Always great to be interested in the other person during Coffee Chats?

Always great to be interested in the other person during Coffee Chats?

This post is dedicated to the fine Luke Goodman from LOL Home Loans after a fantastic marketing consultation and lunch we had today in the Eastern Beaches of Sydney.

He is a man getting right into his business as well as business networking.  It made me reflect on my own experiences in this area and importance on building relationships outside of the room.

As a Marketing Mentor and also a 4Networking Regional Leader, it got me thinking about this topic on working through the process.  To get this topic across simply, I found two extremes of networkers:

– (The Bad) – People that just go and sell to the room. The are only interested in money they can take and in it for themselves.

– (The Brilliant) – People that go in with a give first and take much later attitude and in it to help the room benefit.

I think this sets an amazing distinction and when it comes to building relationships with people and trading, comes in the powerhouse “coffee chat!”

So what is a coffee chat? It’s a great process where two people in a business networking sense can go off somewhere and really decide whether they meet, like, know and trust each other! Meeting at a networking event and a quick chat just isn’t good enough to do anything! But a coffee chat?

Wow, getting to know each other – having a great time and then doing business! It takes time to really get to know and trust each other and what better way than over coffee or food?

So if you are getting into business networking, my advice? Book a coffee chat per meeting and totally love it and enjoy the process!

Thank you Luke Goodman! A compelling reason to write a good post.



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