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Do the Numbers!

The Count would be great at Sales!

The Count would be great at Sales!

It’s Friday wonderful friends and it’s been an awesomely productive week.

I have connected with lots of new people, got lots of wonderful clients and loving it.

Interestingly however, this week of mine has been quite different / better than many of my previous weeks. I have spoken to at least 80 people over the phone and it’s been great.

From checking in with wonderful clients & community members, to inviting new friends to my free evening seminars, to those booking into my Premium Mastery Workshop; it’s a been a great week due to numbers.

That is, if I didn’t make those phone calls, there is no way I would have had a week as great as this one. When you make 80 calls a week, you are bound to get clients and success and it’s something that has worked great for me and many of my wonderful friends.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to Sales & Marketing DO THE NUMBERS!

If you call 1 one person a day, don’t expect to win. Call 10 people a day, you will win!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Image Credit and thanks to “The Count” from Sesame St!

The Great People, Valuable Content and Fun Evenings at Profitable Marketing Meetup Sydney!

Thank you for making Profitable Marketing Meetup Sydney rock! Join us next time!

Thank you for making Profitable Marketing Meetup Sydney rock! Join us next time!

I only must go back less than two years to remember the original Profitable Marketing Meeting Group.

We only had about 3 people for our first meeting and it’s slowly grown and grown to 60+ for our events in 2018.

THANK YOU to everyone for being part of it and I have listened extreme carefully to your great feedback and have keep tweaking and tweaking the group to make it as much of a WINNING EXPERIENCE as can be.

I have had some much great feedback from people and here are the top quotes as to why it’s growing & rocking:

–          “Great people”

–          “Valuable Content”

–          “A Fun Night”

–          “Always on” (meaning frequent fortnightly events)

–          “Love the handouts” (I print out handouts)

–          “Chocolate is good” (I give out chocolate until it runs out)

–          “Engaging speakers”

It’s rocking and my advice and thinking?

Come along and join us! The events are run mostly every fortnight in Sydney CBD with Aeona on Central as our Sponsor. We offer the events for FREE and it totally rocks.

>> Check out and Join the Profitable Marketing Meetup Sydney Here!

Love your work, stay awesome and see you soon friends!

7 x Winning Insights into Sarah & Shaun Button from KOA Recovery!

Sarah and Shaun Button from Koa Recovery are an inspirational success story. Love their work!

Sarah and Shaun Button from Koa Recovery are an inspirational success story. Love their work!

The epic journey started last year…

One of my wonderful friends (and high-end Psychologist) Joel Curtis gave me an introduction to some wonderful people that were starting a business in ‘Cryogenic Healing’.

Being a science fiction buff myself, I was immediately enamoured by this on many levels. Be it Ellen Ripley in Aliens films, Sam Worthington’s Character in Avatar or say the Star Trek Enterprise Crew finding Khan in stasis; I had to very much check this out and see how Cryogenics are used in reality.

I was grateful to meet the incredible Sarah & Shaun Button who took the plunge into their highly successful Koa Recovery Clinic in Waterloo (Sydney). The Button’s are serious athletes and attractive people; and it was an idea they acted on in Shaun’s own story of personal recovery.

They use a mixture of advanced recovery treatments from CRYOTHERAPY, FLOAT THERAPY, MASSAGE, NORMATEC and more. I visited them last night for a night of Nutrition with Fiona Tuck who came in to give a good 20 of us some key words of encouragement and thinking.

I have seen them go from the extremely early days of their business from when they had only a few clients, to them being full hot property and I LOVE THEIR WORK.

How did they do it? Firstly, they rock and did the work. Secondly, these are my top 7 x traits & actions that have made them successful:

–          Powerhouse RARE Technology and Services: Cryogenic Healing is not something you see on every street corner and they love serving their clients. This has helped them become leaders in their space.

–          Consistent Sales & Marketing: From my end, this is the critical part. They are continually on Social Media promoting what they do with videos, content top thinking.

–          Real World Sales: Shaun has spent lots of time visiting business, sporting organisations and others to build his own brand and business. Real world is critical.

–          Great location: Waterloo is a great part of Sydney and well located in what you could consider a ‘Sporting Hub’. It’s very accessible for lots of people.

–          Beautiful Clinic: Trendy, minimalistic and a wonderful spot.

–          Sarah & Shaun walk the talk: They are athletes themselves being healthy and strong people. Proof!

–          The NSW Business Chamber: They Won Finalist for their first year in business and incredible! This is serious credibility and proof for them.

I love their work and make sure you check them out here:

>> Follow KOA Recovery on Facebook here

>> Visit the KOA Recovery Website here

Thank you for the read, keep it up KOA Recovery and stay awesome friends!

Take no BS, kick butt and WIN BIG!

Cartman gets it. Take no BS, stand up for yourself and WIN BIG!

Cartman gets it. Take no BS, stand up for yourself and WIN BIG!

I love it when people I work with win big.

It seriously floats my boat in that I love seeing my friends do well and even better; I love it when they really stick it to the establishment and succeed.

Over the years I have been in wonderful business, I have had wonderful clients start off as shy introverts who transition to assertive, brilliant and successful entrepreneurs. BRAVO! I love it.

A core part of going from meek to menacing, (like I once did) is really standing up for your own rights on many levels. In summary, it’s basically:

–          No longer taking BS from bad people and totally kicking butt!

This is such an ultimate feeling in which we become free from the limiting opinions others have of us and I totally love it. As entrepreneurs it’s even more critical in that we meet people at times that try to push us around for whatever reason.

I don’t get this much anymore (as people know I won’t take their BS), but in the rare cases that I do; I give it back to them hard. With bad people such as this, I have done all sorts of things to them such as defending myself against them, protecting my Meetup Community against them by booting them and letting know they that indeed full of BS.

This is very important in that if we don’t sort out and remove these bad people from our lives it will so just hold us back.

My advice and thinking? Take no BS from anyone! Push back and push back hard. These people get the message and you win in two ways. They either comply with what you want, or they just leave you alone and it’s just great.

You feel great, you protect your friends, and everyone wins. It’s also clears your mind, so you can focus on what really matters; WINNING BIG! Remember that you rock and life is too short for losers. Kick them to the curb and smile. It rocks!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Image Credit and love to Eric Cartman from South Park!


Take charge, command and WIN BIG! (Cartman Gets It!)

Take charge, command and WIN BIG! (Cartman Gets It!)

We had a rocking Live Webinar tonight with a group of wonderful people. I usually get anything from 2 to 10 people on a Live experience.

Even though numbers are a far cry from my 70+ at Live Events, they are REALLY ENGAGED, and the recordings get watched hundreds of times. In this Live Webinar we spoke about the topic of becoming ‘Thought Leaders’ in that we rise to be key thinkers that rise to the top in our own industry.

I am doing exactly that (it rocks) and I got asked a great question about people ‘attacking’ you as you rise to the top. This question really got me to stop and thinking and I realised that I got attacked a lot as I originally rose.

These days nobody attacks me (sniff as I miss the lame trolls) and one key component is the way we come across. I used to sound rather ‘uncertain’ in my voice and humans pick up on that. Bad humans attack those they consider ‘weaker’ to them and an uncertain voice comes across like a red flag to a bull.

Over the past two years especially, I have worked on my voice and it’s great! That is, building my own commanding voice so I really take over the show and people don’t want to mess with me. A commanding voice also connects with the subconscious mind of others, so people just tend to listen to you without as much need to back up with what you are saying.

My advice and thinking? Command with your voice! You want to 1) Say more in less words, 2) Don’t ask, tell, 3) Stand up straight and project what you are saying.

This is a great start and worked wonders for me. Your voice matters so work on it!

It also makes you feel good and totally in the zone.

Love your work, thank you for the read, go and command and win big!

Image Credit & Thanks: Eric Cartman from South Park!

Ed’s Top 7 x Secrets to build your Meetup Group FAST!

Making your Meetup Group as enticing as possible is a great start. The way to go!

Making your Meetup Group as enticing as possible is a great start. The way to go!

I am really chuffed at some great news that has come out from my wonderful friends at Meetup HQ. I’m very lucky and grateful to be one of their “Meetup City Organisers”.

It’s a volunteer role where I help educate other Meetup Group Leaders in Sydney, to get better at what they are doing. This is great in that it fits my brand of giving back to the community and getting me connected to more wonderful people around town.

As part of this, we now have our own “Meetup City Organiser Meetup’s”. These are part of Meetup HQ and groups that are customised for use in our city.

What I found cool (and THANK YOU EVERYONE) was how quickly my Meetup HQ Meetup group grew. It was a great feeling and awesome Sam from New York asked me how I did it. I wanted to share my top 7 x Secrets for building a Meetup Group Fast with you all and enjoy:

1)      Make the Meetup Group look enticing: Even though it’s a Meetup HQ Group, I put in a great photo, left some nice comments and make it look alive.

2)      Personal Invites: I personally invited wonderful people I know to join the event (at least 20 people in the group are). When I am running Meetups too, I am almost always personally inviting people. Works the best!

3)      Hooked to your reputation: Your own personal reputation makes a massive difference. If you are all known and liked, lots will come. If you are new, it will take more lifting but push it hard.

4)      Share it on LinkedIn & Facebook: For my Profitable Marketing Meetup Group, I use lots of Social Media to promote it. As you get more of the right people to go to the Meetup link, you get more bookings. More numbers the better!

5)      Be active in other Meetup Groups: My clients and friends have their own Meetup groups and I am active in them. I even let them pitch their own Meetups in my Meetups. Powerful! You all expand and win more.

6)      Start and Promote Early: The sooner you get your Meetup Group listed the better. Gives it more time to fill, be found and the like.

7)      Do a wonderful job of your groups: Really go exceptional in what you deliver in terms of experience. That way you get great re-bookings.

My best compliment to a great Meetup is when people come back and bring their partners, family, friends, kids and more! I get lots of that.

My advice and thinking? All of us are different, with different reputations across our respective towns. That’s cool. Think about how you can get the edge. Out of all things though, DIRECT INVITES are the best! They work just great.

Any questions, I am here to help and a massive shout out too Sam, Marcie and the team from Meetup. I love their work.

>> Check out the Meetup HQ Sydney Group here

>> Check out my Profitable Marketing Meetup Group here

Love your work friends!

“How can we change a negative mindset to become a positive ones?”

I love building a positive mindset and thanks to my friend for the great questions (Image Credit to Fallout Series)

Building a positive mindset rocks! (Image Credit and thanks to the Fallout Series)

This must be the easiest blog I have ever written in that I am anonymously cutting a Facebook Messenger chat that I had.

One wonderful person who attended a FB Live of mine, send me a message asking:

“”How can we change a negative mindset to become a positive one?”

I then replied, “Continually replacing your negative thoughts bit by bit, day by day! Been there ????”

They then asked the great question “but how?”. This was my awesome response, what I do and my advice to you all:

1) Build a Power Wall

2) Recognise all the great things you do.

3) Remove / minimize negative influences (use that FB block command!)

4) Read positive motivational stuff.

5) Pray and build your spirituality.

6) Get fit and healthy / stay that way.

7) Practice what you preach.

My advice and thinking? Do it in your own unique way. This is what works for me and considering that we are all humans, it will no doubt work for you big time.

Love your work, thank you for the read and thanks to my anonymous friend for asking the question.

You rock and appreciate it!

P.S. Image Credit and thanks to the Fallout Series for the use of Vault Boy!

The importance of getting COZY with the GOVERNMENT!

Of course be really nice to the Government at all times. You want them as your friends x x

Of course be really nice to the Government at all times. You want them as your friends x x

I have plenty of wonderful friends that are in extremely successful, yet somewhat complex businesses when it comes to the Government.

Some are Military & Law Enforcement suppliers, have Government Service contracts or say work with different parts of the Government that are in competition with each other.

One of my key friends works in a complex situation with many different Government Stakeholders. It only takes one small problem to ruin their day with many different parts of governance they must interact with, influence and keep on side.

This has been a challenge for them and a key winnable part of their strategy has been through getting closer with the right parts of the Australian Government that loves them, supports them and backs them in situations where other stakeholders aren’t a fan.

I have seen this situation unfold many times over the years, with it being a very sticky situation that can cause sleepless nights.

The solution my friends? I say this all the time:

– “Get cozy with the Government ASAP!”

If you think trouble is coming your way, or if part of the government is giving you trouble and you are losing control of the situation; my default advice is to speak to your local MP (“Member of Parliament”). These are our wonderful, democratically elected friends who love the idea of getting more local fans to help them win re-election.

You can go to them, ask for them help and provided you are within the pale & reasonable, they will likely come to your aid and can escalate issues upwards.

This has happened to many friends of mine and they take advantage of their local Government networks. Can they solve all problems? Of course not, but some they most certainly can.

It’s always worth a shot and in the many situations I have helped people through, this has been extremely effective.

Do it, take advantage of where your tax payers dollars go and win big friends.

Love your work and of course; thank you Australian Government. I love you ????

Making a PIVOT in your business to WIN BIG

There are many times where we must tweak direction and 'pivot'. Do it more and do it fast!

There are many times where we must tweak direction and ‘pivot’. Do it more and do it fast!

I remember meeting a fellow wonderful Marketing Colleague for lunch last year in the beautiful Pyrmont of Sydney.

As we met for lunch and shared ideas, he was asking me for helping hand in a big shift in his business.

The poor (yet great) guy was getting too caught up in offering services that could be done overseas for less. I was helping to point him the right direction in terms of high value services, products and thinking he should focus on.

He got this in a flash and he kept using the word ‘Pivot’. I never quite heard the word used in this context and as he assimilated what I would say; he would then say, ‘this is a great pivot for me’.

I then asked for permission to ‘steal’ this from him and thanks to my new friend at the time, this became a new part of my business language.

I have found myself pivoting a lot lately in my business, mostly with lots of ‘small pivots’ on an almost daily basis. My key pivots have come from two viewpoints:

Moving away from mistakes: I can see mistakes in my business and I choose to pivot to move away from it. A great example was not having enough meetings in 2017 and not converting enough ‘fans’ to ‘customers’.

Jumping on opportunities: This is where you pivot for positive reasons to take advantage of something in your favour. This has been launching my Premium Mastery Workshops in 2018 because of great numbers to our Free Evening Seminars (where I sell them).

My advice and thinking? Pivot often! Be it to avoid pain or seek pleasure; there are different reasons that will drive you to do so.

However, make sure you do it! Whatever you do, don’t be ‘proud’. That makes one totally inflexible.

Like the reed in the wind!

I love your work, happy Pivoting and stay awesome friends!

From 3 to 65 people! THANK YOU!

Winning can be a slow process. All good, as long as you are making small steps forward!

Winning can be a slow process. All good, as long as you are making small steps forward!

Last night we had an incredible Evening Seminar.

I started getting right into these events at the start of 2017 with the vision to run awesome fortnightly free evenings talking Marketing, Entrepreneurship and WINNING BIG.

When this all started out, it was from a very humble position and I remember that my early events had a massive 3 people show up. 3 extraordinary people of course!

It was an extremely humble beginning and over time it has slowly grown and grow. I remember how the numbers would grow. It would say go from 3 to 4, then to 8, then back to 4, then up to 9, then back to 3 sometimes.

Almost like a stock price, the numbers were volatile, and it would slowly go up and get better and better.

I love telling my story here in that it’s got me thinking as to how we all must start somewhere. I can certainly promise you that I DID NOT GET LUCKY, and the success we have had has come from lots of little work day by day.

My advice and thinking? Please don’t get caught up in the destructive thinking that you are too small, it’s too hard or anything like that.

When you are getting into initiatives in your business, just start! Even though I may be not the best, you may be behind the weight ball or whatever; you only get good by taking more shots and shots. Winning feels good! Even the wins that are so very so slight.

Love your work, thank you everyone for helping us succeed and keep taking your small steps of continual winning!

The 10 Lovely Ingredients for our BEST EVENT EVER!

Profitable Marketing rocked tonight and thank you Jamie Simpson! Love your presentation!

Profitable Marketing rocked tonight and thank you Jamie Simpson! Love your presentation!

I have eaten lots of chocolate and am buzzing with a sugar driven joy as I made it back home after our incredible “Profitable Marketing Meetup” in Sydney.

It’s a great event, had about 60 wonderful entrepreneurs come tonight with it being credited as our best event ever.

I am happy with this for many reasons and it’s forced me to think as to WHY. Why is it so great? What was done well to make this happen? Why? Why? Why?

I decided it was time to put together my top theories as to why before I go to bed and forget about the greatness (as if of course that would happen).

The top 10 reasons why this was our best even ever is:

1.       More Experience: Every event makes you slightly better than last time.

2.       The Crowd: They are more into it and there is a base that works.

3.       Great Venue: Aeona is a great spot and this just worked.

4.       Top Location: The venue is just near Central Train Station. People are well rested.

5.       FREE! This just makes it easier for everyone. I get it.

6.       Comedy & Entertainment: We nailed this part of the event and I was very funny.

7.       Great topic: We spoke Sales and people loved it.

8.       Used to the Venue: We know what we are doing there and great!

9.       The Right People: Great crowd.

10.   I love the wonderful people: They rock all around.

I shall be thinking about this much more in the time to come, but this is it. Makes sense and I love it. My advice and thinking? Make your events rock and join our next event!

>> Learn more about ‘Profitable Marketing Meetup’ and sign up here!

Love your work and stay awesome!

My LOVE for the phone!

I am loving the phone more and more! Highly recommended in business! (Image Credit and thanks to Maxwell Smart)

I am loving the phone more and more! (Image Credit and thanks to Maxwell Smart)

I have started to really fall in love with the phone when it comes to running my business!

I find in the modern world that the good old traditional voice calls have taken an unfortunate back seat. I have decided to be the one who brings this back.

About a week ago, I started finally something I always wanted to do, “11 before 11”. This is where you make 11 calls before 11AM as an ideal move. Of course, this isn’t always possible for me, so I may do it an afternoon or something like that.

Basically, this has come more powerful than many other forms of Marketing I have done. Facebook Messenger and LinkedIn Messenger are great (and sometimes the best / only option), however nothing beats the wonderful phone.

People are much more likely to answer, if you leave a message they are more likely to get back to you and even more; when you have a discussion you can pivot, offer more items and commercially have a more constructive conversation.

Even though this may sound obvious as I write this, I have found it extremely absent from modern day ‘common sense’. Email and all that has just taken over too much and even though I am a heavy online guy, I find myself longing back for the good old days of the phone.

My advice and thinking? Use Emails, SMS, FB Messenger and LinkedIn Chat and all that; but use the phone more. For me this has been a great improvement to the business that has been just awesomely powerful.

Do it, make calls every day. Chase up old customers, check in with current customers, invite people to your workshops and just make it all happen.

It rocks, I love it!

Thank you for the read and happy calling friends!

P.S. Image Credit, thanks and a nod too Get Smart!