Working from HOME and DISCLIPINE

When you work from home, staying productive is everything!

I love working from home, whenever I get a chance to do so!

Life has changed for the better for me lately in that I get more time at home to work away, and enjoy what I do.

I do run quite a few events however, spend lots of time at WeWork Properties across Sydney and the like. However, it all comes back to the fact that I’m my own boss.

With infinite freedom comes infinite responsibility which totally rocks on many levels. The downside / upside (depending on how you look at this), is that when you are your work boss and work from home, is that you need strong discipline.

This is how I stay on track and these are my top 3 x moves that keep me sane and productive:

  • Strong KPIs: I have a certain number of calls, videos, LinkedIn messages and more I get out everyday. As I have enough numbers, things just work out.
  • Stacked Mornings: I tend to be at events in evenings and like doing content then. I do everything I can in the morning to get my day free and open, so I can win.
  • Avoid Distractions: Distractions are normal (especially as you build your family), and if I get distracted all good. I just get back on track. If I can work in a different room, or work more out and about; it all helps.

My advice and thinking? Working from home is great, if you have a sense of discipline. With that, you have a great balance of freedom plus accountability to you keep winning more.

Love your work, here’s to working from home and stay awesome friends!