As I work now, I do my best to sit up straight or stand up. Reduces pain and great!

As you may know, I have been going through a massive health kick in my life over the past 12 to 18 months.

It came from accepting that I was behaving as my own worst enemy and I decided to be my best friend. In losing weight and all this, I have found that posture is very important as we work throughout the day.

Combined with some chiropractic treatment, this has helped me almost eliminate my back pain.

With posture, this is what I love doing:

  • When I sit in a chair, don’t slouch. Make sure you sit up right.
  • Don’t spend too long typing on Laptops and Tablets (makes you scrunch up).
  • Use bar tables and high tables for your PC where you STAND UP. Works great.

My advice and thinking? Be really careful about your posture. What happens is that everything feels fine, then one day you pull it and it hurts so much (did that about 3 months ago).

If you’re quite healthy, please keep it that way. If you are not, start turning it around.

Believe me 😊

Love your work.