Karen Hillen - One top HR Consultant we admire!

Karen Hillen – One top HR Consultant we admire!

This fine article I wish to dedicate to the high end HR Consultant Karen Hillen from Sydney Australia.  If you are lucky to know her like I do, Karen is an ex-HR Manager with years of Government and corporate experience who is out on her own building her fine business.

Karen and I had a great meeting today and I have been reflecting on a quote (which I am trying to remember as much as I can word for word) from her old assistant commissioner when she worked in the New South Wales (the state where Sydney sits for you North American readers) fire brigade.

She told me this great story of when her assistant commissioner told her this powerful line:

– Not everyone has the same ethics as we do!

I know this isn’t word for word and Karen will be after me with a chainsaw! (Lol) But to me this is a very true statement.  Although these days I consider myself a seasoned business person, I have lost many years of my life being taken advantage of by just the wrong people! Some people are just very dodgy, totally in it for themselves and are very good at trying to “pose” to pretend they are something else! (All with the intent of taking advantage of good people like us!)

It’s a bit of a tricky one in my own experience, there is one side which says protect yourself – but at the same time, one I think needs to be “reasonably trusting” otherwise your life will suck big time.  So with thanks to Karen Hillen again, just remember – be careful out there! Be trusting, but don’t get hosed like I used too!



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