Take charge, command and WIN BIG! (Cartman Gets It!)

Take charge, command and WIN BIG! (Cartman Gets It!)

We had a rocking Live Webinar tonight with a group of wonderful people. I usually get anything from 2 to 10 people on a Live experience.

Even though numbers are a far cry from my 70+ at Live Events, they are REALLY ENGAGED, and the recordings get watched hundreds of times. In this Live Webinar we spoke about the topic of becoming ‘Thought Leaders’ in that we rise to be key thinkers that rise to the top in our own industry.

I am doing exactly that (it rocks) and I got asked a great question about people ‘attacking’ you as you rise to the top. This question really got me to stop and thinking and I realised that I got attacked a lot as I originally rose.

These days nobody attacks me (sniff as I miss the lame trolls) and one key component is the way we come across. I used to sound rather ‘uncertain’ in my voice and humans pick up on that. Bad humans attack those they consider ‘weaker’ to them and an uncertain voice comes across like a red flag to a bull.

Over the past two years especially, I have worked on my voice and it’s great! That is, building my own commanding voice so I really take over the show and people don’t want to mess with me. A commanding voice also connects with the subconscious mind of others, so people just tend to listen to you without as much need to back up with what you are saying.

My advice and thinking? Command with your voice! You want to 1) Say more in less words, 2) Don’t ask, tell, 3) Stand up straight and project what you are saying.

This is a great start and worked wonders for me. Your voice matters so work on it!

It also makes you feel good and totally in the zone.

Love your work, thank you for the read, go and command and win big!

Image Credit & Thanks: Eric Cartman from South Park!