their own businesses in droves – quite simply because they believe they can provide better for their families on their own than “Trusting” the corporate machine.

For that reason and the fact that women are cool and relationship focused is all the justification to me why the world needs more of them!

Keep up the fine work Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin – fine examples to us all!

Doing only YOUR BEST that day!

From Left to Right (Martha Arifin, David Coster, Jenny Kuo, Rhonda Osman, William Cownie, Lisa Aifantis and Ralph Rintoule).  Just amazing awesome people that I am lucky to be surrounded by!

From Left to Right (Martha Arifin, David Coster, Jenny Kuo, Rhonda Osman, William Cownie, Lisa Aifantis and Ralph Rintoule). Just amazing awesome people that I am lucky to be surrounded by!

I wish to dedicate this article to a secret anonymous fellow who I have a high level of respect for and a group of fantastic people I work with in the photo included!

In working with all of them and reflecting on myself, it has given me a strong level of appreciation for by all means PUSHING YOURSELF HARD but also accepting and realizing that regardless of what we do or say to ourselves, one can only do their best on that day!

In my life these days, I am very happy to have got all the junk out.  Even a month or two ago, this person just used me for years and I took steps to protect myself from them and keep them from harming me more.  Now, I am surrounded by THE RIGHT people and surprise, surprise  my life is totally awesome and I am very grateful (after putting up with just rubbish for years).

In talking to this lovely man who shan’t be mentioned, it got me reflecting on how much pressure I put on myself.  Similar to my friend Jenny Kuo and this fellow, we are the type of people who although are successful – at times, we put plenty of “Negative Pressure” on ourselves.

This goes from Motivating, to purely Destructive often resulting in Burn-Out, Lower Productivity and putting aside money when I say this – your life just sucks at times!

In terms of Sales & Marketing Especially – this is important in that if you are say getting into your business, you can only push yourself so hard and try so much.  Even though we (especially me) like to think we can control people when it comes to selling, you just can’t! All you can do is put yourself out there and see who takes you and take it from there.

Of course, the more you put yourself out there the better but if you are “Stress-Heads” like us, sometimes we just do our best – then we keep whipping ourselves to no-avail.

From the Secret Person I spoke to today, it really occurred to me when it comes to pushing yourself.  You can only do so hard, so if you are doing your best – accept the results that come your way and pat yourself on the back!

Wish I learn this one years ago – would have made me far more productive and happier!  Go Hard, But be nice to thyself! Hope you enjoyed the read and thank you for taking the time from Edward Zia – Resurrected Marketing Mentor.

Palm Squeezing & Business Networking in Powerhouse Style!

The fine Robert from IT Support Guys - Face to Face Selling Extreme right now!

The fine Robert from IT Support Guys – Face to Face Selling Extreme right now!

This article has been dedicated to the fine Robert DelVecchio from IT Support Guys.  He is a fine Italian-Australian Man who is busy working away on taking his business to the next level.

One thing that I love about Robert’s approach is his appreciate for “Grass Roots” Marketing / Sales.  That is, I am in love with Facebook & LinkedIn and all that – but for many business owners (including myself), businesses are rarely built from sitting back and doing Facebook Posts.

They are won by consistent Sales & Marketing done non stop Face to Face Selling! That is, by meeting other Business Owners, Squeezing Palms, Doing it All the Time with a Compelling Fair Value deal, one can’t go wrong especially when the law of averages play out! In speaking to Robert today, it reminded me and helped me focus on my clear appreciation of how Face to Face Selling works for many Small Business Owners.

The ones that make it, I find do the Same thing over and over again! That is, if they Cold-Call, they knock on the same number of doors each week – if they are more like me and in “Trust-Based Selling” they are meeting everyone for Coffee and Buying Lunches every day each week!

In fact, here is my top “Face to Face” Strategy Guide written late at night:

– Be consistently Selling!

– Look wonderful yourself.

– Have great Sales Materials to Back you Up!

– Have a great Service / Product with Fair Prices.

– Approach the right people in the right context.

– Give and Gain – and Ask for the Sale!


And that my friends is the big secret to all this. You aren’t doing it here and there, but ALL THE TIME so you get the simple exposure. If you meet say 10 x People, selling can be hard, but if you meet 50 x the results are almost guaranteed assuming everything is commercially sweet!

I hope this inspires you and a big thank you from Edward Zia for taking the time to read this one.  If you like what you see, make sure you check out the Awesome Marketing Vault – one Awesome Online course for Success!

Coffee Chats & Profitable Business Networking!

Always great to be interested in the other person during Coffee Chats?

Always great to be interested in the other person during Coffee Chats?

This post is dedicated to the fine Luke Goodman from LOL Home Loans after a fantastic marketing consultation and lunch we had today in the Eastern Beaches of Sydney.

He is a man getting right into his business as well as business networking.  It made me reflect on my own experiences in this area and importance on building relationships outside of the room.

As a Marketing Mentor and also a 4Networking Regional Leader, it got me thinking about this topic on working through the process.  To get this topic across simply, I found two extremes of networkers:

– (The Bad) – People that just go and sell to the room. The are only interested in money they can take and in it for themselves.

– (The Brilliant) – People that go in with a give first and take much later attitude and in it to help the room benefit.

I think this sets an amazing distinction and when it comes to building relationships with people and trading, comes in the powerhouse “coffee chat!”

So what is a coffee chat? It’s a great process where two people in a business networking sense can go off somewhere and really decide whether they meet, like, know and trust each other! Meeting at a networking event and a quick chat just isn’t good enough to do anything! But a coffee chat?

Wow, getting to know each other – having a great time and then doing business! It takes time to really get to know and trust each other and what better way than over coffee or food?

So if you are getting into business networking, my advice? Book a coffee chat per meeting and totally love it and enjoy the process!

Thank you Luke Goodman! A compelling reason to write a good post.

Great words from Karen Hillen on Being Safe Out in the Concrete Jungle!

Karen Hillen - One top HR Consultant we admire!

Karen Hillen – One top HR Consultant we admire!

This fine article I wish to dedicate to the high end HR Consultant Karen Hillen from Sydney Australia.  If you are lucky to know her like I do, Karen is an ex-HR Manager with years of Government and corporate experience who is out on her own building her fine business.

Karen and I had a great meeting today and I have been reflecting on a quote (which I am trying to remember as much as I can word for word) from her old assistant commissioner when she worked in the New South Wales (the state where Sydney sits for you North American readers) fire brigade.

She told me this great story of when her assistant commissioner told her this powerful line:

– Not everyone has the same ethics as we do!

I know this isn’t word for word and Karen will be after me with a chainsaw! (Lol) But to me this is a very true statement.  Although these days I consider myself a seasoned business person, I have lost many years of my life being taken advantage of by just the wrong people! Some people are just very dodgy, totally in it for themselves and are very good at trying to “pose” to pretend they are something else! (All with the intent of taking advantage of good people like us!)

It’s a bit of a tricky one in my own experience, there is one side which says protect yourself – but at the same time, one I think needs to be “reasonably trusting” otherwise your life will suck big time.  So with thanks to Karen Hillen again, just remember – be careful out there! Be trusting, but don’t get hosed like I used too!