I love eating Nuts at the Novotel!

The nuts at the Novotel are delicious!

I had a very funny and successful Friday.

It included making new friends, getting new clients, having content go viral and spending time with great people.

One of my wonderful clients and friends couldn’t make it however (we rescheduled) and I had 2 hours to spare at the Novotel. As I don’t tend to get nor make many phone calls on Friday afternoons (well I got a few), I decided to rewatch this old film I liked, “X-Men: First Class (2011)”.

Strangely enough, when I first watched it, I was very ‘meh’ about it. However, as I have matured and grown (and became a fan of Michael Fassbender), I loved the film.

I was sitting on a couch at Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, leant back, covered in cushions, headphones in, enjoying the great film.

I found it quite funny in that anytime Michael Fassbender (playing Magneto) would speak, he would always be quite the comical psychopath. I would laugh and then towards the end of the movie (before I had to go and see a client), the Novotel gave me a bowl of nuts.

The nuts were great and it just topped off my experience. Sitting there, watching X-Men action and eating a bowl of nuts just worked.

My advice and thinking? If you have a bit of time to kill, it’s great to relax at a Novotel. Sit there, drink coffee, do nothing, or eat nuts. It all just works.

Love your work friends and thank you!