My extremely smart pal Wayne Wanders

Wayne Wanders is a funny and smart guy who shares great ideas. Love his work!

If you like money and study the topic, you would have heard many ideas.

Some of them may have been great, many of them may not have been great and there can be much confusion out there.

I have seen many people lecture on money whilst they have little, with people who are self-made and massively successful being quiet on the topic.

I have known Wayne Wanders for some intense years now; and he’s a guy who understands money, has his own great personal investments and is someone who I have seen win more over time.

What I love about Wayne (that makes him very smart) are these core traits & aspects of him:

  • He speaks from experience: Wayne doesn’t make stuff up or talk theoretical, he talks to his exact own winning experiences. So he’s always correct and on point.
  • He is direct and funny: If you listen to Wayne in action, he makes great points and really cuts to the chase. Works great and very amusing man.
  • He’s worked in some very high end jobs and companies: Wayne has incredible qualifications and the background to boot.

My advice and thinking? Connect with Wayne Wanders. He’s a great guy and runs Meetup Group too.

>> Visit Wayne’s “The Wealth Navigator” website here!

Love your work, love his work and enjoy.