Doing only YOUR BEST that day!

From Left to Right (Martha Arifin, David Coster, Jenny Kuo, Rhonda Osman, William Cownie, Lisa Aifantis and Ralph Rintoule).  Just amazing awesome people that I am lucky to be surrounded by!

From Left to Right (Martha Arifin, David Coster, Jenny Kuo, Rhonda Osman, William Cownie, Lisa Aifantis and Ralph Rintoule). Just amazing awesome people that I am lucky to be surrounded by!

I wish to dedicate this article to a secret anonymous fellow who I have a high level of respect for and a group of fantastic people I work with in the photo included!

In working with all of them and reflecting on myself, it has given me a strong level of appreciation for by all means PUSHING YOURSELF HARD but also accepting and realizing that regardless of what we do or say to ourselves, one can only do their best on that day!

In my life these days, I am very happy to have got all the junk out.  Even a month or two ago, this person just used me for years and I took steps to protect myself from them and keep them from harming me more.  Now, I am surrounded by THE RIGHT people and surprise, surprise  my life is totally awesome and I am very grateful (after putting up with just rubbish for years).

In talking to this lovely man who shan’t be mentioned, it got me reflecting on how much pressure I put on myself.  Similar to my friend Jenny Kuo and this fellow, we are the type of people who although are successful – at times, we put plenty of “Negative Pressure” on ourselves.

This goes from Motivating, to purely Destructive often resulting in Burn-Out, Lower Productivity and putting aside money when I say this – your life just sucks at times!

In terms of Sales & Marketing Especially – this is important in that if you are say getting into your business, you can only push yourself so hard and try so much.  Even though we (especially me) like to think we can control people when it comes to selling, you just can’t! All you can do is put yourself out there and see who takes you and take it from there.

Of course, the more you put yourself out there the better but if you are “Stress-Heads” like us, sometimes we just do our best – then we keep whipping ourselves to no-avail.

From the Secret Person I spoke to today, it really occurred to me when it comes to pushing yourself.  You can only do so hard, so if you are doing your best – accept the results that come your way and pat yourself on the back!

Wish I learn this one years ago – would have made me far more productive and happier!  Go Hard, But be nice to thyself! Hope you enjoyed the read and thank you for taking the time from Edward Zia – Resurrected Marketing Mentor.

Coffee Chats & Profitable Business Networking!

Always great to be interested in the other person during Coffee Chats?

Always great to be interested in the other person during Coffee Chats?

This post is dedicated to the fine Luke Goodman from LOL Home Loans after a fantastic marketing consultation and lunch we had today in the Eastern Beaches of Sydney.

He is a man getting right into his business as well as business networking.  It made me reflect on my own experiences in this area and importance on building relationships outside of the room.

As a Marketing Mentor and also a 4Networking Regional Leader, it got me thinking about this topic on working through the process.  To get this topic across simply, I found two extremes of networkers:

– (The Bad) – People that just go and sell to the room. The are only interested in money they can take and in it for themselves.

– (The Brilliant) – People that go in with a give first and take much later attitude and in it to help the room benefit.

I think this sets an amazing distinction and when it comes to building relationships with people and trading, comes in the powerhouse “coffee chat!”

So what is a coffee chat? It’s a great process where two people in a business networking sense can go off somewhere and really decide whether they meet, like, know and trust each other! Meeting at a networking event and a quick chat just isn’t good enough to do anything! But a coffee chat?

Wow, getting to know each other – having a great time and then doing business! It takes time to really get to know and trust each other and what better way than over coffee or food?

So if you are getting into business networking, my advice? Book a coffee chat per meeting and totally love it and enjoy the process!

Thank you Luke Goodman! A compelling reason to write a good post.

Trading Introductions – Getting Big Referrals for Small Businesses!

Nothing like Politely asking for Introductions & Referrals!

Nothing like Politely asking for Introductions & Referrals!

A BIG thank you for this blog post goes to the fine Robert DelVecchio from IT Support Guys! He is this fine IT support guy based in the “Hills Shire” of Sydney, Australia.

While we were working together we talked about a powerhouse topic very close to my heart, being getting referrals through business networking! Most business networking groups (e.g. 4Networking, BNI, She, Success Womens etc) are mostly dominated by small business owners.  Why? They need to have their own support community and is a great opportunity to target fellow small business owners.

In my case, I have the luxury of of being “lazy” in that many of my potential clients are in the room – BUT, for quite a few they target larger businesses (say with at least 5 staff). In that case, it’s a bit harder and instead of say “selling to the room” we advise they characters to “sell through the room!”.

That is, instead of trying to do business (buying / selling) in the room, the goal is to build partners.  That is, friends they trust – preferably who share the same target market.

One amazing strategy many have used to make top dollars is what we call “introduction trading”, that is:

– They make friends and trust each other.

– Educate each other as to the type of clients.

– Sit down, go through each others databases.

– Work out who to introduce each other to who.

– They then do it!

A great approach may be do 5 x each with each other.  That is, give each other 5  introductions each to relevant people they can do business with! That is where the money is for many, as if you approach people from scratch it may take 3 – 6 months to get the sale (if ever!).

Through an introduction from a trusted source, it can turn into more “order taking”, that is rocking up to fulfil the order rather than sell hard!

So my advice, find a good friend and trade with them like this! Powerful!

Drop me a line for any success stories of if any questions at – best of luck!

The Evil Networking Director who Bullied Us. What?

If I only gave the Jerk more Cold Shoulder at the Time! Rats :) If you are out there Richard, I am up for Round #2!

If I only gave the Jerk more Cold Shoulder at the Time! If you are out there “Brian”, I am up for Round #2!

If you know me, this has been quite a “Corner Stone” / “War Story” of me starting up my business.  Even though I wished too, I didn’t want to publicly name the Networking Group that did this to us.  I know some good people in it – and if I was to publicly name the group, it would make it just harder for them – but believe me, I would like too!

However, in light of protecting my buddies – I still wanted to present this story as a warning to everyone else out there.  When I first started my business, it was tough.  I was under-confident, not too happy, had Vista-Print business cards and no money.  So going out to a Networking Group for the first time was hard as!

I then found a local Networking Referral Group.  If you aren’t familiar with this wording – it’s not so much a Networking Group where you meet people (e.g. say 4Networking) – it’s more of “Closed Network” where  you purchase a seat.  That is – you have one of each profession and YOU MUST refer to each of them.

The Group measures you by the number of visitors and referrals you give and if you don’t deliver – you will get shunned and eventually kicked out.

There was a start-up chapter of this group nearby in Inner West Sydney.  It was about $1100 to join and besides the odd person I didn’t get along with – it was a great group of people.  Then about the 4th meeting, we have this “Director” by the name of “Brian” come along.

The man was mean and abusive and sat there and told us all that we have to “Bring Visitors” along.  If we didn’t, we would be asked to leave.

That day, quite a few members left the group and had quite a horrible reaction to being treated this way (i.e. it wasn’t just my view, it was a common view of this being handled poorly).  It put an incredible amount of stress on me and it was some very tough times for me.

I found another Networking Group which was fantastic (i.e. 4Networking which I love), and then about 3 months later the Chapter collapsed.  So I bet on the right horse and did well getting out of there!

I think I grew up 5 years in 2 months over this experience and it taught me of some of the lack of ethics some people have.  When people start out in business, they are already going up against the odds – and some evil characters exploit this.  I always said to myself, if I see this “Brian” fellow in the street – I would give him a piece of my mind.

He is the type of character I bet that would often be rude to waitresses and probably have beaten up smaller children than him when he was at Primary School.

My lesson is one big time – if you are starting out, make sure you are mixing with a positive and supportive crowd that have your interests at heart! If you get caught up in the wrong circles like I did – don’t take it, don’t get upset, just move on! I was very lucky to meet the likes of Grant Dempsey from 4Networking to help me back on my feet!  As for you “Brian”, if you ever read this blog – be thankful I didn’t use your last name.  I probably should have you meanie!

So if you know who I am talking about, make sure you try and steal his wallet if you see him in the street!

Here’s to looking after and protecting the underdog!

Networking: Why Do Unethical & Dodgy Bastards Love It?

You are Creating Wealth and “Passive Cashflow” – For someone else if you aren’t careful Awesome Friends!

“Networking” or building a “Network” as a concept has really been tarnished thanks to many Scams, Dodgy Pyramid / Multi-Level-Marketing Schemes and generally unethical sharks that see Networking Events or Groups as a means of ripping people off.  Quite often with promises of “Financial Freedom”, “Passive Cash-Flow”, Buying Your “Ferrari”, being a “Playboy Millionaire” or working just 5 hours a week on a beach.  All cleverly designed words which are used to completely manipulate you.

I think this actually quite sad in the respect that “Networking” in it’s true sense is actually a very powerful means of Expanding Ones Network, Finding Great New Suppliers, Learning more about how the World Works and in particular – getting yourself a great support community especially if you are new in your own small business.

I have learnt and proven to myself that “Effective Networking” is where you:

– Go Out There – Make Friends with Like-Minded Individuals and do Business with Each Other.

That is, you may use some services, refer them business, accept referrals from them and support from building a community.

BUT OH NO.  The Dodgy Scammers, Rip-Off Merchants and Unethical People from Multi-Level-Marketing schemes as usual – are trying to destroy the quality of our lives and take our hard earned cash so they can become “Financially Free” and “Enjoy their Passive Cash-Flow”.

Now please don’t get me wrong, there are some Multi-Level-Marketing type of Programs out there such as Nutri-Metics & Herbal-Life which I have a lot of respect for.  Like many things, there are many of us that are doing our best to get by – but then, we get Scammers that thrive from stealing time and money from people like us.

One of my very good friends (a Fellow Business Coach) gave me a funny phone call the other day.  When I first started out in Coaching I went to a “Speed Networking” event. You meet 40+ people in these events.  What happened to my poor friend that he got “Sucked” into a certain Pyramid Selling / MLM Scheme which I bet people have tried to suck you into before.

And funnily enough, he got conned by a “Potential Client” who booked him into one of their upcoming MLM / Pyramid Seminars coming up under the guise of wanting a “Free Coaching Session”.  When I spoke to my friend (as he suspected it sounded “Fishy”) and we compared notes and it was the same person who used the same tricks (on me) to con them into going into Dodgy Seminar which promises “Financial Freedom”, “Passive Cashflow” and the like.

We we both found out it was the same rat that wasted my time and tried to rip me off – I was able to let him know so he could get out of it!  I saved him 5 hours of his life, but what is sad is that many others from Networking Events are getting nailed and conned into going to these seminars!

So Networking itself is a great thing, whether you do it “Formally” through Networking Groups or you do it “Informally” through building your Customer Base and working with other people – it’s very powerful especially if you work in Small to Medium type of businesses.

However, myself and my friend have learnt the hard way – you get some Dodgy Bastards out there that use Networking (especially Networking events) as a useful opportunity to prey on “New Victims”.  This so called “Positive Thinking” is designed to make them rich – at your unfortunate expense? (As if they care).

Networking is great for people like ourselves who are ethical, good-natured and have genuine desire to help other people.  Unfortunately, you got to watch out for people who want to take away all your hard earned cash – “Be Careful out there it’s a Jungle!”.