Take no BS, kick butt and WIN BIG!

Cartman gets it. Take no BS, stand up for yourself and WIN BIG!

Cartman gets it. Take no BS, stand up for yourself and WIN BIG!

I love it when people I work with win big.

It seriously floats my boat in that I love seeing my friends do well and even better; I love it when they really stick it to the establishment and succeed.

Over the years I have been in wonderful business, I have had wonderful clients start off as shy introverts who transition to assertive, brilliant and successful entrepreneurs. BRAVO! I love it.

A core part of going from meek to menacing, (like I once did) is really standing up for your own rights on many levels. In summary, it’s basically:

–          No longer taking BS from bad people and totally kicking butt!

This is such an ultimate feeling in which we become free from the limiting opinions others have of us and I totally love it. As entrepreneurs it’s even more critical in that we meet people at times that try to push us around for whatever reason.

I don’t get this much anymore (as people know I won’t take their BS), but in the rare cases that I do; I give it back to them hard. With bad people such as this, I have done all sorts of things to them such as defending myself against them, protecting my Meetup Community against them by booting them and letting know they that indeed full of BS.

This is very important in that if we don’t sort out and remove these bad people from our lives it will so just hold us back.

My advice and thinking? Take no BS from anyone! Push back and push back hard. These people get the message and you win in two ways. They either comply with what you want, or they just leave you alone and it’s just great.

You feel great, you protect your friends, and everyone wins. It’s also clears your mind, so you can focus on what really matters; WINNING BIG! Remember that you rock and life is too short for losers. Kick them to the curb and smile. It rocks!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Image Credit and love to Eric Cartman from South Park!