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My extremely smart pal Wayne Wanders

Wayne Wanders is a funny and smart guy who shares great ideas. Love his work!

If you like money and study the topic, you would have heard many ideas.

Some of them may have been great, many of them may not have been great and there can be much confusion out there.

I have seen many people lecture on money whilst they have little, with people who are self-made and massively successful being quiet on the topic.

I have known Wayne Wanders for some intense years now; and he’s a guy who understands money, has his own great personal investments and is someone who I have seen win more over time.

What I love about Wayne (that makes him very smart) are these core traits & aspects of him:

  • He speaks from experience: Wayne doesn’t make stuff up or talk theoretical, he talks to his exact own winning experiences. So he’s always correct and on point.
  • He is direct and funny: If you listen to Wayne in action, he makes great points and really cuts to the chase. Works great and very amusing man.
  • He’s worked in some very high end jobs and companies: Wayne has incredible qualifications and the background to boot.

My advice and thinking? Connect with Wayne Wanders. He’s a great guy and runs Meetup Group too.

>> Visit Wayne’s “The Wealth Navigator” website here!

Love your work, love his work and enjoy.

Working from HOME and DISCLIPINE

When you work from home, staying productive is everything!

I love working from home, whenever I get a chance to do so!

Life has changed for the better for me lately in that I get more time at home to work away, and enjoy what I do.

I do run quite a few events however, spend lots of time at WeWork Properties across Sydney and the like. However, it all comes back to the fact that I’m my own boss.

With infinite freedom comes infinite responsibility which totally rocks on many levels. The downside / upside (depending on how you look at this), is that when you are your work boss and work from home, is that you need strong discipline.

This is how I stay on track and these are my top 3 x moves that keep me sane and productive:

  • Strong KPIs: I have a certain number of calls, videos, LinkedIn messages and more I get out everyday. As I have enough numbers, things just work out.
  • Stacked Mornings: I tend to be at events in evenings and like doing content then. I do everything I can in the morning to get my day free and open, so I can win.
  • Avoid Distractions: Distractions are normal (especially as you build your family), and if I get distracted all good. I just get back on track. If I can work in a different room, or work more out and about; it all helps.

My advice and thinking? Working from home is great, if you have a sense of discipline. With that, you have a great balance of freedom plus accountability to you keep winning more.

Love your work, here’s to working from home and stay awesome friends!

My extremely smart pal John Gilmovich

John Gilmovich also knows how to hold a great crowd. I love his work!

I spoke at the Billy Blue College of Design today and when I told the audience that I have literally worked with thousands; something ‘clicked’ in my head.

It was an instant upgrade of confidence (which rocked), and I started reflecting on all the amazing people I have known over the years.

One of those people was the powerhouse Property Specialist John Gilmovich. I have known this incredible man since he started his business, watching him go from zero to hero in just a few years. He is extremely respected and well known across Sydney in a very short space of time, and it’s got me reflecting on how obviously intelligent he is.

I love studying awesomely wonderful smart people and unpacking what makes them tick, so we can all learn and WIN BIG of course. In summary, this is why John is so smart:

  • He focuses on what matters: John naturally sees through all the ‘fluff’ in the world, to focus on what matters. Customers, selling, reaching out, he gets the critical points right.
  • He listens to smart people: A sign of a smart person, John is someone who listens to smart people. I have watched John do this all the time. When we hears a specialist speaks, he listens. This saves him obvious years of trial and error. Smart guy!
  • He works hard: John knows that coasting won’t win this on. I have seen him do the long hours and bravo to him.

My advice and thinking? Connect with John, check out some of his events and get to know this great guy. He is a man on a winning mission, who is very generous and kind.

>> Visit John’s Website at “Real Property Manager” here!

Love his work and yours. Thanks for the read 😊

“Taking Advantage of Your Environment”

The walking track near my house is a great Facebook Live spot!

I learned so many great life lessons when I was in Army and worked for the Government.

It was great setting involved in that part of civilisation, where as a young 20-year-old, I fashioned myself as James Bond (which was Pierce Brosnan in those days).

One key lesson you learn in the military, surveillance and investigations repeatedly is, “Take Advantage of Your Environment”. This is where you use your terrain or those around you to get the upper hand.

I did that this morning. I left my keys at home and went to the gym and had lots of trouble getting back in. My wonderful wife was about 10 minutes away, so I had two options:

  • Get grumpy and blame myself
  • Go for a short walk and do a great Facebook Live that will be seen hundreds of times

I picked the smarter more profitable option of course, went and did a really good Facebook Live that kicked butt.

My advice and thinking? Take advantage of what happens around you for the better or worse. It was annoying I got locked outside, but it made me do a great FB Live.

Love your work, thank you friends and take your keys with you!

I love eating Nuts at the Novotel!

The nuts at the Novotel are delicious!

I had a very funny and successful Friday.

It included making new friends, getting new clients, having content go viral and spending time with great people.

One of my wonderful clients and friends couldn’t make it however (we rescheduled) and I had 2 hours to spare at the Novotel. As I don’t tend to get nor make many phone calls on Friday afternoons (well I got a few), I decided to rewatch this old film I liked, “X-Men: First Class (2011)”.

Strangely enough, when I first watched it, I was very ‘meh’ about it. However, as I have matured and grown (and became a fan of Michael Fassbender), I loved the film.

I was sitting on a couch at Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, leant back, covered in cushions, headphones in, enjoying the great film.

I found it quite funny in that anytime Michael Fassbender (playing Magneto) would speak, he would always be quite the comical psychopath. I would laugh and then towards the end of the movie (before I had to go and see a client), the Novotel gave me a bowl of nuts.

The nuts were great and it just topped off my experience. Sitting there, watching X-Men action and eating a bowl of nuts just worked.

My advice and thinking? If you have a bit of time to kill, it’s great to relax at a Novotel. Sit there, drink coffee, do nothing, or eat nuts. It all just works.

Love your work friends and thank you!


As I work now, I do my best to sit up straight or stand up. Reduces pain and great!

As you may know, I have been going through a massive health kick in my life over the past 12 to 18 months.

It came from accepting that I was behaving as my own worst enemy and I decided to be my best friend. In losing weight and all this, I have found that posture is very important as we work throughout the day.

Combined with some chiropractic treatment, this has helped me almost eliminate my back pain.

With posture, this is what I love doing:

  • When I sit in a chair, don’t slouch. Make sure you sit up right.
  • Don’t spend too long typing on Laptops and Tablets (makes you scrunch up).
  • Use bar tables and high tables for your PC where you STAND UP. Works great.

My advice and thinking? Be really careful about your posture. What happens is that everything feels fine, then one day you pull it and it hurts so much (did that about 3 months ago).

If you’re quite healthy, please keep it that way. If you are not, start turning it around.

Believe me 😊

Love your work.

How I’m losing the weight and keeping it off!

The Banana Smoothies are one of my secret weapons for keeping up great health!

There are several reasons why I am writing a blog of this nature.

Firstly, I have lost 15kg over the past 12 – 18 months and it’s been just great.

Secondly, I wish to keep it off for life so now I am telling everyone I am going to do it. As I am running around telling everyone I am going to keep it off for life, it forces everyone to hold me accountable.

I am sick and tired of “Yo-Yo” movements on my weight, so I am turning to extreme measures and it’s great. That is, I am eating well, but telling everyone how I have lost the weight; so if I ever put it on again I will become a rightful social pariah.

I got asked yesterday by a friend on LinkedIn how I lost the weight and have kept it off. In short, here are my reasons to help you win big:

  • A good Mentor: Zachary Mason has been a great help in getting the pounds off and supporting me.
  • A great gym: The people at Anytime Fitness North Parramatta (Sydney) are just great. If you aren’t a gym person, all good. Walking is great
  • Walk an hour a day: My secret and I love it. Working just great for me
  • Banana Smoothies: I used to have a nice and greasy Cheesy Toastie every morning. Banana Smoothies are much better
  • Watch the food after 6PM: Eating light dinners is just great
  • Telling everyone I am doing it: I am creating Social Pressure for myself, so I don’t slip up again

My advice and thinking? Some of my ideas may work for you, some may not. That is cool. Work on your weight and health in your own unique way.

I will swear by this point though, please go for an hour walk a day. If you can’t or are injured, then do some type of exercise a day (even meditation or yoga, whatever you can do). This really helps clear the mind.

Love your work, thank you for the read friends and stay awesome!

P.S. If I do get fat again, please bring up this blog and hold it against me. Touch wood, you won’t have too 😉

My extremely smart (and fit) pal Zachary Mason

Zachary Mason is very smart and walks the talk. Love his work!

You may have noticed that I have lost a stack of weight and am in my prime these days. It’s been a great feeling and over the past 12 – 18 months, I have totally got a handle on my health and it’s been great.

From visiting the Chiropractor, attending the gym and getting some help; it all just rocks.

Zachary Mason has been great in helping me in my journey in terms of opening my eyes, being held accountable in his Coaching Group and more. You may have even seen his Facebook ads if you don’t (yet) know the great guy.

“Zach” is a very smart, savvy, into health, fitness and nutrition and is a ball of supportive energy. I call him smart for many great reasons including:

  • He leads by example: Smart leaders do that. Lots of people don’t. He does.
  • He knows how to help people: Zachary will never talk down to anyone or make them feel bad. He knows how to create personal change without psyching people out. It takes brains.
  • He is an encyclopedia of the RIGHT knowledge: Zachary has great ideas that is really quite rare. He knows the right things and what to do to create personal change.

My advice and thinking? Connect with Zachary Mason. He’s a great guy and is very smart (and is also a winning entrepreneur).

Keep a close eye on his success too. He is winning more and more 😊

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Knox Chiropractic in Northmead, Sydney

Knox Chiropractic in Northmead is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I moved to Northmead a few years ago (just as I met my wonderful wife) and as I did that move, I stopped going to my old chiropractor at the time.

I thought (lol) that I can skip the chiropractor with the old Australian adage that usually causes more harm than good; “She’ll be right mate”.

Well, two years later, things were hardly right, and my back and neck were aching. I lost a good 15kg of weight over that time which really helped, although I still had a bit of pain which I knew must be fixed.

The Chiropractor is on the road from where I go to get local coffee and I must have walked in front of the sign at least 1,000,000,000 times. As my intelligence started to slowly grow, so did my back pain.

I pulled it bad one day and I realised my error.


It’s a home clinic located at 2 Beamish Rd, Northmead NSW 2152 with Dr. Stuart and his wife Robbie (who runs the office).  From when I first went there, I noticed the great health of Dr. Stuart.

He must be in his 50’s, but he’s REALLY HEALTHY. After about 3 weeks of treatments (as I write this blog):

  • My back pain is all gone (still a bit of stiffness left, which is part of the healing process)
  • Much higher energy
  • Posture feels good
  • Very professional, kind and easy to work with

>> Visit the Knox Chiropractic Website here to learn more

I love their work and thank you Robbie and Dr. Stuart! Love your work 😊

Recording in the Vault: “Profitable Public Speaking & Selling from Stage!”

‘PROFITABLE Public Speaking and Selling from Stage’ was a popular one – by request!

Tonight’s Live Webinar was a hit.

I don’t just say that like I do every other time (lol), I really do mean it! The questions, interaction and feedback really confirmed that, and it got me thinking about this great topic.

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked lots about “Selling from Stage”. This is a reference to being able to sell in Live events and it’s something I have spent so much time to master and really study.

In this Live Webinar I shared the lot and it’s been uploaded to Section 13 of our Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program.

>> Visit The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™ here friends!

Enjoy, love your work and here to help friends!

#JobsNotMobs & Trump’s AB Testing

Scott Adams is one great mentor who gets Marketing inside out. Highly recommended and go AB Testing!

AB testing is a core part of Marketing, especially for those who are online with what they do (which means everyone today).

AB Testing is a very important concept of where you basically test two (or more) Marketing Campaigns / Messages / Ideas against each other to work out which one hits the mark. I do this all the time even daily; where I am trying different message to outdo my previous work and bring in more leads and clients.

I was listening to one of my great mentors today Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert) and he was talking about Trump latest Midterm Election message #JobsNotMobs

According to Scott and my own research, #JobsNotMobs wasn’t created by Trump himself, but one of his supporters created it, where it got some of its own grassroots traction. One of Trump’s staff probably told him and Trump himself tested it as a rally. It was a total hit and now if you check out his Twitter timeline, it’s part of his regular campaign.

Trump has been testing lots of messages and you can see how this one just hit the mark (for those that may not have been following recent events, #JobsNotMobs is a refer to how the left has over protested and raised havoc, with Trump and the Republicans being the sane people).

My advice and thinking? Like Scott Adams, Trump and more; make sure you test multiple messages and keep refining it. I do this all the time and it makes life much easier as it makes my Marketing & Conversion more effective.

Love you work, thank you Scott and enjoy friends!


Hot Chocolates JUST WORK before speaking. Especially Lindt!

Whilst I was building my Live Webinar for Monday on “Profitable Public Speaking & Selling from Stage”, it had me unpacking all my tips and tricks to get great at public speaking.

One of the minor (yet noteworthy) points, has been what I learned from my Mentors and Experts on how to prepare for speaking.

Having an empty stomach is a great thing in that it keeps your energy high and mighty. Another trick which I love is a Hot Chocolate an hour or two before speaking. I have mine on Soy and here is the reasoning:

  • The Sugar & Cocoa Hit: It gets you awake and in the zone.
  • The Warm Soothes One’s Throat: Cold liquids is BAD for speaking. Hot liquids keep you going.
  • It allows you to chill: Hot Chocolates are great to help one chill out. Great for keeping nerves in check.

My advice and thinking? Before you speak, get in nice and early so you can relax. Get yourself a hot chocolate and TRUST ME, it works.

Enjoy and Happy Speaking friends!