#JobsNotMobs & Trump’s AB Testing

Scott Adams is one great mentor who gets Marketing inside out. Highly recommended and go AB Testing!

AB testing is a core part of Marketing, especially for those who are online with what they do (which means everyone today).

AB Testing is a very important concept of where you basically test two (or more) Marketing Campaigns / Messages / Ideas against each other to work out which one hits the mark. I do this all the time even daily; where I am trying different message to outdo my previous work and bring in more leads and clients.

I was listening to one of my great mentors today Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert) and he was talking about Trump latest Midterm Election message #JobsNotMobs

According to Scott and my own research, #JobsNotMobs wasn’t created by Trump himself, but one of his supporters created it, where it got some of its own grassroots traction. One of Trump’s staff probably told him and Trump himself tested it as a rally. It was a total hit and now if you check out his Twitter timeline, it’s part of his regular campaign.

Trump has been testing lots of messages and you can see how this one just hit the mark (for those that may not have been following recent events, #JobsNotMobs is a refer to how the left has over protested and raised havoc, with Trump and the Republicans being the sane people).

My advice and thinking? Like Scott Adams, Trump and more; make sure you test multiple messages and keep refining it. I do this all the time and it makes life much easier as it makes my Marketing & Conversion more effective.

Love you work, thank you Scott and enjoy friends!